Athenar of MIDNIGHT – “Putting out a record on the same label as Slayer and Nasty Savage it’s pretty surreal”

In the video below.The Mighty Zee aka. Zoran Theodorovic of Capital Chaos TV chats with Athenar of MIDNIGHT @ The UC Theater in Berkeley, California October 5th, 2019 Continue reading

saltwound Kallie Rose Photography

Patrick Graves of SALTWOUND “I’ve been seeing a lot more comradery rather than rivalry”.

Saltwound are an abbrasive new deathcore band out of Northern California. Their new music video ‘Revenant’ delivers the full buffet of beatdowns, blasts and gutterals fresh out the kitchen. Continue reading

Brett of YOUNG MEDICINE “We all miss Myspace and anxiously await it’s glorious return to the top of the social media food chain”.

A 4-piece band from Kansas City, Young Medicine combines power-pop choruses, metal instrumentation, and keytar electronics that wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s cinema. On bass they have Peter, on drums it’s Michael, on guitar and vocals it’s Josh and on keys and vocals its Brett. Continue reading

photo credit Michael Alvarez

Ania Bogdanowicz of AMONGST THIEVES “I can thank Beavis and Butthead for getting me into metal”.

AMONGST THIEVES from Oakland, CA is known for their melodically heavy, catchy and easy to listen to sound.
Boasting the current lineup of singer Ania Bogdanowicz, bassist Scott Proctor, guitarist Kris Hartzell, and drummer Josh Davidson, AMONGST THIEVES draws from their individual experiences to create a unified rock/metal sound that commands attention. Continue reading

CARNIFEX Discuss The Artwork For World War X

San Diego, California-based metal outfit CARNIFEX will release their 7th studio album, World War X on August 2nd via Nuclear Blast. In the video below, the band discusses working with artist Blake Armstrong on the artwork for World War X.

Continue reading

Colin Stambusky of DAMAGED THINGS “Once I discovered KISS it was all over”.

Local rockers DAMAGED THINGS, play what they love so they have no limits. Lead singer and God of BBQ sauce Colin Stambusky opens up a little about his humble beginnings and more. Continue reading

DEFYING DECAY Lead Vocalist Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati Interviewed


DEFYING DECAY is a band made up of musical misfits, an eclectic mix of cultures and classical training, a hybrid born of many influences crafted by a shared passion for music. This enigmatic act is emerging onto the international scene with their new album “Metamorphosis”, which will be released in June 2019. Continue reading

Touring, Writing And Snacks With Dean Lamb Of Archspire

In the video below, Tom Sundgren of Capital Chaos TV talks touring, writing and snacks with Dean Lamb of Archspire at the Oakland Metro, stop of their most recent North America tour. Continue reading

The Northmen – “We generally don’t let reviews of music or food be the judge of what we like”.

Formed in the winter of 2015, The Northmen is a metal/hard rock quartet with a mind to conquer like those of their namesake. With a combination of heart pounding drums, dual guitar harmonies, aggressive riffs, and a healthy nod to the guitar solo- The Northmen set out to achieve one thing; a unique, original sound with relentless energy. Continue reading