Interview with Tom Hunting of Exodus at Slims – San Francisco, California

Interview with Tom Hunting of Exodus at Slims – San Francisco, California
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Interview with Conner Bruce of Valensorrow

Valensorow is the musical story of an ancient gathering of heroes, and their adventures that lead them through time and space, land and sea, and their tales of immortal ascendence. Valensorow is the name of one of many afterlife dimensions, in which the heroes are sworn to protect with their new found immortality.

In this story there is no limit to the vastness of space and universal dimensional intertwining of adventures, leaving the stories infinitely expandable. The debut album “Neptus” focuses on the initial gathering of the heroes in Valensorow. The recetly released sophomore album “The Battle of Oak Mountain” is the first of 6 prequels that proceed that story, and go into great detail of how each hero found their ascendence to Valensorow.