Month: May 2014

WITCHBURN • “Der Hexenhammer”

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, the female-fronted metal group WITCHBURN have released their official music video for the song “Der Hexenhammer“. The video was written, directed and edited by Jeff Ferrell (Ghostlight). Produced by Jeff Ferrell together with WITCHBURN, the video stars Trin Miller, Ramona Freeborn and the Seattle Knights. The single “Der… Read More ›

CARNIFEX • “Die Without Hope”

San Diego’s own modern death metal crew CARNIFEX have uploaded their official music video for the title track “Die Without Hope“. The song is featured on the band’s latest album release “Die Without Hope” available now from Nuclear Blast Records at this location. The album… Read More ›

BLACK KNIVES • “Take The Best”

The explosive metallic hardcore crew BLACK KNIVES have released their official music video for the song “Take The Best“. The track is featured on the band’s upcoming album “The Thirteenth Hour” which is scheduled for release June 2014 onSpook Records and Useless Distribution. The… Read More ›

OMEGA DIATRIBE • “Unshadowed Days”

Hailing from Budapest, the metal group OMEGA DIATRIBE have released their official music video for the song “Unshadowed Days“. The video has been unleashed upon the masses courtesy of DjentWorldWideTV. The track “Unshadowed Days” is featured on the band’s October 2013 release “IAPETUS”… Read More ›


Legendary thrash metallers SLAYER have released their brand new song “Implode“. The track is SLAYER’s first new song since “World Painted Blood” was released back in 2009 and they’re giving the song away for FREE on the official SLAYERwebsite! All you need to do is enter your… Read More ›

New Master Video Interview..

Todd Owens chats with with Master bassist and vocalist Paul Speckmann Master is a death metal band formed in Chicago, USA in 1983 as the band Warcry fell apart. However, the band was put on hold due to internal problems shortly after its inception. Paul Speckmann then formed… Read More ›