Megadeth Announce Deluxe Reissue Of “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!”

Megadeth will be releasing a deluxe, remixed and remastered edition of their 1985 album “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!” on June 8. This version of the effort, which is titled “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good – The Final Kill,“ has be remixed by Mark Lewis and remastered by Ted Jensen. The set will include the full album, along with live audio tracks from VHS tapes found in Dave Mustaine’s attic, the band’s 1984 three-track demo, and their cover of Lee Hazelwood‘s “These Boots” with recut vocals. It will also include revised artwork, new packaging with photos, flyers, etc. and new liner notes from Mustaine.


Track Listing:

01. “Last Rites” / “Loved To Deth” (remastered)
02. “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!” (remastered)
03. “The Skull Beneath The Skin” (remastered)
04. “Rattlehead” (remastered)
05. “Chosen Ones” (remastered)
06. “Looking Down The Cross” (remastered)
07. “Mechanix” (remastered)
08. “These Boots” (remastered)
09. “Last Rites” / “Loved to Deth” (live) (1987 London, UK)
10. “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!” (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
11. “The Skull Beneath The Skin” (live) (1990 London, UK)
12. “Rattlehead” (live) (1987 Bochum, Germany)
13. “Chosen Ones” (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
14. “Looking Down the Cross” (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
15. “Mechanix” (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
16. “Last Rites” / “Loved To Deth” (demo) (remastered)
17. “The Skull Beneath The Skin” (demo) (remastered)
18. “Mechanix” (demo) (remastered)

Various pre-order options are available with more information available HERE.