‘hand of fire niviane’

Capital Chaos TV, TMI Collaborations & ZODD present Hand of Fire (Rottweiler Records) HAND OF FIRE erupted out of the East Bay Area in 2015. From Concord, Ca, four men have forged a new sound of metal that is sharper than a double edged sword. With each member being a seasoned veteran of the metal music scene, HAND OF FIRE has delivered an upper cut punch to the East Bay that the metal scene has been yearning for. Mesmerizing and fresh with a message of hope, their chaotic live show will bring you to your knees. ****************************************************** Niviane Niviane (pronounced nih-vy-anne) an American power metal band hailing from Sacramento, California originally formed in the fall of 2014. Guitarists Mark Miner & Claudeous Creamer along with bassist Rick Stallkamp created the core sound by melding together their collective influences of classic staple heavy metal acts as well as many modern European styles to produce what has been branded “A new breed of American Power Metal”. ******************************************************* Arsa (Band) The olden days cry out They whisper of the ancient rights, Forgotten ways of forgotten men History and legend have forgotten thier names, Yet from the ancient fires The warrior bards have risen, With songs and swords They conquer this new realm of men, Who will join us? Who will stand with us? Rise from the darkness Bring back the ancient ways, Usher forth the age of Arsa Adam Miskic – Vocals Jason Grafton – Guitar Searching for – Bass Thomas Belfiore – Guitar Mike Brown – Drums *************************************************** 21 & over…full bar…pool tables….free wifi….$10…..doors open 5pm

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