Concert Photo Review : THE LAST TITAN Live At Big Sexy Brewing Company – Sacramento, California

The Last Titan

Big Sexy Brewing Company – Sacramento, California

By Jennifer Black @ Black J Photo

The Last Titan, a metal band from Sacramento, CA that has many sub genres of metal within their songs. Over the last two years they have altered their sound and style. Each member in the band has given their part on all the songs created in the band. It’s a team effort within The Last Titan to make every song meaningful and relatable among the members and fans of old and new. Their music is fast and in your face with lyrics that catch you singing along or moshing! The band records their music with Cody Fuentes from Rapture Recordings. He has worked with bands such as (SPITE, Stick To Your Guns, LionHeart, Hatriot, WolfKing and many more!) They are currently in the studio finishing up their first full length album “What Makes Us Kings”. They plan on having a 2019 release for the album and base their third tour for that album.

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