New HD Video Of Exhumed Live In Oakland

Exhumed screen

2 camera video of Exhumed  performing their chart topping smash hit “Slaughtercult” 02/20/15 @ Oakland Metro Operahouse – Oakland, California

Exhumed is an American death metal band from San Jose, California that is currently signed to Relapse Records. The band plays an old school style of death metal influenced by early Carcass and Entombed and is known for its gore-themed lyrics. The band, which has endured a highly unstable line-up since inception, formed in 1990, went on hiatus in 2005, and reformed in 2010, with guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey being the band’s only consistent member.


Sacramento’s Alterbeast United States Spring Tour with Abiotic & Boris The Blade Announced


Boris The Blade and Abiotic will co-headline ‘The Cast Into Depths Of Desperation Tour‘. Alterbeast will also appear with Reaping Asmodeia joining from 04/12-04/27 and Lord Of War appearing from 05/02-05/08.

04/12 Shreveport, LA – Hotshots
04/13 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
04/15 Memphis, TN – Hightone Cafe
04/16 Charlotte, NC – Tremon Music Hall
04/17 Kenilworth, NJ – 10th Street Live
04/18 Brooklyn, NY – Coco 66
04/19 Worcester, MA – The Palladium (‘New England Metal And Hardcore Fest‘) (Boris The Blade only)
04/20 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
04/21 Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
04/22 Detroit, MI – The Ritz
04/23 Danville, IL – Vintage Villains
04/24 Crest Hill, IL – Bada Brew
04/25 Lacrosse, WI – Warehouse
04/26 Milwaukee, WI – Metal Grill
04/27 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
04/28 Denver, CO – Skatuary
04/29 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar
04/30 Pocatello, ID – Green T
05/02 Spokane, WA – The Pin
05/03 Salem, OR – Duffy’s Hangar
05/05 San Jose, CA – Rockbar
05/06 Upland, CA – The Grizzly Den
05/07 Camarillo, CA – Rock City Studios


New Video Interview With Voivod Drummer Away And Oakland, California Performance Footage

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Voivod drummer Michel Langevin (Away) born May 30, 1963 talks current tour, upcoming releases, writing process, memories of Denis “Piggy” D’Amour and much more with Todd Owens of Capital Chaos TV 02/20/15 @ Oakland Metro Operahouse – Oakland, California

2 camera video of Voivod performing their chart topping smash hit “Tribal Conviction” 02/20/15 @ Oakland Metro Operahouse – Oakland, California

Voivod was formed in 1982 in Jonquière, Quebec, Canada. Influenced equally by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the burgeoning hardcore punk scene and 70’s progressive rock, Voivod forged a distinctive brand of heavy music that often relied on lyrical themes such as Reagan-era Cold War politics, post-apocalyptic literature and science fiction. Killing Technology (1987) began the band’s evolution in earnest, with the character from Voivod’s album covers (drawn by drummer Away and named as “Korgull” on 1986’s Rrröööaaarrr) significantly being depicted in a spaceship. Drawing more heavily on hardcore punk than metal influences by this point, Voivod began evolving without the aid of increasing speed and storytelling on the following Dimension Hatross. Voivod was one of the first thrash bands from Canada to gain popularity outside of their country’s borders, reaching the peak of their global popularity with the 1989 release Nothingface which featured a cover version of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”. Other progressive rock covers include Pink Floyd’s “The Nile Song” on their 1993 release The Outer Limits and “21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson on Phobos. Much of the band’s sound comes from guitarist Piggy’s usage of dissonant chords, usually played in the high register of the guitar, used extensively on Nothingface. Albums like Dimension Hatröss are dominated by dissonant chords, unexpected time signatures and guitarist Piggy’s liberal use of unconventional minor chords.


Sacramento’s Hoods Declare All Out War On Victory Records


HOODS. this is why we don’t play the songs from Victory Records yes he did: in this world there are those that give a fuck, have a spine, and are honest. I was 19 years old mr. Tony Brummel please give what an honest man would. Give me all my albums back. Last 1/4 statement was almost $10K. Thats quarterly. I spent 20+ years of my life in HOODS. Still poor, still proud, still working and loving hoods. There’s a lot of bands that could use some help. You sit with your yachts, houses in Jamaica, ect ect. If you are a man with a spine I will gladly eat my words. I will also gladly fight you in any street across the USA…. All the hardcore kids know you’re a fucking spineless coward. Even the emo kids at this point.

HOODS is a hardcore punk band from Sacramento, California. Formed in 1994 by Mike (Hood) Mraz who later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe and Billy Gaffney. Hoods shows influences such as Madball, Sick of It All, Minor Threat and Cro-Mags. They released their first EP entitled Once Again in 1996 and concentrated on live performances. After numerous fights between fans and an altercation between a couple of the band members and a police officer, the band was more or less forced out of the Sacramento area. The band concentrated efforts on the San Francisco Bay Area playing shows with groups such as Powerhouse, Redemption 87 and Skin Lab. In 1997 after a disagreement with bandmates and his mother’s illness Gaffney left and was replaced by Jeremy. Murray and Goldoe then left and were replaced by Ben and Mario. Mike was the only original member left. The Hoods were dropped from Victory Records. They signed with Eulogy Recordings in 2005 and released The King Is Dead. The group released a new album, Ghetto Blaster, on April 24, 2007. The newest release Pit Beast dropped in late May 2009 after the band signed with I Scream Records. In 2014 the band signed with Artery Recordings and released “Gato Negro”.


New Video Interview With Dale, Jeff And King Buzzo Of The World Famous Melvins


Lead vocalist/guitarist Roger “Buzz” Osborne, drummer Dale Crover and bassist Jeff Pinkus of the world famous Melvins let it all out with The Mighty Zee of Capital Chaos TV, 10/15/14 @ Assembly Music Hall – Sacramento, California

4 camera video of Melvins performing their chart topping smash hit “Pigs Of The Roman Empire”10/15/14 @ Assembly Music Hall – Sacramento, California

Camera’s – Marz Rawji & Zoran Theodorovic

The Melvins are an American band that formed in 1983. They usually perform as a trio, but in recent years have performed as a four piece with two drummers. Since 1984, singer and guitarist Buzz Osborne (also known as King Buzzo) and drummer Dale Crover have been the band’s ongoing members. The band was named after a supervisor at a Thriftway in Montesano, Washington, where Osborne also worked as a clerk. “Melvin” was despised by other employees, and the band’s members felt it to be an appropriately ridiculous name.


Melvins perform their chart topping smash hit “Pigs Of The Roman Empire”10/15/14 @ Assembly Music Hall – Sacramento, California


4 camera video of #Melvins performing their chart topping smash hit “Pigs Of The Roman Empire”10/15/14 @ Assembly Music Hall – Sacramento, California #lustmord


New Video Interview With Hernan “Eddie” Hermida of Suicide Silence And Live In Sacramento Video Footage

suicide paint


Adam Kirk of Capital Chaos TV talks local bands, filling in the shoes of Mitch, upcoming touring plans, Brian Shields and more with Hernan “Eddie” Hermida of Suicide Silence 02/18/15 @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California

4 camera video of Suicide Silence performing their smash hit “Slaves To Substance” 02/18/15 @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California

4 camera video of Suicide Silence performing their chart topping smash hit “Cease To Exist 02/18/15 @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California

Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California. Formed in 2002, the band has released four full-length studio albums, one EP and eleven music videos. They have received a fair amount of praise, being awarded the Revolver Golden God award for “Best New Talent” in 2009. The group currently consists of vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida, guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun, bassist Dan Kenny and drummer Alex Lopez.

Suicide Silence were founded in 2002 in Riverside, California, and were at that time, a side project of many of the members of other groups. The band performed their first show at a local area within Riverside and at that time, the line-up consisted of the members Chris Garza and Rick Ash as guitarists, Mike Bodkins as bassist, Josh Goddard as drummer and two vocalists, Mitch Lucker and Tanner Womack. Shortly after their first performance, Womack was fired from the band and they released their first demo the following year. They released their second demo in 2004. By the proceeding year, the members took the band more seriously and were no-longer deemed as a side project, they would then advance to record their third and final demo in 2006 after the band recorded and released their first public studio quality material entitled, Suicide Silence EP which was released through Third Degree Records and later re-released in the UK through the English label In at the Deep End Records. Drummer, Josh Goddard departed from the band in 2006 and was replaced by Alex Lopez who was the former guitarist for the bands Blacheart Eulogy and The Funeral Pyre before his joining.


New Video Interview With David Escamilla and Bennett “Benn Suede” Vogelman of Crown The Empire @ Warped Tour 06/26/14

Crown The Empire paint

Amb Pirate of Capital Chaos TV talks with David Escamilla and Bennett “Benn Suede” Vogelman of Crown The Empire @ Warped Tour 06/26/14 – Wheatland, California


New Video Interview With Mattie Montgomery of For Today @ Warped Tour 06/26/14

For Today paint

Amb Pirate of Capital Chaos TV talks religion, sex trafficking and new music with Mattie Montgomery of For Today @ Warped Tour 06/26/14 – Wheatland, California

For Today is an American Christian metalcore band from Sioux City, Iowa, formed in 2005. They are currently signed to Razor & Tie. They have released two EPs: Your Moment, Your Life, Your Time and Prevailer, and five full-length albums: Ekklesia on April 1, 2008, Portraits on June 9, 2009, Breaker on August 31, 2010, Immortal on May 29, 2012, and Fight the Silence on February 4, 2014.
After its founding in 2005, the band played mainly concerts. On 1 April 2008, they released their first studio album, produced by Facedown Records, named Ekklesia. The term comes from the Greek and is a self-designation of the first Christians that you wanted to express their faith. On 8 May 2008 appeared from said album of the most successful titles – Agape – also known as video. The second album Portraits was published on June 9, 2009, under the same label, and held a week at position 15 of the Billboard Charts for Christian albums . In the songs of the album are different biblical personalities portrayed. For the people it is the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel , Joel , Elijah and Isaiah , and the Pharisee Nicodemus , the priest Zacharias , Saul (later Paul) of Tarsus and Immanuel (Jesus) . The last song of the album – talmidim (designation for followers of a rabbi , here are probably the disciples of Jesus , that all Christians meant) – deals with the Bible verse Ezekiel 36.26 to 28 Lut . from the book of the prophets already portrayed.

For Today plays many concerts together with other artists. They stand on their current US tour with Emmure , Stick to Your Guns , Evergreen Terrace and Oceano on stage. In the past they had shared gigs with bands like Saving Grace , The Chariot , My Children My Bride and many gigs at the Cornerstone Festival , Facedown hard or the German Metal Fest , which in October Friedewald held are as much to do so.