Black Swan Theory release Official Video for “My Way”‏

Canadian Heavy Pop band Black Swan Theory has released the high energy music video for their newest single, “My Way.” While the single was produced and mixed by producer Erik Ron, the band members directed and shot the impressively spirited music video themselves.

Catch Black Swan Theory Live:
07/08 @ Piranha Bar Montreal, Quebec
08/13 @ Rock Fest pour la santé mentale L’épiphanie, Canada
08/19 @ Parlee Beach Music Festival Beaubassin East, Canada

When long time friends and ex Face First members Benjamin Taillefer, Gabriel Choquette, and Guillaume Morin decided to team up with Montreal Karaoke superstar Daphné Elty and producer ex Prototype-A member P-A Bédard, you know that something is about to explode.Working together since 2012, the band has quickly established itself on the Montreal music scene with their big live sound and their energetic performance finishing 2nd in the biggest band contest in Canada. “They demolished the scene of the Cafe Campus with their legendary ardour and they put a disproportionate party in the room…” – “Daph adds a nice pop flavour to our Rock-punk-métal riffs” says Benjamin. “People have rarely met a person like her. Everyone loves Daph, her energy and her i-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude is contagious.” “What you notice first about the band is female vocalist Daph L-T. Her attention grabbing fashion could be distracting enough to not notice anything else. Luckily, its not. The voice that blast out of her lips is powerful and it is obvious from the get-go that this lady mean business. In fact, the whole band is, with slick arrangements and a believable vibe that make their magnetic set truly exciting to watch.” – Their first E.P is produced by bass player P-A Bédard and recorded by guitarist Benjamin- Pierre Taillefer and Bédard “We Clearly know where we are going with BST since day 1”, say Bédard. Over you sets the tone for the E.P, its heavy, loud and melodic. That’s exactly what we’re all about!

Black Swan Theory Official
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Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder Interviewed In Sacramento, California

The Black Dahlia Murder recently toured the USA in support of Abysmal, which was named one of the best albums of 2015 by Metal Sucks, Metal Injection, Metal Insider, among many others. As an added treat, they also played their first full-length, Unhallowed (2003), in its entirety during the trek — and performed at intimate venues across the country that hadn’t seen the band since their debut was released! Capital Chaos TV were honored to have a sit down chat with original vocalist Trevor Strnad at their May 12th  Sacramento stop @ The Boardwalk.


A: So Abysmal and Unhallowed I understand are a part of the plan, will you be playing both at every show this tour?

T: Yes we’ve been starting with Unhallowed, we do it front to back right from the beginning of the show starting with the intro like from the cd and stuff, so total throwback retro set. And then after that we stop for like 2 seconds, run the intro to the new record, play Receipt and then a bunch of other stuff too, a few new songs and a few more old sprinkled in there as well. It’s been really cool man, very successful. People have been excited about the whole Unhallowed thing coming back. We have a lot of people coming out the woodwork I haven’t seen in a long time too, which is really cool for me like just going down memory lane a lot, for me and Brian in particular being the original guys, having been there. But it’s really awesome hearing the songs sounding how they do now. I knew it would be. We are much tighter players than we were then. When we did that record we were just babies, we hadn’t even left the state. I think we were really reaching to play a lot of that stuff, and you can tell. It’s not the tightest record ever recorded. I like it still for what it was, I like the songs and hearing them now with these musicians, is just really I love it. It’s been really fun. Ya its cool, there’s one side of the coin where you’re like are we doing this already? Doing retro stuff? Are we that old? Are we the Eagles, like what’s going on? Especially it’s such a popular thing right now to be playing your cool album, the one they like. It kinda feels kinda like weak sauce to jump on that, but also the fans like it. They like it so much so it’s been cool.

A: I want to ask about your fans. Back in 2000 and then now, do you notice a change in the energy, in the demographic of your crowds or the fans that have been following you?

T: I think it’s gotten just more broad. When we first took off on tour and stuff, I imagined that we would just fit kinda in, in the death metal world you know, like be playing with Origin and stuff all the time. But they just didn’t see us like that, we had short hair, we looked kinda weird, we were nerds. I had these thick glasses and stuff. I just think we started to appeal to a bunch of different things. Different factions of the underground like, punk kids. And when I look in the crowd now I still see every kind of person. It’s an eclectic mix. That’s the reason we get to be on tour and be a self-sufficient band whereas death metal is not commercial music. There’s only a couple of bands that get to survive from their touring that play death metal, we’re very fortunate. But part of it has been this ability to crossover. People can’t quite pin point what we are and it seems like there’s always a genre fight online every time you look at any YouTube of us, it just follows us you know what I mean? Who gives a crap, as long as they like it, that’s the way I look at it. As long as they like us, I don’t care what they’re calling us. To me its death metal, it’s always been and that’s what it’s influenced by. I do see how it’s kind of transcended this glass ceiling that I thought, I never saw any of this coming as far as getting on Ozzfest, and then those kind of big out door festivals like Mayhem, I never predicted that for us. I thought we would just be playing shows strictly with death metal bands so I’m thankful for how it’s all played out. It’s been awesome. To have this be my entire life, it’s my dream. I hated school, fucking hate work, ya know I don’t look at this as work.

A: Do still like touring even though you’ve been doing it a long time? Is it still as exciting as it was, or is it more patterned behavior?

T: Oh ya, it’s hard. You have to kind of make a pattern out of it or it will make you crazy. Like it becomes so tiresome to just be on the road and be unpredictable all the time. There’s a big difference between how we do it, going to hotel rooms, compared to crashing at some weirdo’s place every night. I miss that though, you know I miss when it was good but I don’t miss when it was bad. I don’t miss going ok, sorry the place isn’t even finished, there’s no carpet and there’s ferrets running around. Is that cool? And also it’s 3 am and I got these 20 dudes that want to party with you. So I don’t miss that. And then there’s times we’re sleeping somewhere and the other roommate comes home and they don’t know we’re there and we’re not supposed to be there and then some big fight breaks out, not a physical fight but we get kicked out. So I don’t miss that part, but I miss when it was fun. Like meeting a lot of people.

A: Tell me about your lineup right now, who is performing in the band tonight?

T: We have Mr. Brian Eschbach, he’s the other original member, on rhythm guitar. Still here. He’s the other original with me. We’ve been in the band 15 years now I think. It’s crazy; I can’t believe it’s gone that far. We have Alan Cassidy on drums; he’s been on the last two records so he’s like old news to us now. And we’ve played hundreds and hundreds of shows with him and Max as well, the bass player. He (Max) used to play with Despised Icon, used to play with this band Goratory, huge fan of brutal death metal. He was a good friend of the bands beforehand so it was really natural bringing him in, he’s been here several years too. We’ve got the new fish, Brandon and it’s awesome. He’s incredibly good, incredibly professional. Basically when Ryan was leaving the band he warned us like a year in advance so we could work together to make it seamlessly, he helped us find Brandon and they both came from the same band Arsis. He still plays with Arsis and Cannibal Corpse. He’s so young and so hungry to tour and play that we’ll get off the road and he’ll be out with those guys. Its total mayhem with that guy. Ya know he’s 23, he’s young and virile and ready to rock, I was there one time. I just turned 35 the other day and I just feel like now I’m seeing in black and white. I’ve been judging myself like am I supposed to wear these anymore? Vans shoes? I’ve definitely suspended a juvenile time in my life, I guess, kind of like where I was so quiet and reserved and tight lipped in school, and such a pushover kind of person. This is where I found my strength. Meeting so many like minded people and that’s been the best part of it all for me is kind of the escape from reality that it’s been. To have this awesome thing and to put our energy into it so hard and see it come back in spades with fans and their dedication. It’s been my dream realizing I’m still keeping it alive with Brian, he’s really smart. He’s the number crunching last word, he’s the boss man, he’s the dad of the band. He’s the shit. Every band needs that dude that is the last word, the last call. But he’s also awesome and fair, it’s a democracy in this band. Were still kind of hazing Brandon, we haven’t really jumped him in yet. So he’s just suspended in limbo, doesn’t know his status or what’s going on. He knows he’s doing good obviously, it’s plain to see. He’s so fucking good. He’s really exciting on stage; it’s really cool to have someone like that on stage. He stage dives with his guitar on. He’s the perfect guy for Ryan to choose, so it’s all a family affair this whole thing. I got nothing but love for Ryan, for everything he did for us. We wrote a lot of great songs together, we played a lot of great shows and tours. I understand that as soon as we got him, he had a kid. He came literally from the kid’s birth to record and start playing with us. So I knew that there a shelf life but also that said a whole lot about his dedication. He was always so down for us and a great dad too. We always knew there would be a point where he had to go home and it just came. It was sad; we all had a few tears. Cause were best friends. With a lot of bands, they’re just hired guns or just fill the role. The only reason I can stay sane is everybody in this whole thing from tour manager down to everybody is just cool, good to be around. You have to be a positive person to live in that burgundy piece of crap over there. You just lay in there like a human sardine next to everybody. We have the seats pulled out and we just have two mattresses and were like a can of sardines. But they are my best friends and that’s why this has been possible. Why it’s been so fun. Why we’re so positive too is we’re in cahoots man. Everybody’s cool. We just kinda celebrate the victories. We’ve been on a very awesome incline this entire time. We’ve been so fortunate in these times when it’s hard to sell records. When it’s so over saturated with other bands. Somehow were still here even though were getting older and that’s exactly the goal was to survive and be a lifer band like Cannibal Corpse that survives the comings and goings of trends. Napalm Death you see still kicking. Bands from the first generation of death metal are still trucking and killing it. Obituary is amazing. There’s so much reason to just keep trucking. That’s a big inspiration to me is the old school. I love so many different factions of metal and so many different corners, different sounds. All different stuff even outside of death metal. But my heart is with old school death metal for sure.

A: Is there anything else you would like to include or say to your fans?

T: Were still out here. We’re still trucking. Come see us, we’ll have a blast. I think people from the outside think negatively about a death metal show like it must be a bunch of people trying to hurt each other but it’s fun man. It’s a family affair; it’s a lot of love. Its people appreciating a very niche kind of music, so you kind of have this automatic respect for people that are there, no matter what they look like, no matter anything about it. Its nerd music dude. Hello, we like fantasy! We like D&D and all that. Its metal. Were happy to be among our fellow freaks so come on down and have a great time with us.


Spin Kicks And Other Dance Techniques With Winds Of Plague In Fresno, California

Ok let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate, I’m a Thrasher and will always be a Thrasher. Going in to my trip to see Winds of Plague at Strummers in Fresno on 06/19 I knew I would be out of my element, possibly the oldest person there, and see something I have never seen before. All those things couldn’t have been truer.

I now believe I have an understanding of what Deathcore is. Take the wonderful sounds of your traditional Death Metal, mix them with the slow heavy break downs of Hardcore and there you have it. But Winds of Plague have added a twist, they have a keyboard player. So if you take those three things and add them up you really have something kind of unique.

Winds of Plague took to the stage around 10:00 p.m. after a few opening bands got the crowd loosened up and ready to go. And let me tell you what, they lived up to their name. It was dark, loud and brutal. The intimate crowd that gathered there that night went in to a frenzy of what I can only explain as violent interpretive dance. With an onslaught of flying kicks, spinning back fists, super punches and elbow smashes being thrown the “dance floor” wasn’t a safe place for the casual Metal fan to be. I have seen and been in some really great Mosh pits over the years, and occasionally people get hurt, this Deathcore show had quit a few bleeders there that night and this old Thrasher was not one of them. But those young people in the Hardcore scene loved it!

Johnny Plague’s vocals from the first growl had the crowd eating out of his hand. I was really impressed with how well he sounded live. Anybody can sound good on a record; but he was powerful and heavy all the way through. The band was also fierce and incredibly diverse. For the amount of tempo changes they go through within a song they didn’t missed a beat or riff from what I could tell that night. Now for the twist, let’s speak of Alana the keyboard player. Keyboards in Metal may sound odd, but it works. Her keyboards fit in like a hand in glove. Haunting, creepy and at time classical sounding tones were pumped out of that keyboard and she sounded amazing.

Johnny at the end of the night told the crowd this was a “testing the waters” type of tour and the response has been all positive. If Winds of Plague has been out of the scene for a bit it doesn’t look like they have lost a step. This band has a little bit of everything in it, I heard aspects of Death Metal, Hardcore, some Thrash riffs and even the occasional Classical. I’m a Thrasher at heart, but first and foremost I am a Metal fan. And this Metal fan hopes that Winds of Plague continue to work on their craft and I look forward to hearing new music from them soon.
Review by Gene A. Gaona Photo by @girlwolf

Islander Reveal New Album and Music Video

ISLANDER has announced details behind Power Under Control, their upcoming new album set for release on August 5th, 2016. Rolling Stone is debuting the first video and album’s commencing track “Darkness.” Power Under Control features the recording debut of official members Arin Ilejay (ex-Avenged Sevenfold) and J.R. Bareis (Love And Death), further proving ISLANDER are a part of rock’s DNA as much as their contemporaries.

ISLANDER founding member and vocalist Mikey Carvajal was joined by Love And Death/Korn wunderkind guitarist J.R. Bareis in 2015, leading the band on a powerful new path. The seeds of this relationship were planted during 2014’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, when word of ISLANDER’s explosive performances quickly spread to the tour’s headliners Avenged Sevenfold and Korn – who flocked to watch the band almost daily. Bareis, who was then guitar tech for Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch, soon found himself in the role as ISLANDER’s new guitar player. Shortly thereafter, ISLANDER recruited bassist Zeke Vasquez (ex-ForeverAtLast), and newly exited Avenged Sevenfold skinsman Arin Ilejay became a permanent fixture snapping sticks and cymbals behind the kit.

“Power Under Control is a concept album dealing with several characters,” Carvajal explains. “The songs stand on their own, but are meant to be listened in the same way that a book is to be read. If someone were to skip the chapters in a book, the story may be exciting, but a lot of the meanings would be lost. If the listener wants to understand the meaning of each song, they can better be understood when listening as a whole rather than treating this as a buffet.”

On the leadoff track, Carvajal says, “’Darkness’ is the first song on the record and really sets the mood for where our character is in their life. It’s a song about indulging in anything and everything that makes them feel good for a moment, regardless of the outcome. Sadly, this is where our character is at in ‘Darkness’.”

In February of 2016, ISLANDER again partnered with producer Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Alkaline Trio) at NRG Studios, and over the next eight weeks the newly ignited foursome got to work on Power Under Control, recording twelve original tracks showcasing the quartet’s deeper complexion. Another familiar face in the fold is Bad Brains frontman HR on the anthemic sing-along “Think It Over.”

ISLANDER will immediately hit the road in support of Power Under Control, kicking things off at the Chicago Open Air Pre-Party on July 14th. Additional dates will be announced next week.


July 14 – Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall (Open Air Pre-Party)

July 16 – Oshkosh, WI – Ford Festival Park (Rock USA Festival)

Watch John Carpenter Perform Live In Oakland, California

Influential science fiction and horror filmmaker John Carpenter is currently on his first national tour as a musician. Carpenter is performing selections from his two albums, 2015’s Lost Themes and this year’s Lost Themes II as well as several of the iconic soundtrack themes from across his career.

For his 1978 film Halloween Carpenter created his own soundtrack compositions and was influenced by Goblin’s darkly brooding music for Dario Argento’s Suspiria and Mike Oldfield’s hauntingly delicate themes for William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. Except that Carpenter equaled the power of both of those artists in his own work, he scored the soundtracks to virtually all of his films, and established a high standard for music for film that forever changed the way future directors contracted and otherwise created music in horror and science fiction cinema.

Lost Themes I and II represented Carpenter’s first official foray as a musical artist without the music being tied to a specific film. Notably, both albums were issued by Sacred Bones, an imprint started by former Denverite Caleb Braaten who used to be employed at Twist & Shout Records before moving to New York City.

Atriarch Announce West Coast Tour With Sabbath Assembly‏

Portland blackened doom rock quartet ATRIARCH has just announced a new run of West Coast dates with multi-state psychedelic/doom force Sabbath Assembly (featuring current and ex-members of Gorguts, Wolves In The Throne Room, Kayo Dot, and more). The tour kicks off this July 25th and will see the bands performing throughout Washington, Oregon, and California for a week’s worth of dates. A full list of shows is available below.

Following two well-received records on Seventh Rule and Profound Lore, ATRIARCH made their debut for Relapse in 2014 with the acclaimed full-length An Unending Pathway. Their finest moment yet, the album blends death rock, doom, black metal, punk and psychedelic drone/noise, and was widely recognized by publications including Pitchfork, Noisey, Exclaim, and many more. Stream An Unending Pathway in full via ATRIARCH’s Bandcamp page here.

***All Dates With Sabbath Assembly***

Monday, July 25th, Seattle WA, The Highline
Tuesday, July 26th, Olympia WA, Obsidian
Wednesday, July 27th, Portland OR, The Panic Room
Thursday, July 28th, Sacramento CA, Starlite
Friday, July 29th, Los Angeles CA, Complex
Saturday, July 30th, Oakland CA, Church of the Buzzard
Sunday, July 31st, Grants Pass OR, The Haul (Atriarch only)

The Fame Riot Signs with Another Century. Releases Music Video for “Heart Stray”‏

Hailing from Tacoma, WA The Fame Riot features over the top, fabulous brothers, Liz Scarlett and Shazam “Tea Time” Watkins. Influenced by four decades of rock, pop, electronica, disco, and everything in-between, they are what you would expect if you bottled up the fun and energy of raging summer parties, and threw in some flippant Hollywood glam. The group is thrilled to announce their signing to Another Century and to celebrate, have released the music video for their infectious single, “Heart Stray.” Filmed throughout parts of Washington state, the colorful video provides a perfect look into The Fame Riot’s addictive, tongue-in-cheek persona.

Century Label Group President Don Robertson states, “I am thrilled to announce we have signed Tacoma, Washington’s The Fame Riot to Another Century. Being from the Northwest and starting my career in the explosion of the Seattle music scene really makes me appreciate how much talent is still to be found back home. Robert Kampf (Century Label Group Global CEO) and I first saw Liz and Shazam in their last band after a friend tipped me off and we instantly saw that these two are hands down stars and we wanted to sign them on the spot but they wanted to continue to develop and find their sound. Fast forward four years and I heard about The Fame Riot. When I found out it was their new band and heard the new songs, we knew we must finally work together! The first single ‘Heart Stray’ is an infectious sing along and the video for it only begins to show the personality these guys have.”

“The Fame Riot is ecstatic to be working closely with this team of true believers,” adds Shazam Watkins. “The Fame Riot and Another Century are spliced together in order to deliver our artistic endeavors into the ears of the unawakened. Another Century hath indeed found the long lost Stradivarius, and our alliance shalt result in a virtuous tsunami of frequency and power, to accelerate our minds into this New Millenia.”