Wintersun “Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)” guitar play-through

Finnish epic metallers, Wintersun, have released a guitar play through video for “The Forest That Weeps (Summer)”, a track from their new album, The Forest Seasons, out on July 21st via Nuclear Blast.


“Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)”
Part I – The Dark Slumber
Part II – The Awakening
“The Forest That Weeps (Summer)”
“Eternal Darkness (Autumn)”
Part I – Haunting Darkness
Part II – The Call Of The Dark Dream
Part III – Beyond The Infinite Universe
Part IV – Death
“Loneliness (Winter)”

Watch Sacramento’s Niviane Perform A Full Set Of Power Metal

Sacramento, California-based power metal band, Niviane, performed at The Colony in Sacramento on July 2nd. Video of the band’s full performance is available for streaming below. Continue reading “Watch Sacramento’s Niviane Perform A Full Set Of Power Metal”

Broken Hope announce tour with Cattle Decapitation

With no room left in hell, Chicago’s Broken Hope will be heading back to UK shores this September as part of the bone-crushing deathgrind HELL ON EARTH TOUR 2017 package. The band will be joined by young guns Gloryhole Guillotine, Italian tech-heads Hideous Divinity and the grindin’ headliner, Cattle Decapitation.

Jeremy Wagner commented on the forthcoming dates, “It’s been a few years since we toured Europe–and BROKEN HOPE is more than excited to come back! And what an amazing way to return, especially with a sick and devastating tour package that has CATTLE DECAPITATION, BROKEN HOPE, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, and GLORYHOLE GUILLOTINE!!! We’re playing some cities we’ve never done before on this run and we look forward to mutilating your ears and minds! We have assembled quite the setlist for this European tour.  HUGE thanks to the CATTLE DECAPITATION guys and MAD TOUR BOOKING for having BROKEN HOPE this time! See you soon!” 

Here’s how the European / UK dates rack up (click links for tickets):
09/01 Weinheim, GER – Cafe Central
09/02 Amsterdam, NET – Melkweg
09/03 London, UK – Underworld
09/05 Glasgow, UK – G2
09/06 Bristol, UK – The Fleece/Bierkeller
09/07 Brussels, BEL – Magasin4
09/08 Torcy, FRA – Fall Of Summer
09/10 Geneva, SWI – L’usine
09/11 Innsbruck, AUT – Livestage
09/12 Brno, CZE – Melodka
09/13 Wien, AUT – Escape Metalcorner
09/14 Munchen, GER – Backstage
09/15 Aarburg, SWI – Musigburg
09/16 Brescia, ITA – Circolo Colony
09/17 Graz, AUT – Explosiv
09/20 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
09/21 Oberhausen, GER – Helvete Club
09/22 Magdeburg, GER – Factory
09/23 Flensburg, GER – Roxy
09/24 Berlin, GER – SO36

Further dates for the trek are pending.

The tour is in support of the band’s latest twelve track slasher, Mutilated And Assimilated, which was released on June 23rd via Century Media Records.

Jeff Salgado of Sacramento thrashers Psychosomatic talks new music and line up changes.

From the depths of Sacramento California the crossover thrash metal, punk rock band Psychosomatic was twisted into form in 1988. Spewing forth chaotic blasts of jackhammer style guitar picking on top of super tight speed drumming, ripping fast bass guitar lines and ferocious vocals, spitting out lyrical topics ranging from anti-establishment social issues to horror and insanity. Lead singer/bassist Jeff Salgado took some time out of his busy work out schedule to answer some very important questions for us.
How did you first get in to music? Who turned you onto rock/metal?
I was 8 years old in 1978.  My uncle John.  He had these weird posters all over his room.  Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden.   Those images drew me in like a magnet & the music was irresistible.
How did you become a singer or guitarist and are you proficient in any other instruments?
I just listened to bands and wanted to emulate their styles.  My grandfather gave me an acoustic guitar when I was a kid. I still have it.   I tried to be a singer in a heavy metal band when I was 15 (1985).  I sucked. It lasted about a week. I started hanging out with  some local punk rockers & skaters and we started a band.  The music was easier to play.  I started playing bass guitar because nobody else wanted to. I taught myself.
Were you forced to go to church as a youth, if so were you an altar boy or participate in some other ways?
I was forced to go to church……Catholic church.  I remember looking at all these gory pictures of a guy nailed to a cross and everyone was bowing down in front of.   I always wanted to snatch some cash out of the basket being passed around.   Guilt was a big part of it.  I read the bible.  I was in constant trouble.   It all seemed like total bullshit from the beginning. I felt it in my gut. I went to Catechism after school.  I hated that too.
What was the local scene in like in the beginning , was there a particular band you aspired to be like, favorite local bands back then, favorite local bands now? 
Growing up in Salinas had zero scene.  My friends and I would caravan every weekend 2 hours north to the Bay area in the mid 80s.  We used to go to shows at The Farm, On Broadway, The Stone & Mabuhay Gardens in SF.  924 Gilman St Project in Berkeley & The Omni in Oakland.  We couldn’t get enough of them.  I saw Thrasher Magazine’s Skate Rock show at the Farm in 86.  I’d made up my mind that that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I moved to Sac in 98. Firepie ushered us into the downtown scene.  We buddied up with the Nitz and the Diseptikons.   Sac was a hard town to crack at first.  We just kept at it till we were noticed.
Who are your biggest musical influences? 
As far as bass guitar I was a huge Steve Harris fan.   As far as song writing, Slayer & DRI.
How would you best describe your sound?
80’s thrash metal and hardcore punk whipped into a blender with some crack cocaine added for extra flavor.
How did the band meet and how long did it take to finalize this lineup? How many other musicians did you try out that didn’t make the cut? How stable is the current lineup?
Musical chairs lol.  It started as friends.  Then pieces left and were replaced.  For the longest period it was Toby Swope & Justin Reyes.   Justin left and we became a four piece.   Dan Mills basically replaced Justin’s spot & We had a couple of other guys in the band…Vince Cassinelli from Human Obliteration & Joel Barera from Wastewalker.   Toby Swope our drummer wanted to switch to guitar on the last album so his little brother Jared Klein played drums.   We did a couple US tours with that lineup & it was the tightest.   Jared now plays in Rivers of Nihl & Toby is back on drums.  The current line up is Toby Swope on Drums, Dan Mills on Guitar & myself Bass & vocals.  We are currently looking for a second guitarist.
You most recent record Clicking Sound Of Hammer Pulled Back came out 2015, how did the writing process and recording process differ from your last album Another Disease? What kind of obstacles did you have to overcome to get it out?
Toby wrote most of the album as he did on Another Disease. I would arrange the chords to fit the vocal patterns and wrote a couple songs.  Dan and Joel wrote their own leads.   On “Clicking” we intentionally wrote it to be a classic thrash album.  All the songs having a relatively same style that flowed throughout the entire record.   A Reign in Blood style album that was consistent unlike Another Disease that was different from track to track.   We recorded it the same as Another Disease at Pus Cavern by Joe Johnston in Sac.  Toby laid down the drums and rhythm guitar tracks.  Dan and Joel recorded their leads & I did the bass and vocal tracks.   Pretty simple.
How soon can we expect new Psychosomatic music. Will it be a continuation of the first album. Will you be releasing it on cassette and vinyl. Do you own a cassette player, are cassettes silly? Will it be released by BuriedInHell Records. What has BuriedInHell Records done for you that you couldn’t do yourself? Will you be recording cover songs for the new album?
We’re currently writing the new album. I wrote all our albums before Another Disease which were “Tales of the Unbelievably Cheap, Salinas Years & The Unquenchable Thirst” so I’m back on writing duties again. Feels good.   I’m challenging myself. Toby and myself have very similar styles but this one will have a different feel to it. We don’t know if there will be a cover song on it.  We’ve always been asked about vinyl & but I have no clue if it will be on it. Cassettes are ok I guess? More of a novelty. Buriedinhell Records was just a one album deal. Kenny’s an amazing friend & promoter who worked his ass off for years in the Sac underground scene.
What other bands are you guys in?
Currently none. I attempted to do a side project with the guys from Deadlands called “Dust Devil”.  It had a lot of potential.  But Psychosomatic is a demanding project that allows little time for other things.  So it didn’t work out.
What was the first music you bought and what have you bought more than once?
Everything that had an Iron Maiden logo on it.  Anything Thrash Metal or 80’s style punk.   I also listen to a lot of industial & 80s EDM. I would sometimes buy some remastered version of some bands I liked.
Do you follow President Trump on Twitter?
Whats the biggest show you have played so far and do you still get nervous before a gig?
Tidal Wave festival w Exodus, Hirax, Attitude Adjustment & Havok in SF. 2500 in attendance.  Shit was amazing,
I haven’t been nervous before a show in decades.  But I still love it very much.
Out of all your songs which one gets you excited the most when you perform it? Are there any political or social issues hidden in Psychosomatic songs?
Our songs can be physically demanding so my favorite is Everybody Hates Me. Hahahaha. It’s super easy. There’s nothing hidden in our lyrics. We’re blatantly anti establishment.
What endorsements do you have and what endorsements do you still want? What gear are you currently using, amps, effects, guitars?
I never tried to get endorsed.   I should look into that lol!!!!  I use multiple Ibanez BTB series bass guitars.  SWR x750 pro rigs with 4X10 Goliiath & a 15″ Son if Bertha with a 300 watt Sans Amp rack mount.   Thrash as it gets.
Bands you would love to tour with and musician or artist you would like to meet and interrogate?
Havok. We did and I have. Hahahaha
Song to be played at your funeral and 3 albums to take to your grave?
Hmmmmm. These are weird questions.  AC/DC.  Highway to hell.   I wanna be cremated.
Whats your next gig?
Summerfest in Watsonville, CA with Thy Antichrist. It’s July 15th. 2 weeks away.   
Final thoughts, shout outs, dirty jokes?
I really appreciate everything Capital Chaos TV has done for the Northern California metal scene and I’m honored you interviewed me.   See you all very soon when the album drops. Keep Thrashing \m/

PAIN announces North American tour dates with Orphaned Land

PAIN, the Swedish industrial-metal force led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, LINDEMANN), will make their first ever North American appearance this upcoming September.

Comments Tägtgren:
“Painheads of America and Canada! We’re happy to finally be doing a North American tour together with Orphaned Land. Be there or be square. It might be the only chance to see Pain on this continent!”

The band will be touring in support of their latest record, Coming Home, which was released last year via Nuclear Blast. Confirmed tour dates, which includes a performance at the Prog Power festival, are as follows:

09/09/17              Atlanta, GA         Prog Power USA

09/10/17              Frederick, MD – Cafe 611
09/11/17              New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/12/17              Montreal, QC – Katacombes
09/13/17              Toronto, ON – Garrison
09/15/17              Chicago, IL – Wire
09/18/17              Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
09/20/17              Oakland, CA – Metro Opera House
09/21/17              Los Angeles, CA – Whisky

Order Coming Home via the Nuclear Blast web shop HEREiTunes HERE or Amazon HERE.

When Peter Tägtgren is ascending from the depths of his legendary Abyss Studio to take the microphone, a little musical revolution is inevitable. Because what else would you expect from HYPOCRISY’s death metal veteran, who not only plays industrial metal with PAIN, but is considered to be one of the most influential producers in the metal scene (Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Sabaton etc.), and recently launched his controversial project Lindemann in partnership with RAMMSTEIN’s frontman Till Lindemann.

Since the beginning of his career in the early ’90s, Tägtgren has enjoyed diving into the extreme and has grown to be an untamable force. But this is exactly what makes him so fascinating. Taboos, creative stagnation, or genre boundaries have never existed in the world of the forty-six-year-old mastermind. And, of course, Peter Tägtgrenwandered the same unexplored paths when the time came to forge Coming Home, the eighth studio release of the industrial institution PAIN.

Watch Product Of Hate Perform A Full Set In Sacramento, California

Product Of Hate and IKILLYA are currently on the 2017 Summer Annihilation Tour, making their way across the U.S. through July. Below is video of their entire recent Sacramento, California performance. Remaining dates are as follows…

7.1: Boise, ID @ The Shredder
7.4: Denver, CO @ Herman’s Hideaway
7.8: Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub
7.9: Lafayette, IN @ The Doom Room
7.15: Buffalo, NY @ Stamps

Born in 2007 in Southeastern Wisconsin, and hailed as “One of 12 Bands to Watch in 2016” by Metal Hammer, Product Of Hate’s debut album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE, hit #9 on the Billboard Heatseekers – East North Central Chart and was the #3 most added at metal radio the week prior to release as the first single, “Monster,” enjoyed heavy rotation on SiriusXM Liquid Metal. With the release of the video for “Revolution of Destruction,” Buried In Violence has spawned five official music videos, including “Kill. You. Now.,” “Monster,” “Blood Coated Concrete,” and “Unholy Manipulator,” in addition to both a lyric video and “Tour Edition” live video for “…As Your Kingdom Falls,” bringing the total clips from the album to seven.

Touring activities for Buried In Violence have seen Product Of Hate on the road with the likes of Allegaeon, Napalm Records labelmates The Agonist and Hammer Fight, in addition to a run with Mushroomhead, Sumo Cyco and Madame Mayhem.

Buried In Violence was recorded and engineered by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios in Zion, Illinois, with mixing and mastering handled by James Murphy (Death, Testament, Obituary) at SafeHouse Production in Florida.

Product Of Hate’s album-closing cover version of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Perry Mason” was declared one of the “Best of 2016” in SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s New Year’s Corridor of Covers to kick-off 2017.


Warbeast to release their long-waited new full-length, Enter The Arena

Texas metal titans Warbeast will release their long-waited new full-length, Enter The Arena, this August via Philip H. Anselmo’s own Housecore Records. Captured at Anselmo’s Nodferatu’s Lair, mixed by Mike Thompson at the Riff Factory and mastered by Lee Russell, Enter The Arena features newest Warbeast recruits, guitarist Drew Shoup and bassist Lyric Ferchaud, and stands among band’s most potent, volatile, and unrepentantly powerful offering yet.
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“We recorded Enter The Arena exactly a decade after we formed Warbeast,” notes vocalist Bruce Corbitt. “The nucleus and founding members of this band [guitarist Scott Shelby, drummer Joey Gonzalez, and Corbitt] provided the essential veteran leadership that was vital for us to reach our goal of creating our magnum opus. The three of us also contributed our unique individual styles to guarantee that we still sound like Warbeast. But with the addition of our two newest members – guitarist Drew Shoup and bassist Lyric Ferchaud – who I call the ‘Youngbloods,’ it was like adding a breath-of-fresh-air to our chemistry. We definitely sound like a well-oiled-machine on this album. So get prepared for the upcoming onslaught of pure, fresh and quintessential Texas thrash!”

Enter The Arena is Warbeast at its finest in performance, writing and tone quality,” adds Shelby. “I’m confident that it will please any rivethead out there! I believe it’s mine and our best work to date.”

Enter The Arena will see release on August 4th. CD preorder bundles are currently available at THIS LOCATION. Vinyl preorder bundles are available HERE.

The release of WARBEAST’s Enter The Arena follows Corbitt’s recent and tragic announcement that he’s been diagnosed with esophageal cancer — a treatable though rarely curable disease – facing the likelihood that he will never be able to sing again.

In a recent Facebook message to fans, Corbitt revealed, “After much discussion with the doctors and specialist, they’ve told me there’s no chance within any reasonable time that I’ll ever be able to perform again. So it breaks my heart at this time that I’m forced to announce my retirement from singing. I’m sorry to all of my bandmates for letting them down. I’m devastated with all of this hitting me so fast. I’m still in shock. Thanks for all of the great support all these years,” he continues. “You’re the best fans and I love all of you! We at least have a great WARBEAST album and music video coming soon. I can’t even begin to explain my feelings. You guys have given me the strength I need to even prepare for this fight. Honestly, I was close to losing hope that there was any good to come out of this. Of course, I’m scared for my life like any normal human being would be. Those moments when I can get on Facebook and scroll through all of your messages, the emotion takes over. I cry, I get stronger, I also realize what all of you mean to me. I do believe in the power prayer and positive vibes. And I have all of you to thank for that.”