DRI Northwest Tourdates Include Stops In Petaluma, Orangevale And Oakland

Dri petaluma

04.14.16   PETALUMA, CA – PHOENIX THEATER  tickets are now available online at http://ticketf.ly/1Yz9BhU

dri oakland
04.16.16   OAKLAND, CA – METRO  tickets are now available online at Hold My Tickets
04.17.16   SACRAMENTO, CA – BOARDWALK tickets are now available online at Eventbrite

DRI twitch
04.19.16   RENO, NV – SHEAS TAVERN
04.20.16   ASHLAND, OR – CLUB 66
04.21.16   EUGENE, OR – BORREAL
04.24.16   SPOKANE, WA – THE PIN
04.25.16   WALLA WALLA, WA – TBA
04.26.16   BOISE, ID – SHREDDER
04.27.16   SALT LAKE CITY, UT – CLUB X

Solanum to Support DRI in Orangevale, California with Conceived In Chaos, Yankee Brutal & Petty Education

solanum 4

For discount tickets hit up Udi – 916-904-2363

SOLANUM is a Thrash Metal Band from Sacramento, CA. SOLANUM formed in 2010 by members Udi (Guitar), Dustin Cooknick (Drums), Joe Arellanes (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Jason McLeod (Bass). The band recorded their first demo titled SOLANUM that is available here and at all of our shows. ‘The Rotting’ ‘Echoes of the Dead’ & ‘Hurry up and Die’ are usually part of the bands set list. The continuous show playing led to opening acts for national touring bands Destruction (Germany) , Kreator (Germany), Testament, Soulfly, Metal Church, Warbringer, Havok and more. SOLANUM continues to Thrash the Sacramento and surrounding areas while working on setting up the band’s first west coast Tour later 2015.

Cultural Warfare To Support DRI in San Jose, California with A Band Of Orcs, The King Must Die and Angerhead


For discount tickets….Kenny or Cultural Warfare

Cultural Warfare is based on the concept of not being classified, labeled or catagorized in any sub genre of the METAL scene.
With members born thousands of miles apart yet raised in the Bay Area and having strong ties to the historic Thrash Metal scene spawned by powerhouse bands such as Testament, Exodus, Forbidden, Death Angel, Vio-lence, D.R.I. and countless others.
Our mission statement is to continue what these great bands have started with our own unique blend of style and influences from Machine Head,Napalm Death,Arch Enemy,Slayer etc.
With shredding guitars, thunderous machinegun percussions, dragline bass rippage infused with with sociopolitical commentary ranging from serial killers to black market organ trading.
We seek to establish the fact that NO MATTER what style of of METAL you play, listen to, or was influneced by…the ROOT of it all IS METAL! And that is all Cultural Warfare strives to be. A kickass, no holds barred, smashmouth METAL BAND!!!\m/