Kingdom Of Giants – Ground Culture Review


Kingdom of Giants, if you don’t know about them, you should. They are a 6 piece metal/ hardcore/awesome outfit from our very own Sacramento Ca. The very first time I heard about this band was when I played with them at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, Ca. It was my first show with my band and I had heard all this buzz about Kingdom of Giants and how lucky I was to be opening for them. We played in front of a fairly decent crowd but when they stepped on the stage, the place was packed. They came out and just blew the roof off that place, I became a fan as soon as the first note was played. I was however skeptical of the clean vocals that were done at the time by their keyboard player, something that also had rubbed me wrong.


This was during the album “Abominable” which I liked but didn’t love. I kept an ear out and an eye and heard a couple tracks off of the album “Every Wave Of Sound”. Wow. Here was an album that punches you in the face from the first track. So it was made solid, I was a fan. If you have every been to a party I am at you can bet I have Kingdom of Giants on a steady rotation. Enter 2014, KOG has been signed to InVogue Records after countless tours across the United States and announces a new album coming soon. They release the music video “Ground Culture”  off the upcoming album, Ground Culture. I was excited, they announced the release, I waited and then it was there. I plugged my phone into my surround sound and pressed play. You hear an old movie reel and crickets, then almost the sound of a faint train, you see a view of what looks to be Los Angles, my breath was held. The screen changes to their logo and then explodes into the track.


The first 48 seconds I was almost concerned until a chug chug riff came in and I was sold. Here is a band that has had a few line up changes but the one I have noted most is the clean vocals being done only by Dana Willax the vocalist. Here is a band that in my opinion has come full circle since that first show three some years ago. You can’t help but to bob your head in a manner that may break your neck. Most recently they released a lyric video for another crushing song entitled “Endure”. Further showing this bands growth and ability to expand past any previous genre barriers they might have been plugged into. You have incredible riffs, smashing breakdowns, 808 drops that you feel in your soul, screams that make you feel like you were with Dana when he wrote the lyrics and meaning in those lyrics that is not seen if everyday music.


They have pre order bundles online that include limited release shirts and other items, I have purchased mine. In wrapping this up I will say that while I am from Sacramento and talked with guitarist Red, bass player Levi and vocalist Dana on a few different occasions, whenever I see them I am brought back to when I was a kid seeing one of my favorite bands. I have no hang ups saying I am a fan to this band and a die hard one at that. Keep an eye out for Ground Culture which is dropping on 10/21/14 through InVogue Records  and give this band some support. They will blow you away through your speakers the same way they do on stage.


Adam Kirk/Capital Chaos TV

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