Watch New Chelsea Wolfe & Ben Chisholm Single from Jesse Draxler A/V Project 

Jesse Draxler shares a third track and accompanying video from his forthcoming release Reigning Cement (Sept. 4, Federal Prisoner), with the Dangerous Minds’ debut of Chelsea Wolfe & Ben Chisholm’s song “Valerian.

“When submitting this track, Chelsea briefly mentioned how the lyrics are an ode to her relationship with Valerian root and its effects on sleeping habits and insomnia. With the video we wanted to echo this notion to create a morphing and echoing sleep-scape, straddling the line between dream and nightmare. The video was created by myself and Rizz (of the band VOWWS), while the footage of Chelsea was kindly given to us by herself,” explains Draxler of the four-minute visual he created for “Valerian.”

Reigning Cement is a conceptual audio-visual project pairing a 100-page book of Draxler’s photography and collage work with a collection of music created by handpicked musicians. The audio portion of Reigning Cement was inspired by an experiment that Draxler participated in a few years ago, in which a group of collage artists were each given the exact same packet of visual assets with which to create a piece. Similarly, Draxler provided each musician on Reigning Cement with the same 34 sonic elements—all recorded in the noisy industrial environment just outside his studio in Los Angeles.

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