Illuminertia Releases Akasha EP

Bay Area based psydub producer and multi-instrumentalist Illuminertia releases his newest EP Akasha, a downtempo and ambient trip hop album. Upon listening to this stunning EP you’ll enter a sensual world of electronic meets organic instrumentation. The arrangements are comprised of organic beats, symphonic layerings and soaring female vocals. It’s a highly danceable poly-rhythmic creation that will take you on an enchanted inspiring adventure with roots in global grooves, break beats, chill trap and divine orchestral arrangements. If you’re looking for an uplifting next level musical experience then this is it.

Illuminertia is an umbrella for electronic music releases created by Eric “Modean” Montross (DJ Mantras).
The music itself is seductive bass music layered with meditative, hypnotic melodies inspired by global sounds. This production hovers at its own frequency and is extremely innovative. It’s medium to up-tempo, rhythmically speaking, but the melodic elements are inspired by every type of genre under the sun. Modean is best known for his collaborations with Upon with Bubba Jones, the touring bass player of the Digable Planets. His most recent collaboration entitled March Into the Sun was a collaboration with Scrote (Pucifer) and drummer Earl Harvin who plays with the notorious french Electronic group (Air). Illuminertia also won the Relix Magazine Jamoff in 2010.

Connect With Illuminertia
facebook // website // soundcloud

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