Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns – “We’re not in it for the money”.

Hot on the heels of the success of their last record, “The Missing Peace”, L.A. Guns has attacked again with the new album, “The Devil You Know”. The album is out now via Frontiers Music Srl.

Has Motorhead had any sort of impact on you and L.A. Guns?

Maybe not musically so much with Traci and Lemmy, I’ve known Lemmy since I was 12 years old and he was an iconic figure in West London when I was a teenager and he went on to become a megastar and I’m so proud of him and what he achieved and you know he was a good guy.

You know not a lot of people don’t know but he was a very generous
benevolent guy, gave a lot of his money to charity but anyways did
Motorhead influence us again in a way it does in a way it doesn’t but you know musically it’s a lot more, what we do is a lot more challenging than
Motorhead songs if you know what I mean.

For a time there, there were two Ratt’s and there are still two L.A. Guns, how excited were you to get back to working with Tracy once the divisions were healed?

Yeah, there aren’t two Ratts, there have been two Ratts there have been two L.A. Guns, there is no Ratt right now, unfortunately the whole thing’s a mess it’s a shame and as far as L.A. Guns go yeah I mean it’s an embarrassing time, me and Traci are on the road with our own versions that was disingenuous to the fans it was yeah it was it was really long overdue that we both pulled ourselves up and got back
together and at least gave it a shot give it a go you know we would owe that
to the fans we owe that to our legacy and I’m really really glad that we did
and it was a music that inspired it was me listening to his ideas just like it
was when when we started in 87 and being inspired by it and wanting to
create and get in the trenches and do something with this guy because he
brings out a aside of me that no other collaborator you know he makes me work harder than any other as if I may I’ve ever been in and I like that and and you know now we’ve been together a few years and you know where you can’t help thinking oh maybe we needed that time apart and we both needed to grow up and we’re better people now but I think it definitely shows in the music you know I wasn’t it wasn’t really it wasn’t a money grab obviously we proved that now putting two records there we didn’t have to put one record out. We could have a greatest hits thing together you know like most of these great a level bands that’s what they do, am no fuck that, the firsy thing we did is went into studio and proved that we’re not fucking around you know we’re not in it for the money.

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