Kattah – “Lapis Lazuli” Album Review‏


Looking at the band logo for the Brazilian based band Kattah, you’d think you were about to listen to something out of the Middle East. Upon listening to their music, it gets even more confusing but if you stick it out, you will be exposed to one of the most diverse albums I’ve heard in a long time. In their second album titled Lapis Lazuli, (which is the name of blue semi precious stone that is mined in Afghanistan) which comes out October 27th, Kattah have delivered an amazing and eclectic mix of metal, Middle Eastern grooves and a dose of Brazilian flare that will have you coming back for more. Lead singer Roni Sauaf delivers vocals that are clearly reminiscent of one of his influences, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. The vocals soar in this album and Roni does an amazing job of changing his tone during some songs which really adds gravitas to the music. Guitarist Victor Brochard rips through the album with old school metal thrashiness, heavy grooves but also very light acoustic work and killer leads; all around a Hell of a musician. Drummer, Cristian Alex and bassist, Cicero Chagas, round out the lineup in this killer 13 track album that runs just under an hour. Stand out tracks in this album for me were “Vetus Espiritus” (latin for “old spirit”) which I think truly showcases Roni’s vocals perfectly and delivers heavy guitar rhythms, a VERY catchy chorus and a great guitar solo to boot.



Another stand out track was the title song “Lapis Lazuli” which starts with a traditional Brazilian themed rhythm and then pounds into metal guitars to then stop tempo and go into a slow vocal focused section where Roni’s whispers begin in English and then goes into a Brazilian chant. It was a breath of fresh air to hear them in their native tongue as I would hate to think that a Brazilian based band wouldn’t add in some of their culture, which they do more in the song when vocalist Roni recites a lullaby with children’s voices accompanying him. A really wild track that showcases everything Kattah can do musically. The final track was the BIG breath of fresh air “A Capoeira”. This is only a 43 second track but it’s a traditional Capoeira beat that would accompany a ginga, a triangle step in the Brazilian martial art, but then switches into metal version of the beat. I can’t say enough of this album and how much I enjoyed it and how much I appreciate what Kattah is bringing into the metal genre with their brand of metal. I look forward to seeing them branch out more and tour as well as they definitely need more exposure. Killer vocals, great guitar work and musical ideas that are unique and different. Look out for Kattah’s album Lapis Lazuli October 27th 2014. This needs to be in everyone’s collection.  Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV

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