Philly-Area Prog Metal/Rock Group IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES Releases New Music Video for “Storm in a Red Dress”‏


New Jersey/Philadelphia-local progressive rock/metal group IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES have been making waves amongst the local scene, impressing new fans with their tight and energetic live performances and high-skill musicality. Fans of bands ranging from Rush and Yes to Mastodon and The Mars Volta will find something to love with IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES.

Today, the band is releasing a brand new music video for their track “Storm in a Red Dress”. Originally imagined with a “short film” style, the director Ryan Beacher was able to shrink down the footage into a four-and-a-half minute music video. The theme of the video relates to the title and concept behind the track – a devilish woman out to cause trouble.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Capitanio explains, Tom (our lead actor) goes out for a night on the town, only to come in contact with a devilish woman in a red dress. Unbeknownst to Tom, she drugs him and leads him on a night he will never remember.”


Capitanio adds, “Our original concept was very different from the final product but the one characteristic that stuck around was that we wanted it to be trippy. Tom (the lead actor) actually came up with the idea of wanting to walk around Philly in a kimono while tripping out and the video stemmed entirely from that concept. It was important to us that video wasn’t super serious. We take our music very seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously at all. It was a lot of fun to finally explore that part of our personalities and still connect it with our music.”



IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES released their debut full-length album, entitled Thalassas, this past December. Members of the press were enthralled upon its release, with Jordan Blum of specifically stating,“Boisterous, beguiling, and highly brave, [Thalassas] is an extremely confident and cohesive slice of intricate instrumentation. It would be an impressive accomplishment for any band, so the fact that this is their first effort is even more remarkable.”

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