Prog-Metal Outfit Cyborg Octopus to Release Genre-Warping New Album ‘Learning To Breathe’ on May 20, 2016‏

cyborg octopus

Bay Area progressive metal quintet CYBORG OCTOPUS have been making big waves in the underground metal community, specifically with the recent release of their “Data_M1nefield” video.

Exhibiting influences ranging from Soreption and The Faceless to James Brown and Beethoven, CYBORG OCTOPUS seeks to execute and implement elements of all the music they love into one cohesive package. They push themselves beyond the boundaries of what one would expect from an average “metal band”.

To preview the upcoming release of their new full-length album Learning To Breathe on May 20th, CYBORG OCTOPUS have unleashed their new track ‘DiscoBrain!’ Each song on Learning To Breathe is completely different from the last – each explores a completely different genre. With “DiscoBrain!”, the band tastefully combines funk with metal.

In a band-issued statement, CYBORG OCTOPUS states, “What does metal sound like when it’s fused with funk, a saxophone, a scatting vocalist, a slapping bassist and a nightmarish acid trip? You are about the experience…. The DiscoBrain!”
CYBORG OCTOPUS has toured up and down the west coast, performing shows with respective progressive metal acts such as Fallujah and Archspire. The band will perform two northern California shows in May, the latter scheduled as their official CD release show. See below for all confirmed dates.
May 6 – Crockett, CA @ Toot’s Tavern
May 20 – Walnut Creek, CA @ The Redhouse – CD Release show

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