Interview with Mike Martin of All That Remains.



On Tuesday, November 21st, 2013, Brent got the chance to interview All That Remains guitarist, Mike Martin, when they rolled through Fresno with Asking Alexandria, Sevendust, Emmure & For Today.

Brent Rendino –  How have the tours been going?
Mike: Good, no complaints. It ends tomorrow so you’re catching us at the end, but it’s been good, really good shows. We’ve toured with Asking Alexandria like three times now so we already know those guys are great, so it’s been cool just to be around those dudes again.


BR: What are some of your favorite bands you’ve gone on the road with so far?
Mike: Probably Killswitch Engage, they’re just like our best friends from home so it’s basically like going on the road with extended family, ya know? And I live with Adam, so I’d definitely pick them first. Them and Unearth. Those would be the two bands, like, if we could tour with two bands all the time it’d probably be those guys. They’re our best friends.

BR: That’s great. I was checking on the internet, your last video you released had a contest? Can you tell me a little about the contest you guys had with that?
Mike: Oh, that was the Asking Too Much video? Okay.. Yeah, we have another video out now. But that one, I think that was an excuse for us to not have to shoot the video. That’s just being like hey, somebody else do it. There were a couple of people that did a really good job too, like really pro looking stuff, I was surprised. I didn’t think random submissions would look that professional but the top three I saw were really good.


BR: Yeah, I was checking out the new video. I like the concept behind that one.
Mike:Yeah, that was a real video shoot. We actually had to show up for that one.
BR:  It was something like you guys were off tour for a day or something…?
Mike:  Yeah, no it was. We didn’t even go home. Well, we went home for the last show and the next day was the shoot. It was like an extension of the tour, we were pretty tired.
BR:What do you like to do to relax when you’re not on tour?
Mike: Uuuuuhhhh….god, just sit around and do nothing. There’s Jason.
Jason Costa (All That Remains drummer) Oh, is this an interview?
Linda Rendino: Come join us, the more the merrier.
Jason: Yeah, I can’t hear any questions today.
Mike: Jason’s ears are blocked today. He can’t hear anything.

Jason:  Hi. My ears are totally blocked today. I can’t hear a word you’re saying.
Mike: He’s got a head cold and his ears are blocked, so….
Jason: Yeah, we had to drive from Vegas to here which is up and down. I feel like I’m underwater. It’s pretty cool.
BR: I was just talking to him [Mike] before the interview and he was like, yeah I was expecting it to be warm in California and it’s cold as hell out here today.
Mike: Yeah, it sucks.
Jason: Yeah.
Mike: <Laughs>
Jason: We got lucky this year, it didn’t get cold as fast as it usually does. This is actually a little bit warmer.
Mike: This is ridiculous, this feels like Chicago.
All: <Laughs>
Linda: It’s not freezing, you guys are all whiners.
Jason: Alright man, guess I’ll see ya. <Leaves>
BR: How about the new album, how’s that going?
Mike: Great! First single was our first number one song on the radio. That was kinda cool. Been on tour all year and people are responding really well to everything. We’ve been lucky to get a bunch of really cool tours. A lot of variety of bands that have been on tour too.
LR: All That Remains is the best band ever.
Mike: What was that?
Linda: All That Remains is the best band ever.
Mike: >Laughs< I can’t say that, I would just look like a dick.
All: >Laughs<
Linda: Yeah you can, it’s okay.
Mike: But yeah, it’s been a good year. Things have been going great, we’ve been really lucky.
BR: Do you have a pre-ritual to relax before a show?
Mike: Nah…nah. Everyone just kind of sits around. Jason, he does the power hour thing. Like an hour before we go on he likes to drink…, he drinks.
Linda: Wait, we’re hanging over here.
Mike: Yeah, we’ll let you know. We go on at nine, so if you come by at like eight, it’s power hour time.
Linda: Oh, we’re here for power hour.
Mike: Uhm..yeah, he just drinks and we kinda just sit around and all just basically act like jackasses. Sometimes we put on music, not often though. There’s not a lot of rituals.
Linda: But being jackasses, isn’t that just part of life?
Mike: We’ve been doing it all day. We have nothing to today so all of us have just been sitting up there acting like idiots.
Linda: Me and her grew up in the mountains on bikes doing redneck (unintelligible) doing the stupidest shit you can possibly do in life.
Mike: We were busting Jeanne earlier ’cause we were in Vegas on a day off last night and she’s completely still drunk from yesterday. So she rode on Asking Alexandria’s bus last night. She showed up today at like two PM just like.. >makes zombie face< Heeeeyyy…
Mike:So we were busting her a little bit, she’s all hung over.
Linda:  Just fix her another drink, she’ll be fine.
BR: I was reading that a lot of the guys in the band, you guys have different kinds of styles of music. What kind of styles of music do you listen to?
Mike: Everyone listens to a lot of different stuff. Oli is like really progressive, he loves power metal..Kind Diamond and a lot more progressive metal. I grew up listening to hair metal like Skid Row and Poison. Those are all still my favorite bands. Phil, I don’t know, Phil doesn’t even listen to music anymore. He’s just a weirdo. Jason only listens to Three Six Mafia. He literally doesn’t listen to anything else. And then Jeanne listens to literally everything in the world. I’ve never met a person who like more bands than Jeanne.
BR: That’s kind of how I am, I listen to everything.
Mike:  Well, when were on tour we get sick of being in shows and doing the show thing so all of of us go home and do other things. Jeanne goes home and goes to like six shows a week. Like every band that comes through, she’s at a show every single night. I have no idea how she does it. That’s how many bands she listens to. There’s literally a band she likes in town every single night almost…it seems.. Everybody’s got a whole different..nobody had anything in common in this band.
All: >Laughs<
Mike: It’s an interesting mixture.
BR: Well, we’ll cut this short. We know you’re waiting for your pizza.
Linda: And freezing.

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