Animals As Leaders Premiere “Arithmophobia”

Animals As Leaders premiere new song “Arithmophobia” via Guitar World pre-orders for the band’s forthcoming album, The Madness of Many, which include an instant download of “Arithmophobia” and “The Brain Dance,” are available now:

“This album feels like total synergy between the three of us,” says guitar player Tosin Abasi. “None of this music would have turned out the same way without the equal inclusion of all of our musical ideas and that feel special. We’re beyond thrilled with the result.”

Animals As Leaders produced the 10-track album, with guitar player Javier Reyes handling mixing duties. Reyes also commented on the symbiotic nature of the new album, adding, “The Madness of Many is an explorative and ambitious journey of harmony, rhythm, musical expression and emotion. It has been the most collaborative effort for the band and an evolution in each of the members’ musical path.” Drummer Matt Garstka noted that, “although conceptually dense, it is the most natural sounding Animals As Leaders album yet.”

The trio kick off their first tour in support of the new album on Nov. 10, launching a five-week, North American outing at the Livewire in Scottsdale, Ariz. Intervals and Plini will open on all dates.

The Madness of Many tour:

November 10  Scottsdale, AZ  Livewire
November 11  Pomona, CA  The Glass House
November 12  Las Vegas, NV  Vinyl
November 14  Portland, OR  Hawthorne Theatre
November 15  Seattle, WA  Studio Seven
November 16  Vancouver, BC  Commodore Ballroom
November 18  Calgary, AB  Macewan Ballroom
November 19  Edmonton, AB  Union Hall
November 20  Saskatoon, SK  O’Brian’s Event Centre
November 21  Winnipeg, MB  The Garrick Centre
November 23  Minneapolis, MN  Fine Line Music Café
November 25  Chicago, IL  Bottom Lounge
November 26  Pontiac, MI  The Crofoot Ballroom
November 27  Columbus, OH  Park Street Saloon
November 28  Toronto, ON  Opera House
November 29  Montreal, QC  Corona Theatre
November 30  Boston, MA  Royale
December 1  New York, NY  Webster Hall
December 2  Philadelphia, PA  The Trocadero
December 3  Millvale, PA  Mr. Small’s Theatre
December 4  Washington, DC  9:30 Club
December 6  St. Petersburg, FL  State Theatre
December 7  Atlanta, GA  Terminal West
December 8  New Orleans, LA  Republic New Orleans
December 9  Houston, TX  White Oak Music Hall
December 10  Austin, TX  Mohawk
December 11  Dallas, TX  Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
December 12  Kansas City, MO  The Riot Room
December 15  Los Angeles, CA  The Mayan
December 16  Orangevale, CA  The Boardwalk
December 17  San Francisco, CA  Social Hall SF

Blacktop Mojo Releases Official Music Video For Their Cover Of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

Modern Southern Hard Rock Band Blacktop Mojo has released the Official Music Video for their cover of Aerosmith’sclassic hit “Dream On”. The video was filmed by Nolan Cox of Nolan Taylor Media in Palestine, TX at Audioworx Studio. The track, which was produced by Philip Mosley and mixed by Austin Deptula at Rosewood Studios, comes from the band’s upcoming sophomore album “Burn The Ships” which is set to release in early 2017.

A close friend of ours suggested we do it, and was adamant that he knew it would turn out great… We asked our producer what he thought and he basically said “Well it wouldn’t hurt to try it out”. After that we learned it, went to the studio and put it down. Listening back we were pretty surprised that it even came out decent… We showed it to a small group of friends and they all said they got chill bumps. At that point we were comfortable enough that we at least hadn’t shamed the song or Aerosmith (who we have a ton of respect for, obviously), so still with a little hesitation we released it. Since then, we’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the awesome response. – Nathan Gillis (Blacktop Mojo)

Seamlessly blending melody with adrenaline fueled, heavy rock and roll, Blacktop Mojo draws in everyone from old metal heads to people whose radio dials have never left top 40 stations. With soaring, gritty vocals and impeccably blended heavy guitar grooves set around a raucous southern stomp, Blacktop Mojo’s live shows are sure to leave fans’ screaming at the top of their lungs with metal horns in the air.

Formed in the final weeks of 2012, Blacktop Mojo began cutting their teeth in the numerous country venues that Texas has to offer, but the guys never quite felt like they belonged. With each song they wrote, the vocals got less twangy and the sound from the amps became more gravelly and distorted until the guys had found their own unique blend of heavy southern rock. Through touring, the band has played with many national acts such as Aaron Lewis, Candlebox, Drowning Pool, Puddle Of Mudd, Smile Empty Soul, Audiotopsy, and Whiskey Myers.

After running the highways for two years in support of their debut album, “I Am” (2014), in July of this year the band loaded their gear in the van and made a trip to Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, as well as FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL to make their sophomore effort entitled, “Burn The Ships.” In addition to the producer of the band’s first record, Philip Mosley, the band brought in co-producer, Jimmy Johnson of the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios as well as his long time engineer, Steve Melton (Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Bob Seger) to bring a seasoned sonic quality to their brand of raw, grungy rock. “Burn The Ships” is slated for release in early 2017.

Seattle Death Grind Faction Theories To Kick Off North American Tour With Wake And Vermin Womb

Seattle-based death grind faction, THEORIES, will kick of a fifteen-date North American tour next week with Wake and Vermin Womb. Slated to commence October 18th in Reno, Nevada and run through November 3rd in Victoria, British Columbia, the trek includes an appearance at this year’s Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, Arizona.
Comments drummer Joe Axler, “We will be hitting the road with — in our opinion — two of the top of the game current grind bands around right now: Canada’s Wake and Denver’s Vermin Womb, both devastatingly sick bands. We will be debuting a handful of new songs on this tour that we’ve never toured with before, all of them going in a new direction for THEORIES; still grindy and brutal but more mature musically, focused more on intricate and driving riffs, devastating beats, and more well-rounded, all over the place vocal attack. We’re excited to watch y’all destroy the room while we play these new ones!”
THEORIES w/ Wake, Vermin Womb:
10/18/2016 Ground Zero – Reno, NV **
10/20/2016 Womb Room – Vegas, NV **
10/22/2016 Southwest Terror Fest – Tucson, AZ
10/23/2016 Mods Bar And Venue – Tijuana, MX
10/24/2016 Black Light District – Long Beach, CA
10/25/2016 The Complex – Los Angeles, CA
10/26/2016 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
10/27/2016 The Eagle Tavern – San Francisco, CA
10/28/2016 The Starlight – Sacrament, CA
10/29/2016 The Siren’s Song Lounge – Eureka, OR
10/30/2016 The Boreal – Eugene, OR
10/31/2016 High Water MarkPortland, OR
11/01/2016 The Highline – Seattle, WA
11/02/2016 Astoria – Vancouver, BC @ Astoria (Theories and Wake)
11/03/2016 TBA – Victoria, BC (Theories and Wake)
** THEORIES only

GWARBQ ADVENTURES: Journey To The Earth Home Of Oderus

Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) and Gwar first appeared on my television screen in the late 90’s in a cameo in the film Empire Records in the infamous pot induced tv kill hallucination. When I saw their awesome kill and “No way this is real, this is too cool…”, stupidly I went on with my life and made some horrible teenage musical choices. I never got to feel the wet spray of cuttlefish jizz spray my face and till this day it makes me weep. I later saw Holliston (a show first aired around 2011 on fear net and will be gearing up for Season 3 on GeekNation-their first season without Brockie) and I fell in love all over again with his grotesque alien charm, his always on point whit and the gentle smile hid behind his monster. Brockie passed away March 23 2014 and the world has never been the same for many of us. Last year I took my first trip to what the loving Bohabs (Gwar fans) refer to as the Q in honor of Dave and his monster. I took the journey again but this time I went to bring you the reasons why you should go.

Four days on the bus then finally, I arrived in my home away from home RVA. As soon I stepped off the bus my friend and recently adopted father “ Gran Daddy Bohab” picked me up and I began my journey. There are so many things to check out with Richmond’s rich history but during GwarBq month its focus is mainly on Gwar History. I started with VCU the place where Dave and the other slaves of Gwar began the culmination of the entity it is today. Chaffers Court, located on the Campus, is where Death Piggy (first incarnation of Gwar) played their first show. Although its not much to look at you can still feel the energy off of it. Also another big piece of Gwar history is the Richmond Dairy Factory that is now the Richmond Dairy Apartments Dave and Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo) first used this building when it was abandoned to build movie sets and create their monsters. Lastly, but definitely not least, Dave Brockies final home. I will not divulge the exact address out of respect for the family now living there. The people living there now are used to fans going to their door and asking to take pictures so ask around. I got to gaze upon the the enclosed side porch said to be where he said to spend the most time. I sighed as I wished I could have made this visit many years ago. It felt good to be there and if you are a Gwar fan these are a do not miss.


I can’t forget to mention the Planet Hollywood’s answer to the Scumdogg – Gwar Bar. After Brockies passing Gwar decided to open up a dive bar pandering to the bohabs that love and miss Dave with all their disease ridden hearts. Old show fliers, Gwar-tifacts (such as Oderus’s sword Unt Lick and Flattus Maximus’s Guitar) and blood streaked floors set the atmosphere. The food is great and so is the booze but be prepared to spend money. It’s a nice place but I can’t help but wonder what Brockie would think of this place.

Another part of the GwarBq weekend is the Clarion Hotel parties! Originated a few years back by Dave Brockie himself, Bohabs and Scumdoggs alike gathered here to declare a war against being sober. Since last year, there has been new management and to the chagrin to the bohab nation bright spotlights were installed and stricter security rules were in place. This did not stop us! Beer and liquor pool side with weed and many other things I will not discuss in this article were steadily available. Viking pool battles and naked streaking brought the party in an uproar. The best part of the Clarion parties are the Bohabs themselves. Many have come long distances in honor of Dave Brockie and Cory Smoot (the last Flattus Maximus), but others come in honor of loved ones who passed and to celebrate anniversary’s. So many cool stories of interactions with Dave made me feel like I really was partying with him.


Friday night the official festivities began with B4BQ but I myself couldn’t go due to the exhaustion of my funds that were mostly spent on food and booze. That night I prepared my gear and geared up for the GWAR BQ and shook off my nerves for I was going to interview a member of Gwar. I was hoping to get some big questions answered but unfortunately the heat, the heaviness of his costume and an all-around unenthused attitude kept me from answering much. (Find out which Gwar member in my interview article, So This is Gwar??). As sleep beckoned me at 7 am Gwar Bq day, I drank my hotel coffee and forced myself into action and got myself ready for a long fun filled day. I and Granddaddy Bohab checked in at the employee gate and was allowed to enter before many others. I got to see Mobile Death Camp set up and met Todd Evans. He was really kind and really busy so I ventured off in my exploration of this year’s Q. I later got to see them tear up the stage and it was an awesome performance. I really hope to see them in Sacramento for a show. It was a high energy performance that made me see why Evans was chosen in the past to be a part of Gwar.


Mobile Death Camp gave everything they had in their set and they still had time to be awesome to their fans. Gwar Vodka, Gwar Beer, Gwar bloody mary mix, Gwar beard oil; all signs and advertisements were making me feel like I was at a Gwar Disney park. Don’t get me wrong, I like the merch and there will always be band merch but a part of me felt a little odd. A band that once made fun of KISS’s branding habits is now doing this themselves. It was just too funny to me as I would imagine Oderus’s commentary if he was still around. As I carried on I let that go for awhile and enjoyed a couple Oderus Ales and watched some really cool bands preform, the one thing I love about Gwar BQ is that Gwar thought about the up and coming bands that were trying to get out there when he created it. One of the bands, The Sawyer Family, spoke with me in an interview telling me of all the great opportunity the Q has given them to grow (see article So This Is Gwar???). I truly enjoyed their performance. I also got to see a bit of Eat the Turnbuckle before my interviews. Let me tell you, if you have not seen them live! Then it’s a definite must! Barbed wire bats to the face! Hardcore wrestling! Table dives! Everything incorporated with well preformed metal music! This is everything a metal head wrestling fan could ever want to see. They have been to Sac before so let’s pray to the metal Gods they come again. After a delicious meal from one of the many local vendors and a short lived Gwar interview I hung out with my bohabs and saw the sheer joy on their faces and that made my day even better. Many of my friend s went through the Crypt Of Chaos, the kick ass haunted house that covers you in gore, sadly I could not go due to my journalistic duties but I would suggest to go if you come to the Q. I went the year before last and it was an amazing time.


The 5pm Gwar set was approaching and everyone headed to the SCUMDOG STAGE and waited in baited breath. The crowd stretched out for miles. They started off with announcements of the winners of the costume contests and the Spew Olympics. I enjoyed seeing my friends onstage with their glorious costumes that they worked very hard on. One of the awesome things to see is the sweet characters people create every year. Many of which began to take life of their own in bands and online personalities. The first prize went to a band called GWELLO, a band you should definitely check out! They cover Gwar and Green Jelly songs and have been on the road with Manspeaker himself! As they all left the stage smoke began to billow out from the side of the stage and the screams of awe echoed from the crowed behind me. Bal-Sac’s (Mike Derks) recorded voice opened us to the new story line of 2 evil politicians seeking to gain world power, Trump and Hillary, and must battle against each other in an intergalactic wrestling match which may cause the end of the world. A ephagy of Obama came on to the stage to discuss the current events but then was thwarted by the bands manager Sleazy P Martini (Don Drakulich) and thusly began the “Slaughter-Rama”. Blowthar the Berserker, and his 4 cow utter cocks sprayed me and everyone else mercilessly as we rocked out to classic songs such as “Madness at the Core of Time” and “Tormentor”. We also had the return of the Sexicutioner (Chuck Varga) to help inspire nostalgia of the old days of Gwar. It was an awesome experience. With that being said, I was hoping for a new song off the new album they say will be coming out or some new pieces of art. Everything was very similar to the last year I was here. I can understand and sympathize with their current situation of having to try to rebuild an empire without their true leader but some new art and songs would have been much nicer to see than a whole bunch of new products.


After the sheer brutality of Gwar and we are all drenched in the bodily fluids of our Scumdogs, we all traveled across the way to watch Lamb of God tear it up. These Richmond VA natives got their start after meeting Brockie while paying their dues. It’s amazing to see how far they have come! Randy Blythe has overcome many obstacles, in the most recent with a near death car accident and being obtained in a Czech prison a few years ago, has grown a lot as an artist. Swirls of dust arose from the ground as a mosh pit of over a few hundred and possibly close to a thousand people stirred up the energy. This was an awesome set to close out the evening.


Later, I talked to someone who was one of the original Scumdog slaves during the early slave pit days when masks were made from fabric and carpenters glue. He told me what the Q was initially was. It was a family reunion where Dave got all the fans and all the bands to come hang out and bring their own meat to share and beer to drink. It was a time of celebration and time for Gwar to relax before their next tour. It was still bands and food but mostly free. If you were charged to get in it wasn’t more than $40 bucks mainly when they had first started it at Hadads to cover the cost of everything extra needed to be covered. I was told of the joy it was to party with everyone back in the day. This was a far cry in comparison to the now $60-$450 range in tickets and the $2 bottles of Gwater. It’s understandable they must make money but I can’t help but sigh and wonder what it would have been like if it remained that way. The one thing that remains and keeps me coming to RVA every year are my Bohabs. Without them there would be no Gwar and be no Q. The Q will always be a family get together of all of us wierdos, artists, music lover and outcasts. As long as there is a Q and there are people who love what Gwar truly is, music and stage art that speaks to the souls of the strange, I will always be going and so should you.


Words by Nikki Knight – Live Photo’s by Brian Mcdonald

Amorphis to tour North America with Swallow The Sun

The masters of melancholic progressive metal, AMORPHIS, will return to North America next March/April for a long overdue headlining tour. Support will come from fellow Fin’s and melodic doom/death merchants SWALLOW THE SUN. The band will also appear on select dates with thrash legends OVERKILL and Egyptian themed technical death metal champions NILE.

“It’s been a long time since we toured in North America and Canada,” comments guitarist Esa Holopainen. “To be honest, way too long and at some point we thought we might never be back. In show business, things are not that simple and no matter how much AMORPHIS would like to tour, or play shows in different territories, usually it just doesn’t make sense.

‘Now it makes sense and we really wanted to make this to happen, after receiving so much positive feedback from US fans. As it has been quite a while since the US and Canadian fans have seen us, we will cover a lot of material from the latest AMORPHIS albums as well as play classics from Tales From The Thousand Lakes and Elegy,which were groundbreaking albums to us and many fans.

“It’s a great pleasure to have our country fellows SWALLOW THE SUN to join the tour as well. A great band. So there’s plenty of Finnish melancholy on stage and not that many major chords are going to be played. Still we arrive with happy hearts and will rock across US like never before. Shine on brothers and sisters!”

03/06   Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
03/07   Norfolk, VA – The NorVa
03/08   Washington, DC – Howard Theatre
03/09   Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall
03/10   Providence, RI – Firehouse 13

03/12  Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
03/14  New York CIty, NY – Stage 48
03/15  Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
03/16  Quebec City, QUE – Le Cercle
03/17  Montreal, QUE – FouFounes
03/18  Toronto, ONT – MOD Club
03/19  Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
03/21  Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
03/22  Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
03/23  Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub and Billiards
03/24  Westland, MI – Token Lounge
03/25  Cudahy, WI – The Metal Grill
03/26  Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
03/28  Minneapolis, MN – The Cabooze
03/29  Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre
03/30  Regina, SK – The Exchange
03/31  Edmonton, AL – Starlite Room
04/01  Calgary, AL – Dickens
04/02  Kelowna, BC – Level
04/03  Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
04/04  Seattle, WA – El Corazon
04/07  West Hollywood, CA – Whiskey a Go Go
04/08  Anaheim, CA – City National Grove
04/09  Tempe, AZ – Club Red
04/11  Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
04/12  Merriam, KS – Aftershock
04/14  Dallas, TX – Trees
04/15  SanAntonio, TX – Fitzgeralds
04/16  Houston, TX – Scout Bar
04/17  New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
04/18  Tampa, FL – Orpheum
04/19  Orlando, FL – The Haven
04/20  Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre
04/21  Baltimore, MD – Soundstage

Visit AMORPHIS online:

OBITUARY – “Ten Thousand Ways To Die” CD Review

For over 30 years now the Tardy Brothers (John and Donald) have been bringing their low end tones of Death Metal to the masses and in their latest release Ten Thousand Ways to Die they do not disappoint.
What makes Ten Thousand Ways To Die unique is that it starts off with a couple new studio tracks followed by what most would consider a live greatest hits album with songs recorded from their last U.S. tour.

“Loathe” is the first track off the album and to me it has an old school “Redneck Stomp” feel to it. Slow, powerful and heavy. This new track really encompasses all we have come to expect from Obituary.

The next song on the album is the title track “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”. This track is vintage Obituary in my opinion. All the signatures of Obituary are there, vocals, drum sounds, guitar tones and a really cool guitar solo segment towards the end of the track which I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised by.

Generally speaking I haven’t always been the biggest fan of live albums, I tend to lean more towards the quality of a studio album and live records tend to miss the “cleanliness” which I enjoy in my music. With that said, it is hard to not love this album. With live tracks like “Chopped In Half”, “Bloodsoaked”, “Don’t Care” and of course my personal “Slowly We Rot” I can definitely overlook any imperfections the live recording process may have added to this record, and trust me there aren’t very many.

This album is a good example of why this band from Tampa, Florida has been around for as long as they have been. Obituary is consistent, you know what you’re going to get when you buy their music or go see them live. Any true metalhead should own this record, Ten Thousand Ways To Die is heavy, groovy and there isn’t any bullshit in it. The way metal should be!

The Thousand Ways To Die
Redneck Stomp (Live-The Mayan-Los Angeles)
Centuries OF Lies (Live-The Masquerade-Atlanta)
Visions In My Head (Live-Baltimore Soundstage-Baltimore)
Intoxicated (Live-Revolution Center-Boise)
Bloodsoaked (Live-Irving Plaza-New York)
Dying (Live-Metro-Chicago)
Find The Arise (Live-Opera House-Toronto)
Til Death (Live-House Of Blues-San Diego)
Don’t Care (Live-Club Red-Phoenix)
Chopped In Half (Live-The Ritz Ybor-Tampa)
Slowly We Rot (Live-Revolution Live-Fort Lauderdale)

John Tardy – Vocals
Donald Tardy – Drums
Trevor Peres – Guitar
Terry Butler – Bass
Kenny Andrews – Guitar

Gene A. Gaona

Wolvhammer North American Tours With Tombs, Abigail Williams Confirmed For The Fall Months

WOLVHAMMER has confirmed several new tours for the Fall season, including a previously-announced November US tour with Tombs, and now a subsequent North American East Coast trek with Abigail Williams.

From November 7th through the 26th, WOLVHAMMER will provide direct support for Tombs, that trek to begin in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and swing clockwise through the entire southern half of the country up the West Coast and back, ending in Dayton, Ohio on November 26th.

Immediately subsequent to the Tombs tour, it has just been confirmed that WOLVHAMMER will head back out on the road, this time joining their brethren in Abigail Williams, with Amiensus providing opening support. This run will take both bands to the East Coast US and into Canada with thirteen new dates announced for late November into mid-December. The first show takes place in Rochester on November 29th, followed by Portland, Somerville, Montreal, Syracuse, Manchester, Brooklyn, Clifton, Frederick, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Chicago, and Minneapolis through December 11th.

w/ Tombs:
11/07/2016 Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
11/08/2016 The Earl – Atlanta, GA
11/09/2016 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
11/10/2016 Rudyards – Houston, TX
11/11/2016 Barracuda – Austin, TX
11/12/2016 Three Links – Dallas, TX
11/13/2016 Korova – downstairs – San Antonio, TX
11/15/2016 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
11/16/2016 Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ
11/17/2016 Complex – Los Angeles, CA
11/18/2016 The Merrow – San Diego, CA
11/20/2016 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
11/22/2016 Metro Bar – Salt Lake City, UT
11/25/2016 Kumas Corner – Indianapolis, IN
11/26/2016 Rockstar Pro Arena – Dayton, OH
w/ Abigail Williams, Amiensus:
11/29/2016 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
11/30/2016 TBA – Portland, ME
12/01/2016 ONCE – Somerville, MA
12/02/2016 Katakombes – Montreal, QC
12/03/2016 The Vault – Syracuse, NY
12/04/2016 Jewel – Manchester, NH
12/05/2016 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY
12/06/2016 Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
12/07/2016 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD
12/08/2016 The Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
12/09/2016 Hank’s Pub – Dayton, OH
12/10/2016 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
12/11/2016 The Cabooze – Minneapolis, MN