Gruesome Shares “Inhumane” Video

Death metal defenders of the old GRUESOME today delivers the official video for “Inhumane.” Now streaming below, the tune comes by way of the band’s impending Twisted Prayers full-length album.

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Malevolent Creation Announce Headlining Tour – 25th Anniversary of “The Ten Commandments”


MALEVOLENT CREATION have announced that they will return to the road in the US for the first time in five years supporting their new album Dead Man’s Path. The reviled Florida death metal outfit is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of their iconic debut record, “The Ten Commandments”. The upcoming trek starts on October 6th at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA and ends three weeks later in New Orleans, LA. Fans can expect to hear songs from The Ten Commandments and Dead Man’s Path, as well as select tracks from their vast discography. When asked about the tour, the band simply offered the comment “no flesh shall be spared.” Joining MALEVOLENT CREATION on all dates of the tour are Incantation and Seeker.

Time flies fast and deals cruel hand. For death metal legends MALEVOLENT CREATION, however, Father Time is weak and feeble, his scythe a cane and his hourglass long broken. To wit: it’s been 24 years since “The Ten Commandments” shocked media outlets and found wide-spread acceptance in death metal’s ardent fanbase. Since then, the Floridians never gave in. Not to waning interest in the genre, not to black metal’s near-takeover of extreme metal, not to nü-metal’s commercial viability. No prevailing force – supernatural or otherwise – has diminished MALEVOLENT CREATION’s aggressive spirit and inexhaustible fire. Certainly, the three original members – guitarist Phil Fasciana, vocalist Bret Hoffmannn, and bassist Jason Blachowicz – didn’t think they’d still be writing, recording, and touring in a band when they formed in Buffalo in 1987, but their tenacity and perseverance over the years has shown dedication to the art of death. And all that comes with it.

Lyrically, “Dead Man’s Path” is commentary on our own brutal reality. Written by and through the lens of Hoffmann, the lyrics on MALEVOLENT CREATION’s newest reflect mankind’s relentless cruelty rather than valorize it. Songs like “Corporate Weaponry”, “Extinction Personified”, and “Blood Of The Fallen” aren’t of legend or folklore – no zombies or mythology here. Rather, they’re straight out of nightly newscasts or horrific stories from social media feeds. There’s also a personal side to Hoffmann’s cutthroat lines. “Bret writes about reality,” Fasciana says. “Whether it’s about himself or what’s happening in the world it’s always real. Bret’s lyrics may always have a theme throughout each song that deals with death in one way or another and it works for him and our music. I know he does write a bit about his own life experiences which are probably things that piss him off in this world and, again, it fits with the music perfectly. We never have to tell him what to write about or how to sing anything. We may have an idea or suggestion here and there but for the most part Bret just does his own thing.”

MALEVOLENT CREATION – “The Ten Commandments” 25th Anniversary Tour

October 6th – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
October 7th – Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood
October 8th – Virginia, VA @ Shaka’s
October 9th – Fredrick, MD @ Café 611
October 10th – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
October 12th – Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear Bar
October 13th – Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
October 14th – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
October 15th – Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
October 16th – Kent, OH @ The Outpost
October 18th – Indianapolis, IN @ The Headquarters
October 19th – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Garage
October 20th – Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
October 21st – Oklahoma City, OK @ Thunder Alley
October 22nd – Austin, TX @ Empire Garage
October 23rd – Fort Worth, TX @ The Rail Club
October 25th – Houston, TX @ BFE Rock Club
October 26th – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia

Those Who Bring the Torture “Piling Up” CD Review


Swedish death metal band, Those Who Bring the Torture, have released their fourth full length effort Piling Up. The album is 10 tracks long and each one brings the brutality full force. It starts with a headbanging metal onslaught in the song “Under Twin Suns” and continues through the next 39 minutes serving you beautiful death metal that’ll make you smile as the bodies are buried in your houses crawl space. The project is helmed by mastermind and TWBTT founder, Rogga Johansson who supplies guitar, bass and vocal duties. Dennis Blomberg is the second man in this dynamic duo and he provides guitar and bass duties as well. For a two man job, this album delivers some heavy hitting tracks that’ll satisfy Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation and Grave fans. The guitar work in this album is worthy of the greatest headbangers.



Just listening will inspire anyone to start doing windmills. The vocals are gutturally low and the high’s are screechy goodness, like a man-bat being torn in half. The only thing that stood out for me was that the drums seemed a little too alike in every song. Same snare, high hat, kick drum combo. Occasionally there would be a double bass that would stand out, or a mild blast beat, but otherwise, it was quite repetitive on the percussion front. In any event, Piling Up is an entertaining album to listen to front to back and you’ll find your moments where headbanging is a must. If you’re looking for technical drum technique and shred-tastic guitar solo’s, this is not the place to look. If you’re looking for good ole fashioned Death Metal fair, then Those Who Bring the Torture have just what you’re looking for in this album.

Piling Up is set for North American release on August 19th, 2014 via Selfmadegod Records.  Robb Napalm/Capital Chaos TV