Bobby Liebling of Pentagram interviewed by Todd Owens of Capital Chaos TV

Todd Owens of Capital Chaos TV chats with Bobby Liebling of Pentagram @ DNA Lounge – San Francisco, California 02/25/14

Pentagram is an American heavy metal band from Alexandria, Virginia, most famous as one of the pioneers of heavy metal (and the subgenre of doom metal in particular) alongside Black Sabbath. The band was prolific in the underground scene of the 1970s, producing many demos and rehearsal tapes, but did not release a full-length album until reforming in the early 1980s with an almost completely new lineup. Throughout the band’s history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well respected musicians in the local doom metal scene, with members spending time in other acts such as RavenThe ObsessedPlace of SkullsInternal VoidSpirit Caravan, among many others. (Wikipedia)

New video interview with Kevin & Brian of Sacramento’s Deadlands @ NAMM 2014

Interview with Kevin Rohr & Brian O’Connor @ NAMM 2014
Breaking out on the worldwide music scene, is Sacramento, California’s Heavy Metal act DEADLANDS. As professional musicians and seasoned performers, DEADLANDS delivers full force with a heavy energetic musical approach in its song writing and live performances. They unleash killer hooks with heavy dynamic vocals, attacking guitar riffs, epic solos, catchy lyrics, driving drums and intricate bass lines that combine heavy, thrash, groove, and speed metal with shredding hard rock overtones.

They have received great reviews and high praise for their music and live performances from fans, concert promoters and Media sources worldwide.
Currently, DEADLANDS finished their debut full length CD “Evilution” and signed a worldwide record deal with Massacre Records. “Evilution” released on February 22, 2013 and features guest solo appearances by legendary Heavy Metal guitarists: Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate), Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Claudeous Creamer (Dragonlord), Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond), Glen Alvelais (Forbidden/Testament/HateFX), and Steve Smyth (Nevermore/Forbidden). “Evilution” was mixed and mastered by DEADLANDS and Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament) at Trident Studios. Video for the song “Deadlands” shot by director Mike Sloat (Testament, Machinehead). Album artwork by Erick Zombie.

New video interview Lizzy of Lizzy Borden

Tofd Owens of Capital Chaos TV chats with Lizzy of Lizzy Borden @ NAMM 2014

Lizzy Borden is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. To this date the band has hit the top 100 in the USA 4 times.Lizzy Borden is also the name of the band’s lead vocalist.

The band was founded in 1983 by brothers Lizzy Borden (Gregory Charles Harges[2]) and Joey Scott Harges. The band got noticed after their song “Rod Of Iron” featured on Metal Blade Records Metal Massacre IV compilation LP. The band signed to Metal Blade in 1984 and released their debut EP “Give ‘Em The Axe” in May of the same year.[3] The band is named after the notorious Lizzie Borden, a woman accused and acquitted of murder in the late 19th century.

In 2013, Lizzy Borden premiered their new tour “30 years of American metal” show created from the ground up at the 70000 Tons of Metal, followed by a string of North American shows and European Festivals, including the Swedish Festival Skogsrojet.

The band has spent the last few years working on the follow up to their 2007 album “Appointment With Death”.

On January 1, 2014, guitarist Dario Lorina left the band after joining American heavy metal band Black Label Society. Wikipedia

Interview with Big B

Amb Pirate had the opportunity to sit down with Suburban Noize recording artist Big B @ his recent appearance at Sacramento’s Assembly Music Hall  November 29, 2013

Amb Pirate: The new album “Fools Gold” where you have came into your own, you’ve evolved and you’ve done collaborations with artists like Dirty HeadsSlightly Stoopid and Pink, looking back now that it’s been out a couple months, is there anything at all you would want to change?

Big B: I want more time. There’s a few people; I’ve got a song with Mickey Avalon that didn’t make it on the album, I wish I would’ve put it on there. Besides that there’s not too much I would like to change. I always want more time. My happy spot’s in the studio so I mean this is cool but you gotta work for it, like its so much work to come up here and the people have a great time, but it’s not what people think sometimes.  You can go in there and there’s not a thousand people, but then we have shows in certain areas that do, but it’s a lot of work. Touring for me is getting to where I’m like ahhhhh, but I don’t have a choice cause I love it. Then I get home and I start fucking getting in trouble again so I gotta go back on the road. People think it’s the other way around. You go home and stay outta trouble. But just more time, that’s it.

A: Let’s talk a little bit about Pink; I know Carey Hart is one of your best friends. So being that you are a dad of little girls, what are you doing to monitor the music that they’re listening to? Who are they influenced by right now?

Big B: Music it’s a weird thing cause you can’t be a hypocrite cause I’ve corrupted so many little kids, I’m a youth corrupter for sure. So for me to come back and say you can’t do this would be kinda weird. I always hope they have good taste in music. My oldest daughter plays drums and she like’s a little different music than her sister but the youngest one, I think cause I spend so much time with her, she likes Jack JohnsonBob Marley, Pennywise. I don’t really try to regulate what their listening to. I mean I don’t want em listening to some of the rap, just too much out there. I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to police my kids cause they’re gonna do it anyways, they’re gonna listen to it. So if I’m like “Don’t do that, if I see it again” and all that means is you won’t see it again so I can’t be a hypocrite.

A: Since being on Inked, are you a still a fan of reality based tattoo shows?

Big B: You know Inked’s a weird weird thing, it’s like scripted reality. I played Carey’s assistant on the show and that’s not even really my thing. I’ve been working side by side with him since the beginning, but we needed to build these characters. I just know how fake the shows are, like you can’t really draw fake tattoos on people and act like their cover-ups, when their not real. Hats off to anyone who can make a buck and do that, but reality TV is like scripted reality. Like I’m great friends with the Pawn Star guys, but life’s not that interesting. All of these shows need to have excitement, and can you imagine a regular movie would be so boring if it was like real stuff? I’m not a big fan of it, I respect it, it’s a hustle. Whatever you gotta do to make a buck and I enjoyed what we did for two seasons, it helped me out a lot. Not musically, but I’ve gone to the airport and old ladies were nice to me, they think I was gonna steal their purse cause they saw me on TV. So that’s good (laughter).

A: So do you tattoo?

Big B: No. I hate blood, I just don’t like grabbing on people and you gotta deal with the sweat and stuff. I am covered in it, but no I don’t tattoo. I help run the shop when I’m home in Vegas, take care of the shop and do whatever we gotta do to keep it going. We’re in the process of franchising right now so we gotta a lot of work to do. We have three and we’re trying to have six by 2014. Then I can retire.

A: I understand that you are a fan of Harleys, classic cars and graffiti. What is your dream classic car?

Big B: I’ve already had it, a 48 Sedan. I’ve had over almost 50 cars, I’m a car junkie, I buy em and sell em. I love the sedan; it’s my favorite out of all cars. All the Cadillac’s, but ya that’s my car.

A: In your travels, what have you seen as far as the best town or city to see some real sick graffiti?

Big B: You can do the normal like New York or Boston but then there’s odd ones that you wouldn’t think like Denver. New Mexico has tons of artists. I like all those places. Midwest not so much but there’s a lot of cool places. And then over sea’s like Japan are starting to get big.

A: Being that are you on tour constantly and away from your family, what do you do on that day that you’re just “not feeling it” because you don’t have the type of job where you can call in sick?

Big B: Drugs. (laughter) For me I just get in the game, that’s the one bad part for me, is there is no down time, being able to take it off. These guys will tell you I’m the most moodiest guy. So I try to just take it back in and meditate. We go fishing; we do all kinds of stuff. The problem is you can’t really go to bars, we always work. And the days off we have, are the days off no one really wants to go out so the next thing you know, we’re with two 60 year old ladies in front of some bar, talking about “This is awesome”. And it’s the truth. And for us too, when we have to headline like this and everyone’s gone so it’s just time to leave. I like going on second or third.

A: With everything that you’ve done so far, the lives that you’ve touched and the records that you’ve made, what would you like to be most remembered for when they sit around and tell the tale of Big B?

Big B: Just being honest and real, putting it out there on the table and not hiding anything. Music is just hard; I’ve fluctuated so much, I’m never happy with what I do. That’s the thing with me. When I started out from what I used to be doing now, I didn’t want to leave a legacy of just that style. Even these guys get pissed and they hate me but they know I’m honest. I’m definitely an asshole but my true friends know that I’m loyal and I’ll be around.

A: So what do you have on your plate for 2014?

Big B: I’ve been doing a project with DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill, and Rome from Sublime, and we have this thing we’ve been doing. And then probably Slightly Stoopid still, we’re gonna go out in the spring. I just have so much music backlogged that I’m trying to step away from touring so much and start selling songs. I have a catalog, and everyone’s trying to sell stuff like Sugar Ray and different people. So I’m trying to sell music, stay home. I got a country record too I’ve been trying to put together. The studio is just the best place for me. Even like my style of writing is so simple, people they think out of the box and try to be so advanced and so intelligent but that’s not how human conversation is. So if you can write songs that people can relate to, and then other people are like “man, those are just dumbed down”.  Well guess what guy, that’s reality and that’s how people talk. Unless you’re in some booshie restaurant, using big words to impress each other.


For Big B, please check out these sites and go hear him perform at a town near you:

Interview with Mike Martin of All That Remains.



On Tuesday, November 21st, 2013, Brent got the chance to interview All That Remains guitarist, Mike Martin, when they rolled through Fresno with Asking Alexandria, Sevendust, Emmure & For Today.

Brent Rendino –  How have the tours been going?
Mike: Good, no complaints. It ends tomorrow so you’re catching us at the end, but it’s been good, really good shows. We’ve toured with Asking Alexandria like three times now so we already know those guys are great, so it’s been cool just to be around those dudes again.


BR: What are some of your favorite bands you’ve gone on the road with so far?
Mike: Probably Killswitch Engage, they’re just like our best friends from home so it’s basically like going on the road with extended family, ya know? And I live with Adam, so I’d definitely pick them first. Them and Unearth. Those would be the two bands, like, if we could tour with two bands all the time it’d probably be those guys. They’re our best friends.

BR: That’s great. I was checking on the internet, your last video you released had a contest? Can you tell me a little about the contest you guys had with that?
Mike: Oh, that was the Asking Too Much video? Okay.. Yeah, we have another video out now. But that one, I think that was an excuse for us to not have to shoot the video. That’s just being like hey, somebody else do it. There were a couple of people that did a really good job too, like really pro looking stuff, I was surprised. I didn’t think random submissions would look that professional but the top three I saw were really good.


BR: Yeah, I was checking out the new video. I like the concept behind that one.
Mike:Yeah, that was a real video shoot. We actually had to show up for that one.
BR:  It was something like you guys were off tour for a day or something…?
Mike:  Yeah, no it was. We didn’t even go home. Well, we went home for the last show and the next day was the shoot. It was like an extension of the tour, we were pretty tired.
BR:What do you like to do to relax when you’re not on tour?
Mike: Uuuuuhhhh….god, just sit around and do nothing. There’s Jason.
Jason Costa (All That Remains drummer) Oh, is this an interview?
Linda Rendino: Come join us, the more the merrier.
Jason: Yeah, I can’t hear any questions today.
Mike: Jason’s ears are blocked today. He can’t hear anything.

Jason:  Hi. My ears are totally blocked today. I can’t hear a word you’re saying.
Mike: He’s got a head cold and his ears are blocked, so….
Jason: Yeah, we had to drive from Vegas to here which is up and down. I feel like I’m underwater. It’s pretty cool.
BR: I was just talking to him [Mike] before the interview and he was like, yeah I was expecting it to be warm in California and it’s cold as hell out here today.
Mike: Yeah, it sucks.
Jason: Yeah.
Mike: <Laughs>
Jason: We got lucky this year, it didn’t get cold as fast as it usually does. This is actually a little bit warmer.
Mike: This is ridiculous, this feels like Chicago.
All: <Laughs>
Linda: It’s not freezing, you guys are all whiners.
Jason: Alright man, guess I’ll see ya. <Leaves>
BR: How about the new album, how’s that going?
Mike: Great! First single was our first number one song on the radio. That was kinda cool. Been on tour all year and people are responding really well to everything. We’ve been lucky to get a bunch of really cool tours. A lot of variety of bands that have been on tour too.
LR: All That Remains is the best band ever.
Mike: What was that?
Linda: All That Remains is the best band ever.
Mike: >Laughs< I can’t say that, I would just look like a dick.
All: >Laughs<
Linda: Yeah you can, it’s okay.
Mike: But yeah, it’s been a good year. Things have been going great, we’ve been really lucky.
BR: Do you have a pre-ritual to relax before a show?
Mike: Nah…nah. Everyone just kind of sits around. Jason, he does the power hour thing. Like an hour before we go on he likes to drink…, he drinks.
Linda: Wait, we’re hanging over here.
Mike: Yeah, we’ll let you know. We go on at nine, so if you come by at like eight, it’s power hour time.
Linda: Oh, we’re here for power hour.
Mike: Uhm..yeah, he just drinks and we kinda just sit around and all just basically act like jackasses. Sometimes we put on music, not often though. There’s not a lot of rituals.
Linda: But being jackasses, isn’t that just part of life?
Mike: We’ve been doing it all day. We have nothing to today so all of us have just been sitting up there acting like idiots.
Linda: Me and her grew up in the mountains on bikes doing redneck (unintelligible) doing the stupidest shit you can possibly do in life.
Mike: We were busting Jeanne earlier ’cause we were in Vegas on a day off last night and she’s completely still drunk from yesterday. So she rode on Asking Alexandria’s bus last night. She showed up today at like two PM just like.. >makes zombie face< Heeeeyyy…
Mike:So we were busting her a little bit, she’s all hung over.
Linda:  Just fix her another drink, she’ll be fine.
BR: I was reading that a lot of the guys in the band, you guys have different kinds of styles of music. What kind of styles of music do you listen to?
Mike: Everyone listens to a lot of different stuff. Oli is like really progressive, he loves power metal..Kind Diamond and a lot more progressive metal. I grew up listening to hair metal like Skid Row and Poison. Those are all still my favorite bands. Phil, I don’t know, Phil doesn’t even listen to music anymore. He’s just a weirdo. Jason only listens to Three Six Mafia. He literally doesn’t listen to anything else. And then Jeanne listens to literally everything in the world. I’ve never met a person who like more bands than Jeanne.
BR: That’s kind of how I am, I listen to everything.
Mike:  Well, when were on tour we get sick of being in shows and doing the show thing so all of of us go home and do other things. Jeanne goes home and goes to like six shows a week. Like every band that comes through, she’s at a show every single night. I have no idea how she does it. That’s how many bands she listens to. There’s literally a band she likes in town every single night almost…it seems.. Everybody’s got a whole different..nobody had anything in common in this band.
All: >Laughs<
Mike: It’s an interesting mixture.
BR: Well, we’ll cut this short. We know you’re waiting for your pizza.
Linda: And freezing.

Interview with Dave Silver and Stefano Selvatico of Savage Messiah @ NAMM Show 2014 – Anaheim, California

Savage Messiah was formed in London in 2007 out of a desire and dedication to creating 100% Heavy Metal music. The band consists of Dave Silver on lead guitar and vocals, Joff Bailey on lead guitar, Stefano Selvatico on bass and Andrea Gorio on drums.

The band have set “The Fateful Dark” as the title of their upcoming new album, due on March 10, 2014 in Europe via Earache Records and on March 18, 2014 in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records. The follow-up to 2012’s “Plague Of Conscience” was recorded at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, England with producer Scott Atkins (AMON AMARTHSYLOSISBEHEMOTH) and features artwork created by Peter Sallai (SABATON).

Comments SAVAGE MESSIAH frontman Dave Silver: “We’re finally ready to unleash this record on the world!

“After the months of hard work and preparation, we are proud to announce all the details for the forthcoming record.

“This is easily our best record to date and we’ve been playing most of it live since we toured with WINTERSUN in July and the reaction to the songs in a live environment has been killer!

“Hopefully you’ll all enjoy listening to this one, and we look forward to seeing you all out on tour in 2014!!!”

“The Fateful Dark” track listing:

01. Iconocaust
02. Minority Of One
03. Cross Of Babylon
04. Hellblazer
05. Live As One Already Dead
06. The Fateful Dark
07. Zero Hour
08. Hammered Down
09. Scavengers Of Mercy
10. The Cursed Earth
11. Be Quick Or Be Dead *
12. Lightning To The Nations *
13. Killers *

Earache webstore-/iTunes-exclusive bonus tracks

“The Fateful Dark” is available to pre-order now on iTunes, and includes three instant grat tracks, which will be available to download on the following dates:

December 11 – “Cross Of Babylon”
January 10 – “Minority Of One”
February 10 – “Hellblazer”

Interview with Andy Sneap of Sabbat & Steev Esquivel of Dedvolt @ NAMM Show 2014 – Anaheim, California

Interview with Andy Sneap of Sabbat & Steev Esquivel of Dedvolt @ NAMM Show 2014 – Anaheim, California