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“Heavy Metal Movies” Book Pre-Orders Now Open! Invasion of 666+ Zombie/Demon/Viking/Guitar Films!‏

Bazillion Points Books is proud to announce the May 2014 release of HEAVY METAL MOVIES, by Mike “McBeardo” McPadden [ISBN 978-1-935950-06-6]. Lavishly illustrated, gruesomely executed, and featuring well over 1000 of the most intense and headbanging movies ever produced, HEAVY METAL MOVIES is the ultimate guidebook to the complete molten musical cinema experience. Pre-orders are now available, and will ship in may with bonus fabric patch and artisan barf bag!

Years in the making, HEAVY METAL MOVIES is an apocalyptic overview of a century of loud, inspiring, groundbreaking, taboo, revolutionary, disgusting, and uplifting cinema fused at the roots to the DNA of heavy metal and its million offshoots. What began as a simple quest to identify the 666 heaviest films of all time exploded in the hands of Mike McPadden (Esquire, Penthouse) into an overwhelming bible of apocalyptic slasher festivals and full metal worship.

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