Oakland Sludge-Laden Thrash Behemoths Serpent Crown To Release Sophomore Full-Length Next Month + Tour Dates Announced

Oakland-based sludge-laden thrash behemoths SERPENT CROWN will unleash their sophomore full-length, Incantations Of Vengeance, next month on limited-edition cassette. Captured at Green Dot Studios by Snake Green, Incantations Of Vengeance features Tommy Anderson on bass and Rob Ruiz (Psychosomatic) on drums. The band has since recruited Chris “Woz” Wozniak from Lair Of The Minotaur as their full-time drummer.



Forged by guitarist/vocalist Dara Santhai in 2009, SERPENT CROWN combines a dynamic exploration of haunting atmospheres, and heavy passages, carving a spectral landscape where technicality melds with a raw, dark intensity. Fusing elements of ’80s thrash with sludge and doom, SERPENT CROWN exists in a musical terrain that is difficult to define, yet cohesive and captivating. More technical and aggressive than their 2013-issued self-titled debut, (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions), with Incantations Of Vengeance the band has placed a greater emphasis on dynamics taking its listeners through the realms of death, sorcery, lycanthropy, and a quest for retaliation.

The six-track Incantations Of Vengeance will be self-released on September 9th, 2016 via the band’s official BandCamp.


Incantations Of Vengeance Track Listing:

1. Uncertain Life, Certain Death

2. Conjurings Of The Damned

3. Vengeance Of The Witch

4. Martyr

5. Bloodmoon

6. Wings Of Retribution


In conjunction with the release of the record, SERPENT CROWN will bring their odes of enmity to the stage on a mini Northwest live takeover with additional shows to be announced in the weeks to come.



9/14/2016 TBA – Eugene, OR

9/15/2016 Highwater Mark Lounge – Portland, OR

9/16/2016 The Obsidian – Olympia,  WA

9/17/2016 Funky Winkerbeans – Vancouver, BC

9/18/2016 Victory Lounge – Seattle, WA



New Multi Camera Video Of Serpent Crown Performing in Oakland, California


Serpent Crown perform their smash hits @ The Golden Bull – Oakland , California

The Bay Area has long been a nexus for heavy metal, hard core punk, and devastating doom….Combining the best of the Bay Area traditions of thrash, heavy rock, and hardcore to create their own sound, enter Serpent Crown. Without being completely sub-genre specific, Serpent Crown plays metal that is largely in your face, with thick riffs, searing solos, and pummeling rhythms..straightforward and crafted for head banging. The band released it’s first demo in 2009, but progress and overall band activity was pretty sparse due to lineup changes and issues. Since it’s first official release was a self-titled EP in 2013 through the Philadelphia based record label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, the band has gained momentum, touring along the West Coast and performing around the Bay Area.

“Serpent Crown unleashes metal songs that are catchier and more intense than the sum of the band’s local contemporaries..”
-Inside the Collection:Weekly Curator Picks, Pandora BLOG

For fans of Sacrilege (UK), High On Fire, and 80s metal.