Retortion Terror​/​Invidiosus – Split (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Not many grind splits have been released lately, especially not something as aggressive and unique as this. Retortion Terror has guitar work i have not heard before in a grind album. There are lots of surprising solos. Of course a grind album has to be brief, but there is a lot to be told in by this band. I love the imagery and the vocals. It has a mincy feel to it. I would very much like to see this band live, grind needs to come back like this.

Invidious really caught me by surprise. The death metal- like grind vocals set the pace for how the rest of the songs flow together. This band has the ability to piss me off but in a good way. ​Invidiosus is probably one of my favorite bands now. This split really left me wanting more and i know that with time they will only continue to improve their sound. The only thing this split is missing is more time. That is the frustrating thing about grindcore, you start getting excited about listening to it and 9 minutes later it is over. My favorite song on the album is “From The 16th Floor” it showcases everything grind should be. I has the mincy guitar/ drum work and the sharp and violent vocals that stand out. Hopefully there is more from these bands in the future. 9/10


Author: Aldo Guzman

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