Dischordia premiere “The Ruin” (ft. Black Crown Initiate’s James Dorton)

Oklahoma City based progressive death metal trio Dischordia still have a few weeks to go before their second full-length, Thanatopsis, drops on Friday, November 25th through Rogue Records America. In the interim, the band partnered with Heavy Brog Is Heavy today to premiere a blistering new track called “The Ruin”.

The song showcases a dynamic blend of influences and elements that bring to mind groups such as Ion Dissonance, Gorguts, Decapitated, and Meshuggah. It also features a plethora of beastly growls from none other than Black Crown Initiate vocalist James Dorton towards the tail end portion of the song.

Beartooth Announce ‘The American Nightmare Tour’ with Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath

Columbus, OH hard rock band Beartooth have announced they will be joining The American Nightmare Tour this spring, supporting Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath. The tour kicks off on March 10th in Houston, TX and keeps the band on the road until April 8th, wrapping up in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to the tour, Beartooth will be crossing the pond for a headlining tour in Europe throughout November and December with already SOLD OUT dates in Colonge, Berlin, Leipzig, and Leeds. Tickets go on sale Friday November 11th at 10am local time. A full list of dates can be found below.

Beartooth’s new album, Aggressive (Red Bull Records), debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Rock Chart earlier this summer. Alternative Press called it “a compelling statement for the validity of heavy rock music in 2016,” and Kerrang! declared “This is a record positively fueled by aggression, bolstered by its sense of injustice and raised high on an instinctual need to prove its heavyweight pedigree. The sound of a band showing their strength.”

“The American Nightmare Tour” dates:

Mar. 10 – Houston, TX – Revention Music Center
Mar. 11 – Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
Mar. 13 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
Mar. 14 – Detroit, MI – Masonic Temple Theatre
Mar. 17 – Montreal, QC – Stade Uniprix
Mar. 18 – Lowell, MA – Tsongas Center
Mar. 20 – New York, NY – Terminal 5
Mar. 22 – Philadelphia, PA – The Liacouras Center
Mar. 24 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
Mar. 27 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
Mar. 28 – Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank Theatre
Mar. 29 – Broomfield, CO – 1STBANK Center
Apr. 01 – Seattle, WA – Wamu Theater
Apr. 03 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre
Apr. 06 – Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Expo Hall
Apr. 07 – Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
Apr. 08 – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint


Hour Of Penance Announce New Album Due January 2017

Like clockwork, Italian death metallists’ Hour Of Penance are ready to release their seventh full length album, “Cast the First Stone”, through Prosthetic Records on January 27, 2017. The follow-up to 2014’s critically acclaimed effort “Regicide”, “Cast the First Stone” was recorded at Kick Recording Studio by bassist, Marco Mastrobuono. Hailed as “an authoritative force in extreme death metal” by Metal Sucks, Hour Of Penance is one of the most productive bands in the metal genre, releasing a album every two years. Artwork for the album, as seen above, was completed by Gyula Havancsak. 
Giulio Moschini, lead guitarist and songwriter goes into more detail on the album, “Sonically speaking , this is the best sounding album we’ve ever recorded. We really worked hard on this, listening to the album countless times before finally delivering the masters to Prosthetic Records. It was definitely worth the wait and we’re 100% satisfied by the great work Marco has done behind the mixing desk. We’ve literally spent weeks trying different mic techniques, hardware and preamps;  all trying to avoid plug-in technologies as much as we could. We wanted our album to sound more dynamic and I think that we’ve achieved that 100%.
Regarding the concept of the album, vocalist Paolo Pieri says it revolves around the idea that the injustices suffered during the Crusades and Colonialism do not justify the chain of hate that propagandizes the destruction of the West. Pieri expands on this, “I believe that the political situation in recent years has brought to light again a millennial conflict between West and East. Events like the terrorist attack at the Bataclan, where we only played a few months before the massacre, have influenced the lyrics on this record very much. It does not matter who has thrown the first stone, but who first evolved his ideology to seek peace and coexistence instead of war to the bitter end.”
The official track listing is as follows:
1.       XXI Century Imperial Crusade
2.       Cast the First Stone
3.       Burning Bright
4.       Iron Fist
5.       The Chains of Misdeed
6.       Horn of Flies
7.       Shroud of Ashes
8.       Wall of Cohorts
9.       Damnatio Memoriae
Since releasing 2012’s acclaimed “Sedition”, which Decibel lauded as a “hyper-blasting, inhuman, machine-like attack,” HOUR OF PENANCE has annihilated fans worldwide with its fiery exuberance, playing well over 200 gigs alongside such acts as Behemoth, Skeletonwitch, Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Devildriver, Psycroptic, Misery Index, Deicide, Belphegor, Nile and Krisiun.

Daniel aka. White Devil of Die Young Interviewed

Die Young who hail from the longhorn state of Texas are a hardcore band that formed sometime in 2002. In the course of being banned from Canada–twice and  denied entrance into Romania have managed to release ten slabs in various forms be it full length CDs and 7 inch splits with the likes of Invade and Generations. With a new full length “No Illusions” on Good Fight Entertainment, the storm no longer awaits.


It’s Gene with Capital Chaos TV.

I’m Daniel, and I sing on stage, but generally I am the riff-writer and rhythm guitarist in the studio, too.

What got you started in music and how old were you?

I’d say the roots of my inspiration in rock music were in 4th or 5th grade, when I started listening to popular alternative bands on the radio then. Stuff like The Offspring (when Smash came out), Pearl Jam (Vs. album), Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream), Nirvana (Nevermind and In Utero) and Alice in Chains (Dirt). I remember those were all big albums for me at that age, and they were my inspiration to want to start playing guitar. I remember I asked my dad for a guitar on my 11th birthday. He got me a Peavey Predator ha ha. Soon after I was getting into Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, White Zombie, all that. Then even Machine Head, Sepultura, a lot of 90s Roadrunner Records metal bands, and I started to try to learn how to play everything I could, but I’d say I mainly started learning to play Metallica songs. It was another 8 years or so before I’d even attempt to be the vocalist of a band. My roots always came from playing guitar.

Biggest musical influences?

For sure it’d have to be Metallica as a kid. They were the biggest inspiration on guitar. When you’re young it’s the solos that really stand out, but once you’re older and into the songwriting foundations of music more so than the glitter of solos, you realize that their rhythm section is/was really the root of the magic on those classic albums. But as I got older and got more into underground music I took in a lot of very different types of influences. For example, even though Die Young sounds almost nothing like them, I’d say Bad Religion will always be one of my biggest influences. Vocally-speaking, I have probably found the most influence from 90s metallic hardcore bands like Earth Crisis, Catharsis, Ringworm, and All Out War. I love how all those guys growl and distort their voices, but it is still more accessible than death metal. Speaking of death metal, Tomas Lindberg’s work on Disfear’s albums and that latest At the gates are true inspirations for me. So nasty sounding.


What would you compare the style and sound of Die Young to?

I think we pull a lot from all the names and genres I’ve mentioned, well perhaps aside from the 90s grunge bands ha ha. But essentially we’re a 90s hardcore band that fits somewhere on the spectrum between bands like Earth Crisis and Sick of it All, full of both metal/thrash and punk influences. We’ve got some classic metal moments which nod to old Metallica and Slayer, because I believe those influences are nearly impossible to avoid when writing metal-influenced music.

The new album No Illusions, what went in to the writing process? Lyrically and musically? One or two guys do the writing or was it a group effort?

The lyrics all came from me, and they were very personal on a lot of levels. A lot of the lyrics tackle the absurdity of certain social and political issues, but it all filtered through my feelings about them–my cynicism and criticism. The title track was partly inspired by a former guitarist of ours who toured with a lot about 11-12 years back who lived with some mental illness issues and died of a drug overdose around the time our Chosen Path record came out in 2014, so there are quite a few songs which I began writing soon afterward, especially on the last half of the record that talk about existential issues, reasons for living contrasted against reasons for wanting to die, and struggling with the pain of human consciousness. In a way, the social and political type issues addressed in the first half of the record weave into the more personal and emotional response to it all that is really driven home on the last half of the record. For me the political is personal, and the personal can be very political. They are not two separate worlds necessarily, as they both make up our perception of the reality we live in.

Musically, I basically come up with the main guitarists riffs and compositions of songs, but Mike and I really worked on fleshing the songs out together, and I’ll let him fill you in more on the process of that.


What’s the Metal scene like in Texas?

I’m personally more involved in the hardcore scene by default. I feel like Mike ought to be able to describe the metal scene more clearly than I can.

Best and worst part of touring?

Best part is easily getting on stage and doing what you love every night. The runner-up to that is seeing the beusitful landscapes of the world and being a food tourist with your friends. Worst parts, haha, for me at this age (almost 34) are being away from my wife, my dogs and cats, and then screwing up my eating and gym schedules. The bottom line is always that doing what you love requires some sacrifices, so for me, at this point in my life, I try to find the balance between the good and the bad.

First show you ever attended?

I’m going to have to say when the Offspring toured on Smash in 1994. They had Quicksand and No Use for a Name opening. I was 12 and it was amazing. My buddy’s dad was best friends with some of the King’s X guys in Houston, and they got us backstage passes to that show, so to meet some of my favorite bands as a 12 year old was a really exciting thing. I remember eating chips with Walter Schreifels, not having any clue at the time of his involvement in the 1980s hardcore scene, bands like Gorilla Biscuits or even Youth of Today, which I’d later become such a big fan of. He was such a down to earth guy, him and all of the Quicksand guys. The Offpsring’s room was overcrowded with fans, so they saw us young kids hanging around backstage and offered us some of their catered snacks. I still have a signed copy of The Offspring’s Ignition from that show too ha ha.

You’re on a desert island and only have three album to listen to, what are they and why?

Oh man….so, being that it’d be the serene backdrop of a desert island, I wouldn’t want to disturb the peace of it all, unless I was working out. So I’d have to say Loreena McKennitt’s “Live at the Alhambra” album for its mystical ambiance and pagan folk songs with a nomadic flare. Great desert music. Chuck Ragan’s “Feast or Famine” or maybe even “Gold Country,” both for the feel good vibes of it, totally fitting for living the simple life. Then for working out, maybe doing pull-ups on a tree-branch or atlas-stone type carries with actual stones, I’m going to have to go with one of my favorite metal albums, “Broken Glass” by Crowbar. Best album for lifting heavy shit.

Dream tour, you get to go on tour with two other bands, who are they?

Honestly, probably just the two bands who got me into hardcore in the first place: Earth Crisis and Sick of it All.

Catch Die Young tomorrow night Nov 6 – Austin, TX @ Sound on Sound Festival w/ Carcass, Baroness, Young Thug

Die Young on all the socials… Facebook Twitter

Brian and Karl of Diamond Head Interviewed in San Francisco

Metal Correspondent Todd Owens of Capital Chaos TV probes Brian Tatler & Karl Wilcox of Diamond Head on their influence on Metallica, new Diamond Head, touring North America versus touring Europe and more @ Slims – San Francisco, California 11/02/16

Diamond Head are an English heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. The band is recognized as one of the leading members of the new wave of British heavy metal and is acknowledged by thrash metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence.
On 5 December 2011 Brian Tatler and Sean Harris joined Metallica onstage at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco to celebrate Metallica’s 30th Anniversary. Together they played “The Prince”, “It’s Electric”, “Helpless” and “Am I Evil?”. Brian and Sean also took part in a group encore of Seek and Destroy.

Abnormality launches video for “Cymatic Hallucinations”

Currently on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, and Power Trip in the USA, Massachusetts-based extreme metal outfit Abnormality has just launched a video for “Cymatic Hallucinations”, taken from their critically acclaimed album, Mechanisms of Omniscience. Produced, directed, and edited by Jim Foster (red13media.com).

Jim Foster comments: “As we embarked on our second video together, my goal was to portray Abnormality‘s intense energy on a large scale while bringing their concept of a ‘trip’ into the darkness of the mind into a reality. And as always, Metal Blade is incredibly supportive in letting bands and directors see their visions through.”

Abnormality tour dates
w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer (Nov. 13-15), Misery Index (Nov. 1-11), Power Trip (Nov. 12-21)
Nov. 1 – Farmington, NM @ Top Deck
Nov. 2 – Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
Nov. 3 – Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
Nov. 4 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent
Nov. 5 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
Nov. 7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Depot
Nov. 8 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
Nov. 9 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
Nov. 10 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
Nov. 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
Nov. 12 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
Nov. 13 – Baltimore, MD @ Sound Stage
Nov. 14 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
Nov. 15 – New York, NY @ Les Poisson Rouge
Nov. 16 – Greensboro, NC @ Arizona Pete’s
Nov. 17 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Nov. 18 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
Nov. 19 – Houston, TX @ Numbers
Nov. 20 – San Antonio, TX @ Rock Box
Nov. 21 – Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey
Nov. 22 – Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone *
*= The Black Dahlia Murder, Abnormality only

The Revival brings you The Road Rage To Revival Tour Featuring Dead Horse Trauma with The Alpha Complex

Des Moines, Iowa Metal band Dead Horse Trauma have announced The Road Rage To Revival Tour with Sacramento, California band The Alpha Complex that features former Motograter and Riven vocalist, Michael “Angel” Woodruff. Following a handful of solo dates, the tour will begin on November 29th at Skinny’s Lounge in North Hollywood, California with a stop in Sacramento @ The Blue Lamp and conclude on December 17th at BFE Rock Club in Houston, Texas.

Recently DHT released their official music/lyric video for their single “Left Unsaid” from the upcoming album Life.

Dead Horse Trauma is a 5-headed war machine dedicated to infecting the masses with procedures and tactics used by our world to feed us the lies we are spoon-fed since before we can crawl. It’s the exposure of the perversity and falsities we are subliminally directed by. It’s your wake-up call, or the means to your end.

Dead Horse Trauma w/ The Alpha Complex:

11/29 | Skinny’s Lounge – North Hollywood, CA
11/30 | TBA – Tulare, CA
12/02 | Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA
12/03 | Sparks Lounge – Sparks, NV
12/04 | Tackle Box – Chico, CA
12/05 | Broken Spoke Western Saloon – San Jose, CA
12/06 | TBA -Bakersfield, CA
12/07 | Blacklight District Lounge – Long Beach, CA
12/10 | Wild West Metal Fest – Tuscan, AZ
12/11 | TBA – Gallup, NM
12/13 | TBA – Albuquerque, NM
12/14 | My Place- Abilene, TX
12/15 | Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX
12/16 | Clicks Live – Tyler, TX
12/17 | BFE Rock Club – Houston, TX