Set Your Anchor release new music video for “Moving Mountains”

Set Your Anchor, one of Artery Global‘s latest signings, has debuted their new music video for their single “Moving Mountains” which can be seen below.


The San Bernardino, CA quartet has been pushing the boundaries of melodic hardcore since 2009 and their latest offering brings the same intensity matched with heavy hitting grooves. Produced by Kelly Cairns (As I Lay Dying), the urgent and aggressive vocals come in underneath an almost delicate guitar riff and it sets a manic tone for the rest of the song.

This song is about being trapped inside of your own head, struggling with anxiety and depression,” says vocalist Brandon Heatley. “Trying to treat it with whatever means necessary but, even then the thoughts and depression still continues to grow becoming more of a problem each day, and one day hoping for a change.

The band is currently on tour with HOODS

May 1st – Boise, ID @ House Show
May 2nd – Pocatello, ID @ The Garage
May 3rd – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre w/Leeway
May 4th – St.Louis, MO @ Fubar
May 5th – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
May 6th – Hamtramck, MI @ The Sanctuary
May 7th – Mansfield, OH @ The Den w/Yesterdays Youth
May 9th – Cambridge, MA @ Hardcore Stadium w/Death Before Dishonor
May 10th – Waterford, NY @ Chrome
May 11th – Queens, NY @ Blackthorn 51
May 12th – Philadelphia, PA TBA
May 13th – Baltimore, MD @ Asian Taste
May 14th – Marietta, GA @ Swayze’s
May 15th – Memphis, TN @ HiTone Cafe
May 16th – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
May 17th – Houston, TX @ White Swan Live
May 18th – Corpus Christi, TX @ Boozers Rock Bar
May 19th – San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall
May 20th – Dallas, TX @ Dirty 30
May 21st- Amarillo, TX @ T’s Bar
May 23rd – Tucson, AZ @ House of Bards
May 24th – Yuma, AZ @ Prison Hill
May 25th – Murieta, CA @ MSC Venue
May 27th – San Jose, CA TBA

Stephen Rutishauser of Chelsea Grin Interviewed @ Warped Tour in Mountain View, California

Stephen Rutishauser of Chelsea Grin shares his thoughts on genital harassment, favorite music press and more with Amber Rose of Capital Chaos TV @ Vans Warped Tour.

A Chelsea Grin in soccer hooligan terminology is the act of cutting a rivals mouth with either a credit card or blade and then kicking them in the crotch so their mouth muscles split into a bloody grimace. Chelsea Grin, the band from Utah armed with THREE guitarists use a foundation of hardcore grit combined with death metal technicality and grind speed to produce as much aural harm as the back alley jaw split.

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Message To The Masses To Hit The Road With I Declare War And Aenimus


Arizona metalcore masters Message To The Masses (For Fans of Motionless in White, Of Mice & Men) Recently released their highly anticipated ‘Means To An End’ EP on February 26th with Artery Recordings. Not only is the album well written but Matt Good of From First To Last engineered the EP.

MTTM are veterans of the road, performing passionate, captivating shows that leave a lasting impression. Sharing the stage with bands like Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, Mayhem Fest, Volbeat, Chelsea Grin, The Word Alive, and many more. Four individuals relentlessly dedicated to their craft, which is made obvious through their engaging shows and sonically rich and powerful music. Their commitment is concrete saying, “Music’s euphoric feeling has us addicted and we cannot stop this madness.” Also adding, “Our zombie-like addiction towards music has us running at full speed for the flesh of success.”

Message to the Masses as special guest w/ I Declare War and Aenimus:
06/03 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
06/04 Sacramento, CA – The Boardwalk
06/05 Santa Ana, CA – Malones
06/06 Tucson, AZ – The Rock
06/07 Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock
06/08 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
06/09 Riverside, CA – Clash City
06/10 Salinas, CA – La Movida

Myka, Relocate and the Fountain of Youth.

myka 1

One of the worst things can possibly happen when interviewing a musician, is have the audio fail. I won’t blame T Mobile; I will blame myself for not using a backup device. In the 4 and a half years that I’ve been doing this, it has happened a total of two times. This was the third. Needless to say, the 12 minute convo I had with Austin and Michael of Myka, Relocate was impressionable to say the least. Read on, and find out how they can change YOUR life too.

We met in their trailer at the back of the Boardwalk in Orangevale California. Now I did my research, checked these guys out online, but I always get a sense of awkwardness at the very start. That awkwardness quickly dissipated as I found both of these young souls to be just as welcoming and friendly as they are on social media.

Myka, Relocate has been a band since 2007. Based out of the great state of Texas, these members have come a long way. Austin has been there from the very start of the band, which formed in Lafayette,Louisiana. The group later relocated to Houston in 2010, adding Michael to the lineup of talent. Since then, they have played South By So What 4 years in a row, recorded and released two full length albums and are winning hearts everywhere they go.  This year they attended South by South West, a festival in March located in Texas. Austin was impressed by Killswitch Engage, Michael was stoked to see Sacramento’s own Deftones. This year they will be going farther than ever to share their music, all the way to Japan to perform at Scream Out Fest. While they don’t have any specific plans, they do have an entire week to explore and are looking forward to the trip.

The lineup for this particular show had several Artery Recordings artists, who are based out of Sacramento and responsible for heavy hitters in the music industry and the owners of The Boardwalk. Myka, Relocate signed to Artery in 2013, a joint venture with Razor and Tie Records. The guys describe their relationship with both entities in a positive light. Slaves, also on Artery and headlining this tour, recently announced that they were calling it quits. There was no damper on the mood for the night’s energy, and you can see the bond between bands a mile away.

When we discussed their recent album, and the term young souls, I was impressed to learn that the meaning truly has universal and inspirational powers. Although both Austin and Michael are in their 20’s, they speak from a place of experience. Of understanding. Their music is uplifting and honest, at times belting out topics that aren’t always comfortable such as self-destruction, heartache, and trust. My understanding of their message is this: be good to one another and value yourself. Michael is fully aware of the comments about his choice to wear makeup. He also acknowledges that the positive immensely outweighs the negative. He is grateful for the fans that approach him to say that his actions have encouraged them to do the same.  Austin stated that when Michael made this choice, that it made total sense. When you do what feels right, it shows to the people around you who care. And these group of guys, care.

myka 2

I asked Michael, what are some of the things he can’t or won’t compromise on and this question stumped him. He sees the world in a beautiful way, therefore chooses not to focus or give in to the negative. Really his only gripe is for people to be more open minded. He comes across to me as a person who rarely complains. He had been ill for the past few days, but you couldn’t tell and when it was time to perform, he gave 1000%. The entire band did. Watching them and listening to their songs, seeing the crowd sing back and the pit go crazy, I can’t help but feel like its bands like that will make the most impact. They aren’t here to be the biggest thing; they just want to be the best at what they do, and who they care. They closed their energetic set with their new single Nerves, which was a perfect ending.  Sacramento loves Myka, Relocate and we can’t wait to see what you do next. They are working on new music, but aren’t able to share anything just yet. So find them on social media at Facebook You can find their tour dates and purchase merch there…Amb Pirate

Entheos Vocalist Chaney Crabb Denied Entry Into Canada – Band To Play Canadian Shows Instrumental‏

cganey crabb
In support of their debut release The Infinite Nothing, ENTHEOS have been touring non-stop as they are currently out on the road with The Contortionist, Monuments and sleepmakeswaves.  The tour has been amazing so far, but unfortunately today there was a bit of a bump in the road…vocalist Chaney Crabb has been denied entry into Canada.  Therefore tonight’s show in Toronto and tomorrow’s show in Montreal, QC will be performed as instrumental sets.
Crabb is really bummed that she can’t get into America Junior, and had the following to say:
“Unfortunately, due to a DUI I received in 2008, I was denied entry to Canada at the Niagara Falls border early this morning. I have taken several steps to expunge this from my record but was unable to finish the process before we left for this tour. Because several people I know with greater charges have been allowed to apply for TRP at the border and crossed with a simple fee, I decided to take my chances and show up with my prepared paperwork, but was ultimately denied entry. I am deeply saddened and will continue to work to overcome my mistake. With that being said, go catch instrumentalENTHEOS sets tonight in Toronto and tomorrow in Montreal! I wish I could be there and will be seeing our Canadian friends sooner than later. Much love.”
Capital Chaos TV caught up with Chaney at her recent appearance in Orangevale
Crabb will return to the tour April 14th in Allston, MA.  The remaining dates are listed below.
ENTHEOS W/ The Contortionist, Monuments, and sleepmakeswaves:
4/12: Toronto, ON @ The Hard Luck (INSTRUMENTAL)
4/13: Montreal, QC @ Le Foufounes Electriques (INSTRUMENTAL)
4/14: Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
4/15: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
4/16: Philadelphia, @ PA Voltage Lounge
4/18: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage
4/19: Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
4/20: Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street Club
4/21: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade – Hell
4/22: Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
4/23: Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
4/24: Orlando, FL @ BackBooth
4/26: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
4/27: San Antonio, TX @ Korova
4/29: St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
4/30: Indianapolis, IN @ The Emerson Theater
5/1: Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew’s Hall – The Shelter

Kublai Khan Tour‏ With Malevolence

kublai Khan

Kublai Khan will head back out on this summer, spending August and September on the road in support of their latest release New Strength.

This will be the band’s first American tour since December 2015 due to the fact that lead vocalist Matthew Honeycutt suffered unforeseen nerve damage to his arm and back.

Honeycutt has made a full recovery and doctors have given him the green light to tour again.

Kublai Khan will be supported by Philly’s finest Jesus Piece and by Malevolence, who are the pride of Sheffield, England.

“We are excited to be getting back on our grind with Jesus Piece and Malevolence,” Honeycutt said. “I am stoked to be back on the road where we belong.”

8/17 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
8/18 Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
8/19 Macon, GA @ Grant’s Lounge
8/20 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
8/21 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
8/22 Woodbridge, VA @ Fearcliff Skate Park
8/23 Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage (no Jesus Piece)
8/24 Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall
8/25 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
8/26 Freehold, NJ @ Gamechanger World
8/27 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
8/28 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
8/30 Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre
8/31 Valparaiso, IN @ Big Shots
9/1 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
9/2 Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge
9/3 Denver, CO @ The Roxy Theatre
9/4 Grand Junction, CO @ The Mesa Theater
9/6 Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
9/7 Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst Atrium
9/8 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
9/09 Phoenix, AZ @ Underground
9/10 El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
9/13 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street Collective
9/14 Austin, TX @ Sidewinder
9/15 Houston, TX @ Walters
9/16 Dallas, TX @ Prophet Bar


Chaney Crabb of Entheos interviewed @ The Boardwalk in Sacramento, California


Thea Iverson caught up with Chaney Crabb @ The Boardwalk in Orangevale, California about their current tour with The Contortionist, new album, live performance and more. Check it out here.


Entheos North American Tour Starts With West Coast Stops in Orangevale, Portland, Seattle and more..


Like lightning, inspiration can strike at any time. The members of ENTHEOS- Chaney Crabb [vocals], Malcolm Pugh [guitar], Evan Brewer[bass], and Navene Koperweis [drums]-collectively felt that surge. Longtime friends Navene, and Evan co-founded Animosity and remained in the group until its split in 2008. Evan enjoyed a stint in The Faceless, while Navene joined Animals As Leaders, and Malcolm played in A Loathing Requiem,Diskreet, and Inferi.

By late 2014, there must’ve been something magnetic in the air, because it drew these musicians back together. “All of us have gotten some great opportunities, but they didn’t necessarily pan out to be perfect,” admits Navene. “It was natural for me to call Evan. It just made sense. The amount of effort we collectively put into this makes it close to the perfect situation. This is the band none of us ever got to be in. All of us are on the same page, and we’re really tight personally. That inspires us to work all the time.”

ENTHEOS W/ The Contortionist, Monuments, and sleepmakeswaves:
3/21: Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
3/23: Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
3/25: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
3/26: San Diego, CA @ SOMA
3/27: Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
3/29: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
3/30: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
4/2: Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
4/3: Merriam, KS @ Aftershock
4/5: Minneapolis, MN @ The Cabooze
4/6: Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
4/7: Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache at Intersection
4/11: Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
4/12: Toronto, ON @ The Hard Luck
4/13: Montreal, QC @ Le Foufounes Electriques
4/14: Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
4/15: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
4/16: Philadelphia, @ PA Voltage Lounge
4/18: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage
4/19: Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
4/20: Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street Club
4/21: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade – Hell
4/22: Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
4/23: Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
4/24: Orlando, FL @ BackBooth
4/26: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
4/27: San Antonio, TX @ Korova
4/29: St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
4/30: Indianapolis, IN @ The Emerson Theater
5/1: Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew’s Hall – The Shelter

Sacramento’s Graveshadow Debut Release Party Announced

Come out Sunday, December 20th and rage with Graveshadow as they celebrate the release of their debut album “Nocturnal Ressurection” out through Mausoleum Records! They’ll be sharing the stage with some of the hardest working bands in Northern California.

Concieved in Chaos
Astral Cult

Doors open at 6pm for this incredible show. Tickets can be purchased through the official Graveshadow website or the bands themselves!

Can’t wait until the show to get your copy? You’re in luck! The album officially releases in North America on December 13th! You can preorder your digital or physical copy here and here, so pick up one up and come sing your favorites with them when they play them for you live!


New Iwrestledabearonce video interview and 3 camera performance footage‏


iwrestledabearonce perform their smash hits *Gift Of Death”, “Danger In The Manger” & “You know that ain’t them dogs’ real voices” @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento , California

The Iron Serbian of Capital Chaos TV chats with Mike Stringer – rhythm guitar and Courtney LaPlante – lead vocals of Artery Recordings recording artists I Wrestled A Bear Once about Bryan Stars, gender equality, their new release Heil Mary, touring and more @ Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California during 2015 All Stars Tour

Iwrestledabearonce is an American metalcore band formed in 2007 in Shreveport, Louisiana, but later based in Los Angeles, CA. They have released one EP, four full-length albums, and two remixed releases. They have toured with acts such as August Burns Red, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dance Gavin Dance, The Human Abstract, Blessthefall, Fact, Sea of Treachery, Enter Shikari, Winds of Plague, All Shall Perish, Vanna, Chelsea Grin and Horse the Band. Iwrestledabearonce are primarily known for their musically diverse sudden dynamic changes, often shifting genres, along with the vocalist’s ability to use a combination of clean vocals and death growls.

Hail Mary is the fourth studio album by American metalcore band Iwrestledabearonce. The album was released on June 16, 2015 through Artery Recordings, and was produced by guitarist Steven Bradley