Sweden’s Amaranthe To Finish 2015 Tour With Butcher Babies This Weekend


Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band that originates from Sweden and Denmark. Formed by Jake E. and Olof Morck, the project began taking shape when singers Elize Ryd and Andy Solvestrom signed on, as did drummer Morten Lowe. In April 2011 their debut album “Amaranthe” was released to worldwide acclaim, charting high in Sweden and Finland, and was the 84th most played album on Spotify in the whole world, all genres!

Nov. 27 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades
Nov. 28 – Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory
Nov. 29 – San Jose, CA @ Rockbar Theater

Brand Spankin’ New Music Video From Soilwork

Soilwork cat

Swedish visionary metallers Soilwork are premiering the official music video for ‘Death In General’ via Toontrack.
This is the second video off the band’s critically acclaimed latest album, »The Ride Majestic«, out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Watch the video here.

Blog soil

Today the band also kick off their European headlining tour, »The Tour Majestic«, in Malmö, Sweden.
With HateSphere + T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind)
11/27/2015 Malmö, Sweden @ KB
11/28/2015 Herford, Germany @ X-Herford
11/29/2015 Lyss, Switzerland @ Kufa
11/30/2015 Sion, Switzerland @ Le Port Franc
12/1/2015 Brescia, Italy @ Colony Club
12/2/2015 Munich, Germany @ Backstage Halle
12/3/2015 Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
12/4/2015 Leipzig, Germany @ Hellraiser
12/5/2015 Prague, Czech Rep. @ Meet Factory
12/6/2015 Berlin, Germany @ Bi Nuu
12/7/2015 Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
12/8/2015 Koln, Germany @ Luxor
12/10/2015 Tillburg, Netherlands @ 013
12/11/2015 Vooselaar, Belgium @ Biebob
12/12/2015 Metz, France @ Les Trinitaires
12/13/2015 Dunkerque, France @ Les 4 ecluses
12/14/2015 Paris, France @ Trabendo
12/15/2015 Rennes, France @ Antipode
12/16/2015 Bordeaux, France @ Rocher de Palmer
12/17/2015 Blois, France @ Le Chato’do
12/18/2015 Limoges, France @ CC John Lennon
12/19/2015 Lyon, France @ CCO

Tokyo’s Coffins Invade America With San Jose’s Noothgrush


Tokyo’s COFFINS have confirmed a new American invasion this winter, once again bringing their diseased, suffocating death-doom decimation back to this side of the Pacific. Bringing forth bulldozing hymns from their latest full-length The Fleshland and a brutal back-catalog of mid-paced gravedigging metal, COFFINS will plunder Brooklyn, NY followed by six West Coast dates with support from Noothgrush. A full list of dates is available below.

COFFINS has recently completed recording a split with fellow Relapse deathmongers ILSA! The as-yet-titled split is currently being mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Noothgrush, etc) and will include one track from each artist. The split will see release via Relapse Records in 2016 and also features artwork by ILSA‘s Joshy.

COFFINS 2016 U.S. Tour Dates:

***All dates with Noothgrush***

Feb 15 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus Bar*
Feb 16 Los Angeles, CA Complex
Feb 17 Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst Atrium
Feb 18 Oakland, CA Oakland Metro
Feb 19 Sacramento, CA Starlight Lounge
Feb 20 Portland, OR Famine Fest
Feb 21 Seattle, WA Highline
*No Noothgrush

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Interview In Sacramento



Recently Amb Pirate sat down with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein at The Boardwalk to talk metal, cats and more.

Capital Chaos TV. how are you doing and how’s the tour treated you so far?

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein  I’m doing great, the tour could treat me better (laughs).

CCTV. How are you enjoying this cold weather here in California alright.

DWF. This ain’t cold, I’m from New York.
CCTV Well the first thing I want to talk to you about is the use of technology as cell phones during shows and in general I know that you stay very connected with your fans so how do you do it without letting it consume your day staying connected.
DWF. With social media to consuming my day yes I only do Instagram then im done.

CCTV No Facebook?

DWF. Never seen it.

CCTV.  So you stay for a little bit then get off and done.

DWF.  I post something like, we had a day and I posted something like 7 or eight things, I was so fucking bored

CCTV. Balancing your music, fitness and love life while touring and the public’s eye has to be a lot to handle even for a healthy person, how do you decompress in do, you ever get time to yourself

DWF.  What is decompress?

CCTV. Letting it go, exhaling.

DWF. Go to sleep, thats what works for me.

CCTV. Your workout regimen is proof that you can exercise anywhere you don’t need a gym to get fit because we have a lot of people that look up to you and you are influential if you were to have a television show to help America get fit what would be some key points.
DWF.  The only key point is consistency, that’s it no days off if you got something to do you course you got to take the day off, other than that you just got to make it part of your day.

CCTV. I understand you’re passionate about animals your totally vegan is there any charities or organizations that you would like us to know about your involved in?
DWF.  I don’t have any money for charity you know so you know I like the animal shelters, do some motion for one in Seattle called Molly zoo, that’s about it.

CCTV. Do you have any pets of your own?

DWF. Cats, we have cats, many cats. I’m an animal person, I don’t care whether is a fuckin giraffe

CCTV.I want to talk a little bit about your girlfriend Alissa, the other thing you are very passionate about, so you guys are both really busy musicians and you’re touring all the time what’s it like when you finally get to see each other after having so much time apart, do just shut off the world.

DWF It’s awkward actually yeah she’s just landed in Greece today she’s starting a tour, I might go get on that tour with her, what we do is go on each others tours, those guys are cool enough to let me go, its awesome.
CCTV. Tell me about your hot sauce, what inspired you having to do with the healthy choice the passion of yours?
DWF Well friend of mine wanted to make some hot sauce so I tried his hot sauce one thing led to another and found a guy who was making hot sauce and got him on the bus told him I wanted in it he brought a bunch of samples and we picked them out and its really good. I’m fresh out, we gave the last bottle to John 5.

CCTV. what else can you tell us Doyle as far as what you have going on this year finishing up the year plans for 2016?

DWF. We have a new record coming out, all we have to do is mix it, master it, titles, artwork and put it out. Before that we’ll probably do some more shows with Jon 5. hopefully do some festivals in Europe and Id like to tour with Arch Enemy. Im going to the NAMM show.

CCTV. What do you enjoy about NAMM?

DWF\. I really don’t enjoy it, I have social anxiety, there’s so many people there now it’s sardines and everybody can see me from across the room, I cant walk 2 feet without someone taking 25 pictures. I can play to a 100.000 people no problem. put five or ten people in front of me, I’m not having it.
CCTV. thank you so much for meeting with capital chaos is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans.

DDWF. Don’t steal music, you’re ruining everything and stop with the fucking cellphones in my face while I”m playing.”

 Interview on Youtube  Interview on Facebook

More on Doyle: Facebook | Website | Shows | Instagram | Twitter

Orangevale Setlist:

  • Abominator
  • Learn To Bleed
  • Valley of Shadows
  • Violent World
  • Where Eagles Dare
  • Cemetery Sex
  • Head Hunter
  • Hybrid Moments
  • Devils Whorehouse
  • Love Like Murder
  • Last Caress
  • Attitude
  • Mark of the Beast
  • DreamingDeadGirls
  • Horror Business
  • Drawing Down The Moon
  • Die Die My Darling
  • I Hope Hell is Warm

Defeated Sanity Announce “THE AMERICAN DEFORMITY TOUR PART II” Dates


Defeated Sanity announce THE AMERICAN DEFORMITY TOUR PART II taking place in January/February 2016 in the United states.
This will be the last time that Defeated Sanity comes to the US in awhile.

1/6 – Peterborough, NH – The Wreck Room
1/7 – Boston, MA – Once
1/8 – New York City, NY – Lucky 13
1/9 – Chicopee MA – Maximum Capacity
1/11 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
1/12 – Chatanooga, TN – Ziggys
1/13 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
1/14 – Orlando, FL – Haven Lounge
1/15 – Tampa, FL – Pegasus Lounge
1/16 – Fort Worth, TX – Tomcats West
1/17 – Corpus Christi, TX – Boozerz Rock Bar
1/18 – San Antonio, TX – Korova
1/19 – Albuquerque, NM – Blue Phoenix
1/20 – Tucson, AZ – 191 Toole
1/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Malones
1/22 – Salinas, CA – La Movida
1/23 – Reno, NV – PB&J’s
1/24 – Idaho Falls, ID – The SIckhouse
1/25 – Salt Lake City, UT – Club Metro
1/27 – St Louis, MO – Fubar
1/28 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry
1/29 – Sioux Falls, ND – Big Bar
1/30 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
1/31 – Lafayette, IN – Lafayette Theater7
2/1 – Louisville, KY – New Vintage
2/2 – Nashville, TN – The End
2/3 – Cleveland, OH – The Foundry
2/4 – Pittsburg, PA – The Smiling Moose
2/5 – Clifton Park, NY – Billards
2/6 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie

terror 2

Los Angeles hardcore veterans TERROR bring you “Sick And Tired,” the latest video from their new album The 25th Hour

The video comes just in time as the first US tour behind The 25th Hour kicks off in Chicago November 28th and blasts North America before wrapping December 19th in San Diego.

terror 1

Rivers of Nihil launch live video for “Sand Baptism”‏

rivers of

Currently on the road with Hate Eternal, Misery Index and Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil have launched a live video for the track “Sand Baptism”, taken from their new album, Monarchy.

Monarchy continues the seasonal concept that began with spring on Rivers of Nihil’s debut album, The Conscious Seed of Light – this time, welcoming the oppressive summer heat. The story takes place millions of years after the events in The Conscious Seed of Light. Adam Biggs, who also serves as the band’s primary lyricist, explains:“The Earth has been transformed into a vast desert wasteland, where after aeons of lifelessness, new beings begin to take shape and begin their journey as shepherds of the planet. But after a while, a class system forms from a sun-worshiping religious dictatorship, and these beings start to lose their way. Only the guidance of an ancient earthly force can help them save themselves as well the planet.”

Rivers of Nihil tour dates
w/ Hate Eternal, Misery Index and Beyond Creation:

Nov. 20 – Ft. Worth, TX – Tomcats
Nov. 21 – Austin, TX – Dirty Dog
Nov. 22 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia
Nov. 25 – Raleigh, NC – The Maywood *
Nov. 27 – Reading, PA – Reverb *
*=Rivers of Nihil only

Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus Interviewed In San Francisco

exo wp

Todd Owens talks metal with Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus @ Warfield Theater – San Francisco, California 11/02/15

Steve “Zetro” Souza (born March 24, 1964) is an American vocalist, best known for his work with the thrash metal band Exodus from 1986 to 1992, and again from 2002 to 2004. He rejoined Exodus for a third time in 2014. Souza is one of two singers, along with Chuck Billy, for the band Dublin Death Patrol. He also sings for the death/thrash metal band Tenet. Souza recently announced his new thrash metal project, Hatriot. He was also the lead singer for the thrash metal band Legacy (later known as Testament)

She Demons Tour U.S. With Misfits

sd crop

Sprung from the fantastic brain of Misfits leader Jerry Only and the fiery pool of talent in Los Angeles, She Demons is the all-girl band for this generation. Combining old school ‘60s doo-wop and ‘70s power chord rock with classic punk and metal, the band is creating a sound that will attract loud music lovers of all kinds. As the band’s creator and collaborator, Only has a big picture plan for She Demons. “Women are a strong presence in music. When I was a kid I saw Susie Quatro and The Runaways, and the guys loved them but the girls also admired them. Today, young girls will want to be She Demons. I see these very talented girls as the kind kids can look up to. They are so talented and focused.”One of the group’s original songs, “B-Movie,” cleverly incorporates retro references to monster flicks while showing off She Demons’ writing and performing strengths. In addition to other scorching covers of classic Motown songs, She Demons deliver a memorable version of “He’s a Rebel,” showcasing both great guitar work and sweet vocal harmony.



Sacramento’s Graveshadow Debut Release Party Announced

Come out Sunday, December 20th and rage with Graveshadow as they celebrate the release of their debut album “Nocturnal Ressurection” out through Mausoleum Records! They’ll be sharing the stage with some of the hardest working bands in Northern California.

Concieved in Chaos
Astral Cult

Doors open at 6pm for this incredible show. Tickets can be purchased through the official Graveshadow website or the bands themselves!

Can’t wait until the show to get your copy? You’re in luck! The album officially releases in North America on December 13th! You can preorder your digital or physical copy here and here, so pick up one up and come sing your favorites with them when they play them for you live!