Coast To Coast: Sacramento, California To Richmond, Virginia

Nikki Knight, back at you with music and mayhem, and time again for another coast to coast review, from two cities that stole my dirty little heart. You know there is nothing, like some good hardcore thrash punk, to get you through this hellish existence. I bring you two of some of my favorite local bands, one from dear sweet Sacramento CA, and another from Richmond VA my new home on the east coast. I love the music in both scenes, so I find it my duty to share their shit with your booty.

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As usual I will start with my Sacramento band for this article. Public Trash, a hardcore punk band that hits you harder than your drunk uncle at Christmas. This band has high velocity riffs, powerful beats and killer vocals to smash you into submission. You will not have a boring pit at one of their shows. They get the pit moving like a tornado, with their aggressive sound and kick ass energy. They are not ones to miss. They are currently in process of working on a recording, do not forget to check them out when they do release it. This band is really well put together, and a great group of guys, I’m proud to say I had the honor of booking with Spewline Productions. I have a few YouTube links for you to check out. They will be performing at the Colony in Sacramento on May 10th with another awesome band from Oregon, Potbelly, other bands playing will soon to be announced. Check out the videos and the event page here for more.

Public Trash seen here below at a Pyrate Punxs show at the infamous Casa De Chaos for Juans Birthday, shot & filmed by Ben Arevalos and produced and directed by me Nikki Knight with Spewline Productions


Now for one of my new favorite local Richmond VA bands. 3:33 have an old school flavor, with great lyrics, bass heavy melodies and great guitar riffs and drums. One of my favorite songs off of their’s is “A Pig in Sheep’s Clothing” has an excellent breakdown and pays homage to MDC near the end of the song. Also, 2 Minutes For Thrashing is an automatic pit starter and will tear you a new one in less than two minutes. Their lyrics are powerful and their sound is amazing. This is not a band to miss at all. They have a show with Buzzard Dust, 40 Boys and The Donald’s at 7pm on Saturday December 9th at the Ante Room in Charlottesville VA. Check out their band camp here and their event page here if you would like to attend the show and you are in need of more information.

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If you want to find the best in local scenes, from coast to coast, follow Capital Chaos TV and I to stay updated in music news, interviews and show reviews. We will bring you the best of the DIY local scene’s, as well as great interviews with your favorite infamous bands we all know and love. Watch for my next Coast to Coast where I bring some Power Violence and some Meme Violence from Sacramento and RVA.


Sacramento Doom Merchants Crimson Eye Release Debut Album

craimson eye cd cover

It’s 4/20, time to twist one up, listen to some stoner tunes and float on out to space. Here it is…Crimson Eye’s debut album available for purchase or streaming on bandcamp!

Next show for Crimson Eye! Matinee with friends Kill The Precedent and Horseneck. Gonna be a party for sure!!

crimson eye show

Classic Live Bootleg – Mr Bungle Live In Sacramento January 5th, 1991

mr bungle

Mr. Bungle was an American experimental band from Eureka, California. The band was formed in 1985 while the members were still in high school, and was named after a 1950s children’s educational film regarding bad habits which was later featured in a 1981 Pee-wee Herman HBO special. Mr. Bungle released four demo tapes in the mid to late 1980s before being signed to Warner Bros. Records and releasing three full-length studio albums between 1991 and 1999. The band toured in 2000 to support their last album before going on hiatus; ultimately revealing that they had dissolved in 2004. Although Mr. Bungle went through several line-up changes early in their career, the longest-serving members were vocalist Mike Patton, guitarist Trey Spruance, bassist Trevor Dunn, saxophonists Clinton “Bär” McKinnon and Theo Lengyel, and drummer Danny Heifetz.

Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth discusses old school metal favorites, writing with new members and new album.

Cof hammer

Dani Filth talks to Iron Serbian about recording with the new members, old metal favorites, living in England, being signed to Epic/Sony and more @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California 02/20/16

Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band’s musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more “produced” amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles. Their lyrical themes and imagery are heavily influenced by gothic literature, poetry,mythology and horror films.

The band’s style has been described as symphonic black metal,[67] gothic metal, “gothic black metal”and even “dark metal”.However, the band’s evolving sound has allowed them to continue resisting definitive categorisation. They are audibly influenced by Iron Maiden, have collaborated on projects like Christian Death’s Born Again Anti-Christian album (on the track “Peek-a-Boo”) and have even dabbled outside of metal music with dance remixes (such as “Twisting Further Nails” and “Pervert’s Church” which was absorbed into “From The Cradle To Enslave – Under Martian Rule Remix”), although these have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Appearing on the BBC music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks on 9 April 2001, Filth jokingly claimed Cradle’s sound as “heavy funk”, and in an October 2006 interview stated, “we’d rather be known as solely ‘Cradle of Filth’, I think, than be hampered by stupid genre barriers.

Sacramento’s Psychosomatic to support MOD in Oakland


From the depths of Sacramento California the crossover thrash metal, punk rock band PSYCHOSOMATIC was twisted into form in 1988. Spewing forth chaotic blasts of jackhammer style guitar picking on top of super tight speed drumming, ripping fast bass guitar lines and ferocious vocals, spitting out lyrical topics ranging from anti-establishment social issues to horror and insanity. The Sacto thrashers barrage listeners with fast, tight, punk style energy songs into the technical darkness of metal. Psychosomatic has carved their trench in the underground thrash metal world with several US tours, leaving blistering eardrums in their wake.