Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel “Death Metal without Trey is like Rock n Roll without Eddie Van Halen”

In the video below Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel talks mindset when recording Gateways To Annihilation, individuality differences between Europe and U.S.A., the importance and contribution of Morbid Angel’s Trey Azagthoth to death metal in general and more with Aldo Guzman of Capital Chaos TV.

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Morbid Angel’s Steve Tucker Says “James Hetfield Is The Epitome Of A Frontman.”

Iconic death metal unit Morbid Angel will kick off their US headlining tour next week. Slated to commence on April 16th and run through May 17th, the month-long trek includes a headlining set at the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest. Direct support will be provided by Misery Index from April 16th to April 25th and Origin from April 26th through the tour’s conclusion. Additional support will be provided by Dreaming Dead and Hate Storm Annihilation.


Your new album, I feel like it’s such a powerhouse and it has a lot of apocalyptic references. The cover art showing the old gods awakening and discovering the world already destroyed. What do you think stands out within the lyrics and artwork to give a greater overall message to the album?

I think the one message is that we would deserve that. What people have done to this planet, the way that people treat this planet, the way that people treat each other, I think we would fully deserve the gods waking up and waking us from the planet. That’s really what the album is about. It’s really about the state of the world. Even going track to track, you can see through the titles what it’s actually starting to reference without even having to listen to the album. And for me I feel people as a whole have become only self serving. It’s truly an individual, righteous, sort of idealism that seems to flow through people on this planet now. It doesn’t seem people are too concerned about anyone outside of there listening range.”

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