Month: March 2014

New live video of Wilderun in Oakland

Wilderun @ Elis Mile High Club – Oakland, California Produced & edited by Capital Chaos TV Wilderun was conceived in 2008 by vocalist and guitarist Evan Berry, but only recently came into fruition in early 2012, when guitarist and orchestrator Wayne Ingram, bassist Dan Müller, and drummer Harding Teachey joined forces […]

Clubs and gigs March 28 – 30

Fri Mar 28. B.R.S – Richmond Witchaven, Pillager, Blasphemous Creation, Dizastor, Archea, Hemotoxin, Total Badass Eli’s Mile High Club, Okaland Witchaven, Sakrificer 21+ Independent, S.F. Rocket From The Crypt, Dan Sartain 21+ On the Y, Sacramento Total Chaos, Avenue Saints, Sad Boy Sinister, Left Hand, Crunchees 21+ $10 Regency Ballroom, […]