Internal Bleeding “Imperium” Album Review‏

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                   INTERNAL BLEEDING the New York Godfathers of Slam Metal have returned with their first new release in 10 years. The new album, their first of new material since 2004’s “Onward To Mecca”.  is entitled “Imperium” and contains 9 tracks of brutal New York Death. Opening track Fabricating Bliss wastes no time in getting started and pummels from the opening notes. With a clean, dry yet powerful production the Internal Bleeding sound bursts through the speakers/headphones. Original members Chris Pervelis (Guitar) and Bill Tolley (Drums) ensure elements of the classic Internal Bleeding style. Newer members Keith Devito (Vocals) and Jason Liff (Bass) handle their parts admirably, bringing great energy, and with Jason incredible technical prowess.  Alternating between fast, mid-tempo and slow sections the ferociousness never relents.

internal bleeding

                  Another highlight track that is especially brutal is track 3 The Pageantry Of Savagery, combining extreme technicality along with aggression that definitely will get your head slamming. Another interesting part of the album is the mini 3 part Trilogy The Patterns of Force, which covers tracks 4,5 and 6 (Acts 1,2,3). The tempo rises and falls with a common theme throughout the tracks.The album finishes strong with the epic, near six minute Castigo Corpus Meum (track 9). This is a triumphant return for a classic, influential band. A Brutal no frills album of classic Death Metal with a Groove. Going on 23 years since they first started putting out brutal underground demos that ushered in Slam Metal, Internal Bleeding are still going strong and this release will stand up against most of the current offerings in Extreme Metal.If you are a fan of classic Death Metal, Internal Bleeding or are just looking for pure technical brutality this release is recommended.

Todd Owens/Capital Chaos TV

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