Sacramento’s Black Bring It @ A Celebration For The Life Of Former Lazarus AD Drummer Ryan Shutler


Black perform their smash hits @ Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, California

High school acquaintances, Rich Garcia and Greg Jimenez Jr., had a chance encounter in 2006 where they bonded over a love for heavy metal and playing music. This led to daily jam sessions and eventually a good base of original material, so they decided to start a band. Over the next few years, Garcia and Jimenez auditioned many different musicians to complete their band but they were all short lived. Then in late 2008, they met Brent Robinson, who joined the unnamed band as lead guitar, and the three immediately clicked. They decided to call themselves, BLACK, and began to launch their band into the local metal scene. After a few shows with original singer, David Jones, Dane Price joined the group as bassist. With the lineup of five solid musicians complete, they began to gig and perform immediately! Playing anywhere and everywhere that would allow them to wreak some havoc and destroy eardrums. Frequently seen performing at The Boardwalk, a well-known Sacramento concert venue, they were able to play with many fine local bands and major label artists such as: Lazarus A.D., Archaic, Bonded by Blood and Death Angel to name a few. In early 2012, the band’s momentum was going strong when, David Jones and Dane Price, moved on from the band for personal reasons. Despite the loss of Jones and Price, Marc Terribilini (Robinson’s college roommate from 2003 and extremely skilled guitar player) contacted the band with news that a young producer/studio manager in Oakland named Paul Glueckert had been admiring their music was interested in working with them. It was not long before the founding members of BLACK sat down with both Glueckert and Terribilini and began talks of collaborating on a full-length album. Glueckert helped BLACK establish FM RECORDER Studios as their home base to record the album. Shortly thereafter, Terribilini approached by the band and offered a position as lead guitarist on the album. Robinson would become the bassist and backup vocalist, helping the band to keep a stronger foundation. Now with Terribilini on board, the band pursued a new vocalist. They continued to play shows and perform during the recording process with various stand in vocalists and sometimes without vocals, offering a rare experience when it comes to heavy metal! Eventually Glueckert’s classically trained vocal chords were the final piece to the puzzle for BLACK. With Glueckert singing and producing the album, BLACK had an album that was undeniable. Once done at FM RECORDERS, the band took the album to Michael Romanowski Mastering Studio in San Francisco where they began work with a very talented mastering engineer named Piper Payne. Now, April 2013, the album is in the final stages of completion and will be ready for purchase very soon! Once the album is complete, the band is going to resume a heavy gig schedule to raise money and support replication and distribution of their debut album “United States of War”.

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