New Lyric Video From Serbia’s Downstroy!

Dstroy 1

Downstroy was formed in 2004. We recorded their first demo during the same year and it was named “0051″. While recording in a studio, they were also quite busy doing concerts in many places (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Teslić (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA), Skopje (MACEDONIA), Szeged, Szekszárd (HUNGARY), Timisoara, Arad (ROMANIA), Kikinda, Sombor, Bečej, Novi Bečej, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Senta, Mol, Bačka Topola, Subotica…), where they performed with already well-known bands such as: SUBSCRIBE, BLIND MYSELF, NOCTIFERIA, EYESBURN, RITAM NEREDA, CADAVERES, DRONE, OVERDRIVE, DRACONIC, ALOGIA, VENDETTA, SMF, REPETITOR etc. Also, they performed at many well-knows festivals (EXIT, Jelen Demo Fest, Noć Muzeja, Scena, Podzemlje, Refuse/Resist, Gramofonija…). In the end of 2006, their debut EP “I SCREAM EVERY DAY” was recorded, where Nikola Mijic contributed to this album, and helped them to record it and mix it. Downstroy also had several guests on this album like: Nemanja Kojic Coyote (EYESBURN), Marjan Mijic (ex-DRACONIC) and Nikola Mijic (ALOGIA/DREYELANDS/EDEN’S CURSE).

In the year of 2007 (their biggest success up to now) Downstroy won Metal Battle contest, and as the first band in history of former Yugoslav Republics, they went to perform on a world largest heavy metal festival WACKEN OPEN AIR in GERMANY. The music they play, they like to call it modern metal altogether combined with metal-core rhythms and melodically choruses… Downstroy has a videos for a songs “YOUR GAME”, “THE KEEPER” & “SONG 2.1 (BLUR COVER)”. Debut album “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” is released at the end of 2012 through the label MINER RECORDINGS from Switzerland. Recorded in CHAINROOM studio (Senta, Serbia) by Nikola Mijic with special guests appearances by Chvare (OVERDRIVE) and Marjan Mijic (TIARAH). Battle continues…

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