Lamb Of God Rage Furious And Frantic At The Fox Theater in Oakland, California

I have seen Lamb of God a number of times over the years. From the incredibly drunk Randy Blythe who couldn’t remember the lyrics to one of the bands most popular songs Redneck, to a stone cold sober monster on stage vocally destroying all who stand before him. On May 29th in Oakland California at The Fox Theater, the latter is exactly what the crowd got.

With the opening acts consisting of Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch it almost felt like that pairing was done on purpose to bring the excitement level up a few more notches for Lamb of God. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a COC or Clutch fan more power to you because there were a lot of you there and the crowd really seemed to enjoy the two bands. In this humble writers opinion it didn’t work. For me out of both bands the highlight of either ones set was when the Metal God and riff master himself James Hetfield came out and played a tune with COC, besides from that I personally wasn’t too impressed with either bands set, but I digress.

Lets talk about Lamb of God. Going into the show I knew what to expect from this veteran band out of Richmond “Mother fucking” Virginia as Randy always says and the fans and I got just that. With John Campbell on bass and Chris Adler on drums  (where he belongs….not in Megadeth)  holding down a constant booming sound in the rhythm section it made it easy for Mark and Willie to do what they do best which is shred.  As I mentioned earlier since Randy has been sober he is beyond focused and has so much energy it makes him one of the most entertaining front men and he has never sounded better. His vocal power is right where it should be with the full range of screams we have all come to know and appreciate from the Lamb of God front man. The night was full of old and new songs ranging from Hourglass and and The Faded Line off of their Certified Gold album Ashes Of The Wake to newer tunes like 512 and Anthropoid off their latest release V11: Strum Und Drang. It was an all around solid set list.

It took me a long time to get in to Lamb of God, my younger Brother Ben tried for years to get me to like them and i just couldn’t. Then one day it clicked, I knew why I wasn’t digging them, I couldn’t put them in a certain genre of Metal and that bothered me. They weren’t Thrash, or Death, or Speed, they were just Metal. Now I look at them as one of the most consistent heavy live bands out there. Through everything this band has been through over the years they have remained together since the mid 90’s and i see no sign of them slowing down. Good for you Lamb of God, the world needs more Metal bands like you.  Gene A. Gaona

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  1. Walk with Me in Hell
  2. Ruin
  3. 512
  4. Ghost Walking
  5. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
  6. Still Echoes
  7. Descending
  8. The Faded Line
  9. Blacken the Cursed Sun
  10. Anthropoid
  11. Hourglass
  12. Vigil
  13. Redneck

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