Clubs and gigs March 28 – 30

Clubs and gigs March 28 - 30

Fri Mar 28.
B.R.S – Richmond Witchaven, Pillager, Blasphemous Creation, Dizastor, Archea, Hemotoxin, Total Badass
Eli’s Mile High Club, Okaland Witchaven, Sakrificer 21+
Independent, S.F. Rocket From The Crypt, Dan Sartain 21+
On the Y, Sacramento Total Chaos, Avenue Saints, Sad Boy Sinister, Left Hand, Crunchees 21+ $10
Regency Ballroom, S.F. Animals As Leaders, After the Burial, Navene K, Chon a/a 8pm
Toot’s Tavern, Crockette Moans, Bastard Makers, Fukm, Bracktop Tragedy 21
Sat Mar 29
924 Gilman Street, Berkeley Potential Threat, Star Destroyer, Mystic Rage, Soulless Demise, Flesh Assembly
Alley, 906 Victorian Way, Sparks, NV Guttermouth
B.R.S., Richmond Beast Fiend, Lucabrazzi, Spu, High & Tight, Skank Bank, Dismembered Carnage
Blank Club, San Jose Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix, Deke Dickerson
Eli’s Mile High Club, Oakland Glitter Wizard, Dirty Fences (Brooklyn), Ovvl
Hemlock, S.F. Wet Spots, California, C’est Dommage
Miscreants Clubhouse, Oakland Zero Bull Shit, Cheapskate
Night Light, Oakland Extra Classic, Sweet Chariot, So What
On the Y, Sacramento Alterbeast, Kennedy Veil, Zenith Passage, Purification By Fire, Flub
Phoenix Theater, Petaluma film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with live shadow cast
Slim’s, S.F. La Dispute, Pianos Become Teeth, Mansions
Toot’s Tavern, Crockette Custard Pie (tribute), Butlers
Zombieland, 2831 Union Street, Oakland No Fucks Given, Shitbrains (L.A.), Bob Plant, Violent Opposition
Sun Mar 30
1-2-3-4 Criminal Code, Vexx, Crimson Scarlet Go! Records, Oaland
924 Gilman Street, Berkeley Deathtrap America, Sarchasm, Mfb, 3 Simple Words, Coffee Shop
Ace of Spades, Sacramento Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix, Deke Dickerson, Infamous Swanks
B.R.S., Richmond Ferments, Foreign Funeral, World Of Shit, Kushgrinder
El Rio, S.F. Silver Shadows, Generation Loss, Michael And The Strange Land
Fireside Lounge, Alameda Sludgebucket, Druid
Thee Parkside, S.F. Serpent Crown, Darsombra (Baltimore), Heavy Action

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