Watch The New Music Video From Incantation

Vertigo-inducing death metal overlords INCANTATION have dropped a festering and fetid new song, ‘Lus Sepulcri’, in the form of a dark and foreboding lyric video streaming exclusively at Loudwire.

The song is taken from their forthcoming 10th full-length album, entitled Profane Nexus. The album hits streets on August 11th via Relapse Records.

In addition, the scheduling for INCANTATION’s upcoming tour with Swedish black metallers MARDUK has been announced. See the full-listing of dates and venues below.

18 – Los Angeles, CA – Union
20 – San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
22 – SanAntonio, TX – Korova
23 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey
24 – Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
25 – Joliet, IL – The Forge
26 – Detroit, MI – Harpo’s
27 – Reading, PA – Reverb
28 – Frederick, MD – Café 611
29 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
30 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
31 – Quebec City, QC – Salle Multi

1 – Ottawa, ON – Maverick’s
2 – Toronto, ON – The Garrison
3 – Rouyn-Noranda, QC – Petit Théätre

Sacramento’s Heat Of Damage Interviewed

Heat Of Damage is a hard rock/metal band, based in Sacramento, CA. The band members consist of Julian Bohland (Drums), Jared Easter (Bass/Hardcore Vocals), David Haug (Lead Vocals), and Nick Lassalette (Lead Guitar). Check them out on their official website, or on social media sites to stay up-to-date on all of the things coming your way!

How did you first get into music? Who turned you onto rock/metal?
.Nick: “The first band that made me want to pursue working with other musicians was The Beatles. Getting into heavy metal was definitely a gradual process. It started with the classics such as Sabbath, Metallica and others. At this point in time, heavy metal consumes a huge majority of my life.”

.Julian: “I grew up around a lot of shitty auto-tune rap in the 2000s thanks to my two old sisters. After I realized a lot of them don’t have talent I came across the Left Behind Interview by Slipknot and from that moment I was utterly fascinated by the aggressive sound of heavy metal.”

.David: “I was 10 years old when ‘Cyanide,’ a new song by Metallica at the time, came on the radio. It hit me like a ton of bricks that Metal was my kind of music. However I didn’t realize how much I wanted to play music until I saw Iron Maiden live a few years later and they absolutely blew me away.”

Were you forced to go to church as kids and did you participate, sing in choir, altar boys?

.David: “My family never made me go to church as a kid, however Julian and I sang in Folsom Lake College’s Choir in our first year of college. As antithetical as choir sounds for metal musicians, the constant training and difficult pieces tremendously helped our vocals.”

How did you become a vocalist, bassist, drummer, guitarist and are you proficient in any other instruments ?
.Nick: “The first time I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan i fell in love with the guitar. He is by far my main influence with my playing.”

.David: “I actually began my musical career as a guitar player. I considered myself Heat Of Damage’s temporary vocalist until we could find a permanent one, but overtime I became more confident in my vocals and now have embraced the role.”

What was the local scene in Sacramento like in the beginning? Was there a particular band you aspired to be like? Favorite local bands back then? Favorite local bands now?
.David: “When we first joined the Sacramento music scene, we were welcomed very quickly. We were happy to join a scene that had a sense of camaraderie among bands. At the time we were looking at groups such as A Mile Till Dawn and Fallrise, who at the time were established and solid bands in the area. It’s honestly hard to choose local bands who were/are ‘favorites’ of ours because we consider all of them friends. To put it simply, if a local band has shared the stage with us, they are our favorites!”


How would you best describe your sound?
.Nick: “ At this point in time we are definitely a metal band. However we do have a strong blend of hard rock and blues. We want each song to bring something different to the table.”

Is doing pre-sales the same thing as pay to play?
.David: “Entirely? No. In a sense? Yes. While pre-sales are not 100% pay-to-play because bands receive a cut of them afterwards as pay, they are still something that is owed to a venue before a band is permitted to take the stage. Unfortunately, I believe they result in bands being invited to venues not because of the quality of their shows or their appropriateness for a bill, but rather because they’ve managed to sell a lot of tickets in the past.”

What was the first music you bought and what have you bought more than once on different formats?
.Nick: “The first album I bought was Abbey Road and I bought it on CD. I still buy CDs to this day.”

.David: “My first album that I purchased with my own money as a kid was Iron Maiden’s ‘The Number of The Beast.’ In terms of multiple formats, I have Anthrax’s ‘Among The Living’ on vinyl, CD, and digital download.”

Whats the biggest show you have played so far and do you still get nervous before a gig?
.Nick: “Opening for Trivium was probably our biggest performance. It was great playing with such a successful and well respected band. And no, I never get nervous before a gig anymore. I look forward to every opportunity I get to do what I love.”

Is commercial rock radio dead and do you listen to any local radio shows?
.Nick: “I think rock radio and radio shows are an essential part of keeping good music in the public consciousness. 98 Rock here in Sacramento is always a solid choice if you wanna listen to a great mix of quality music.”

Do you ever go on Blabbermouth or other music news sites and argue your opinions with strangers in the comments section?
.David: “We’re big fans of Blabbermouth and similar media sites that highlight metal music, but to my knowledge none of us have gotten into comment wars with anyone. No one would ever win a debate with me about anything Iron Maiden-related though. Fact.”

How have the recent suicides of famous musicians affected you and do you have a theory on them?
.David: “These musicians, namely Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington as of late, are people we look up to, so their suicides are heartbreaking to us. Artists are complex people, and with complexity comes fragility, so while the strong passion they bring to their music and the stage is incredibly positive, it’s just as possible for those powerful emotions to become very negative.”

When can we expect some new recorded music and what is your writing process like?
.Nick: “We just released a new single entitled “The Gift” and a music video for that track will be out soon. We’re going to be recording a new record that should be out in 2018.”

Out of all your songs which one touches you the most when you perform it?
.Nick: “One of our new songs called “Guardian Angel” is a very emotional song and it always hits me in my soft spot when we play it.”

Are there any political or social issues hidden in Heat Of Damage songs ?
.David: “All of us in the band are very political, but in the interest of not alienating potential fans we choose not to take obvious left or right stances in our music. However, social issues we’ve touched on for example are corruption in ‘The Greeding Party’ and abuse of power in ‘Veil Of Authority’.”

Where do you see the band in 5 years?
.Nick: “I want to see the band touring regularly for sure and of course growing our fan base further and further out. I never want to stop growing as a band.”

What endorsements do you have and what endorsements do you still want?
.Nick: “I play Schecter guitars currently and an endorsement deal with them would be simply amazing.”
.David: “Sennheiser microphones have transformed the live sound of my vocals. I would be incredibly proud to represent their product as a sponsored artist.”

Bands you would love to tour with and musician or artist you would like to meet and interrogate?
.Nick: “There are so many bands I’d love to tour with. Trivium, Gojira, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, just to name a few.”
.David: “I want to meet as many of rock and metal’s great frontmen as possible. I want to learn from the best how to engage a crowd and make them happy!”

Song to be played at your funeral and 3 albums to take to your grave or cremation?
.Nick: “Lenny” is the song I want played at my funeral. It is my favorite song ever written. If I had to pick three albums to take to the grave, they’d have to be The White Album by The Beatles, From Mars to Sirius by Gojira, and Flower Boy by Tyler the Creator.”
.David: “When I die, I want Jimi Hendrix’s ‘May This Be Love’ to be played at my funeral. It’s such a peaceful song with a gorgeous guitar solo, and it’s not a typical sad funeral-appropriate song.”

What does the rest of 2017 look like for Heat Of Damage?
.David: “We will spend the rest of this year playing shows and finishing our second record. Ideally we end the year with strong momentum from successful shows and use that to push the release of the record early next year.”

Final thoughts, shout outs, dirty jokes?
.Nick: “Clean your sponges. They accumulate bacteria.”

.David: “What do a Rubik’s Cube and a Penis have in common? The longer you play with it, the harder it gets. Also shout out to Rockstar Lime Freeze energy drink for existing and tasting amazing.”

MARTY FRIEDMAN Reveals Cinematic New Music Video for “Whiteworm”

Pioneer of exotic guitar MARTY FRIEDMAN will release his scorching full-length opus, Wall Of Sound, this Friday via Prosthetic Records. Today, Marty begins his U.S. headline tour with support from Houston’s top progressive outfit, Scale the Summit, along with Madison, WI’s incendiary power trio, The Fine Constant.

In conjunction with the tour kick off and impending album release, MARTY FRIEDMAN is pleased to reveal his new music video for the single “Whiteworm”, which through cinematic segments depict the aggressive yet uplifting flow of the track.

Marty says: “The “Whiteworm” video has a definite “real world” Japanese look, but not the over the top “exported Japanese look” that many people are familiar with when they see Japan related content. It was directed by top class Japanese music video director Junya Masuyama, who has done hit videos with superstars of every genre of Japanese music.

Once again, MARTY FRIEDMAN assembled an incredible and diverse group of musicians to record and guest on Wall Of Sound. His core recording band is made up of Anup Sastry, a modern whiz kid sharing drum duties with uber-veteran Gregg Bissonette, and Japanese musician Kiyoshi – who is undisputedly one of the most aggressive bassists on earth. Guests include Jinxx of Black Veil Brides and Shiv Mehra of Deafheaven, and Jorgen Munkeby of Shining lends his voice to the only non-instrumental track on the album.
Wall Of Sound track listing:
1. Self Pollution
2. Sorrow and Madness (featuring Jinxx of Black Veil Brides)
3. Streetlight
4. Whiteworm
5. For A Friend
6. Pussy Ghost (featuring Shiv Mehra of Deafheaven)
7. The Blackest Rose
8. Something to Fight (featuring Jorgen Munkeby of Shining)
9. The Soldier
10. Miracle
11. Last Lament
MARTY FRIEDMAN – Wall Of Sound Tour Dates:
w/ Special Guests Scale The Summit and The Fine Constant
8/02 The Foundry at the Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA
8/03 Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA
8/04 Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
8/05 Crossroads, Garwood, NJ
8/06 Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD
8/08 Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
8/09 Diesel, Chesterfield, MI
8/10 Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL
8/11 Studio B at the Skyway, Minneapolis, MN
8/12 Sokol Underground, Omaha, NE
8/13 Fubar, St, Louis, MO
8/16 Scout Bar, Houston, TX
8/17 The Rock Box, San Antonio, TX
8/18 Trees, Dallas, TX
8/19 Tower Theater, Oklahoma, OK
8/20 The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO
8/23 Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO
8/24 Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM
8/25 The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, AZ
8/26 The Whisky, Los Angeles, CA
8/27 The Parish @ HOB, Anaheim, CA
8/28 Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA

Nick Poulos of Municipal Waste interviewed @ Warped Tour 2017

Richmond Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE, released their highly anticipated sixth album, Slime And Punishment, one month ago. Not only did the album debut on multiple Billboard charts, it also saw the highest first week sales for the band. In celebration, the band delivers a new music video in the form of the most epic rager.

Nick “Nikropolis” Poulos of Municipal Waste interviewed @ Warped Tour 08/04/2017 Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, CA

Directed by Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy, “Breathe Grease” is the epitome of all things you would expect from a MUNICIPAL WASTE party and then some. Watch the music video for “Breathe Grease” here.

Pick up Slime And Punishment in physical and digital formats.

Slime And Punishment is the first Waste album to be engineered by bassist Phil “Landphil” Hall atBlaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA. Mixing and mastering was completed by Bill Metoyer (SLAYERW.A.S.P., LIZZY BORDEN and DARK ANGEL) in Hollywood, CA.The band is currently touring the U.S. on the Van’s Warped Tour. With a handful of dates renaming, don’t miss your chance to catch the band live. Be sure to keep an eye on the their socials for info on special signing session opportunities. Remaining dates are listed below.
08/05/2017  Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego, CA
08/06/2017  Pomona Fairplex – Pomona, CA

European Festivals
08/12/2016  Bloodstock Open Air – Derby, UK

Internal Bleeding Announces New Drummer Following Bill Tolley’s Passing

On April 20th, Internal Bleeding drummer and veteran FDNY firefighter Bill Tolley passed away after falling five stories from a rooftop while battling a two-alarm apartment fire in Queens, New York. The tragedy touched family, friends, his bandmates, the city of New York, and the worldwide metal community. Many fans expressed concerns as to whether Internal Bleeding would continue. The band utilized the drum services of basher Kyle Eddy for their recent The Strike Of The Empire US tour with Vader and are pleased to welcome Eddy as a permanent member.
Internal Bleeding perform their smash hits @ Oakland Metro Operahouse, California 06/06/17 in the video below.
Issues the band in a collective statement, “Losing a beloved friend and band mate has been a traumatic event for us, and needless to say, the past few months have been a roller coaster of conflicting emotions. But, through it all, there was never a thought given to packing this band up and calling it quits. There was no doubt in our mind that Bill would want the band to continue. As a matter of fact, he spoke about it numerous times with us. In short, he always said, ‘the band needs to go on.’

We’re not quite sure how we managed, but we pulled off a full US tour with a fill-in drummer who only had a few weeks to practice and get the set down. That drummer was upstate New York native, and deathmetal veteran Kyle Eddy. He did an amazing job learning the music, getting the set down, and fit in perfectly with our personalities. We had a great time with him on tour, and it felt like he’d been in the band for years – that’s how comfortable we were with him.

Kyle is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is deeply dedicated to his craft and brings unrelenting enthusiasm and energy to the band. For those reasons — and many others — we have chosen him to become the new drummer for Internal Bleeding.

Longtime fans of the band may remember seeing a much younger Kyle bashing the skins for Internal Bleeding during our second Onward To Mecca tour. He did a superb job then, and we’re supremely confident that his skills will help propel the band to new heights. It’s always painful to move forward after a tragic loss, but it must be done. We’ve decided that Kyle should be our new drummer, and we think – scratch that – we know that Bill would be really happy about our choice. Please welcome him to the Internal Bleeding fold!”

Adds Eddy: “It’s a honor to be accepted into the Internal Bleeding family. Lookout everyone – we are driven to conquer all!”

Vocalist Danny Knight of Philadelphia’s Crown Of Earth Interviewed

American progressive, classic heavy metal influenced band, Crown Of Earth has exploded onto the Philadelphia music scene and has rapidly established a very strong fan base across the U.S. Continue reading “Vocalist Danny Knight of Philadelphia’s Crown Of Earth Interviewed”

Relapse Records Announces New Haemorrhage Album We Are The Gore

Relapse Records announces the new album from Haemorrhage, aptly titled We Are The Gore, for October release, issuing the album’s lead track “Nauseating Employments” for streaming.

Continue reading “Relapse Records Announces New Haemorrhage Album We Are The Gore”