New Video of Pisscat Live In Sacramento, California

In the video below PISSCAT perform their classics @ closing night of Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, California – November 17th, 2018..

Ten years ago, PISSCAT started playing music together in a high school garage punk band called Malady of Discontent. Later, they explored a heavier sound as The Final Heist. After a series of injuries and the theft of their equipment, they started PISSCAT in an attempt to return to their punk roots.

Currents Debut Video For Forever Marked

Connecticut metal band CURRENTS has debuted a video today for their latest single “Forever Marked” from the band’s highly anticipated new EP, I Let The Devil In, which is out now from their label SharpTone Records.

“”Forever Marked” is a song about the separation and degradation of society through human error & conflict. We’ve touched on this subject before, but we really wanted to capture violence and the feelings of aggression & urgency to accompany the message.” – Brian Wille
“Forever Marked” is one of 5 new songs that have been in the works for several years and are finally seeing fruition for a record that further demonstrates the band’s intensity and ability to craft incredible and dynamic music that’s both highly skilled and accessible.
“We chose to do an EP so that we could take the liberty of stretching our sound out in a condensed fashion. We tried to make every song as different from one another as possible, while still maintaining one core vibe. These songs are meant to test our strengths and our limits, and we are very excited to hear all of your feedback; as it will potentially shape future music to come.” – Brian Wille

Bamboo Star from Hong Kong Release New Music Video

Bamboo Star are every bit as interesting and culturally unique as their hometown of Hong Kong. Like their fast-paced city, Bamboo Star’s music, recorded with LA-based producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Airbourne, Shinedown), is high-energy. The band makes their entry into the US market with their dazzling EP “No Hard Feelings”. The EP was pre-launched into college radio in November 2018 and has hit #8 on the NACC Heavy Top 30 as of the first week of December 2018.

The name Bamboo Star is an English play-on-words for an old Cantonese slang for a person caught between Chinese and Western cultures. The band says, “Our music is for anyone who has ever felt like they fit in everywhere and nowhere.”  Rock music, in their estimation, has been the voice of the disenfranchised and will bring people together.

Created by Australian Wolf Red (front man and vocalist) and Canadian Terence Ng (lead guitarist), who came together with Hong Kong locals Jasmine Wong (bassist) and Lawrence Wong (drummer) in Hong Kong, Bamboo Star are making some of the most captivating rock music out of Asia.

The lead single “It’s Just Business” reached #11 on the NACC Heavy Top 30 chart for six (6) consecutive weeks, and reached #43 on the Metal Contraband chart for one week. The song hit #1 on three stations: The Foundry, WXIN and KFUN. WSOU kept the track in daily rotation close to two months, WXCS moved the song into their daily top 200 show and The Foundry kept “It’s Just Business” at #1 for a month.

“It’s Just Business” was written about corruption and greed and ultimately how tyranny enables it. Wolf Red says, “At the same time, we often enable the very tyrants who oppress us.” The music video for “It’s Just Business” is a claymation story about tyrants and their war against truth, played out by satirically cute clay creatures inspired by human body parts.

The band is one of Hong Kong’s most active band in terms of touring, and has performed in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Canada.

KILLCODE Drop Final Video In Trilogy Series For Show Me

American hard rockers KILLCODE announced in October the release of three consecutive videos they are calling ‘The Trilogy‘ from their current release, The Answer . And now they’ve dropped the finale in the series of three, “Show Me’.”

The tracks used for the three videos are “The Answer,” “Put it Off,” and “Show Me.” David Swajeski started a creative relationship with KILLCODE when he heard the song “Breaking Away” and used it as a theme song in his film DRESSED. Since that time David has collaborated with Tom and the KILLCODE KREW on several music videos and a documentary project to aid the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The Trilogy Collection marks a new cinematic and storytelling direction for the band.

KILLCODE fans have been asking for a new video and KILLCODE has delivered threefold! Delivering a sound of Southern infused hard rock / metal with a modern vocal injection. Moving, energetic, passionate and riff driven rock that fans the world over have come to know and love.

Watch Video of NEGATIVE APPROACH Playing A Full Set In Sacramento, California

In the video below NEGATIVE APPROACH perform a full set of classics at The Blue Lamp – Sacramento, California – December 12th, 2018. Also on the bill were SICK BURN and SISSYFIT.

Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. The band is considered among the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region. Like most hardcore bands, Negative Approach was little known in its day outside of its hometown. It is now idolized in the Detroit rock underground and the punk subculture, considered to be one of the elite bands of the “old school” era, and continues to be influential. Negative Approach initially broke up in 1984 with singer John Brannon moving on to the Laughing Hyenas, and later Easy Action, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically.

The band did a brief reunion tour in the northeast United States in April 2008, performing in Brooklyn and Providence. They also played the wedding of Anal Cunt founder Seth Putnam.

Sam Rivers of SLEEPKILLERS “Sleepkillers basically is kind of like Deftones meets Helmet meets Quicksand”.

New Hard Rock outfit, SLEEPKILLERS, is bursting onto the scene straight out of Jacksonville, FL with their self-titled debut album, due out January 25, 2019. With Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit) delivering heavy, melodic bass lines and Damien Starkey’s (Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Burn Season) haunting, passionate vocals, the group is rounded out with Bobby Amaru (Saliva) on drums and Adam Latiff (Puddle of Mudd) on guitar.

In the video below Jennifer Black caught up with Sam Rivers (LIMP BIZKIT) and Damian Starkey (PUDDLE OF MUDD) of SLEEPKILLERS @ Aftershock 2018 in Sacramento, California.

Sam Rivers on the music of SLEEPKILLERS…”Sleepkillers basically is kind of like Deftones meets Helmet meets Quicksand, A Perfect Circle, meets everything else in the world type of thing.

SPACE VACATION release new animated video for song “The Black Divide”

SPACE VACATION, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex-Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare have released a new animated video for the song “The Black Divide” which can be seen below.

Space Vacation lead singer / guitarist Scott Shapiro has checked in with the following comment:

This video was the brain child of Brooklyn’s own, Ryan Weibust. Ryan is an old friend of the band and also fronts the band Natur who we’ve toured with several times. I was so hyped when he agreed to do this one for us. My biggest issue with music videos is that I don’t really want to watch a band lip sync while trying to act cool in a performance based video. I want to be entertained. Most band videos are pretty boring and I hate the production process and the results are less than re-watchable no matter how well the videos are put together. It’s absolute torture for me and I don’t want to make a video for the sake of having just something to go with the record. Plus I’m not exactly 22 anymore so who wants to see some aging dudes in HD? So this time I really wanted to do something outside the box and something we wouldn’t have to actually “act” in! Boom! enter Ryan! Ryan has been animating with his company Unproduction and he agreed to do an animated video that really gets what we’re about as a band. We don’t really take ourselves too seriously and we wanted to make something that was funny and Ryan really came though! So if you like Outer Space, Star Wars, alien demons and Zelda, you should watch and then share this video! And if you dig the music, buy a copy of our latest release “Lost in the Black Divide“on cd/vinyl and help us to pay for more Marshall stacks!