Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb at Mccormacks, Richmond Virgina

Hey it’s me Nikki Knight again with another show review. I know it’s been awhile but I will get you caught up on some of the best shows I have been at in the last few weeks. On Feb 1st 2018 I went to an awesome show with an eclectic array of artists. It was a night of debauchery and nakedness by the end of the night…well at least it was for me. I got a late start and Maximum Zero was half way done with their set. This wonderful band was all sexied up with red underwear as they played a punk songs with a funky dance melodies and with high energy. They were full of laughs and made us dance. They had great spirit and a beautiful mix of personality and vibe between the band mates. They played well together and put on a really good show during their set. Check out their Reverbnation for more information on them and give them a listen.
During intermission friends and I cooked down with already 4 shots and 4 whisky and cokes. I heard the crowed rumbling with anticipation about the next band. “As yeah I’m ready for Pissing Contest..”this shits going to be sick”..murmured a very drunk friend. This got my juices flowing and got me ready to rage in the pit. The name alone got me curious on what may happen and what their sound was going to be like. I drunkenly marched up the MCCORMACKS stairs and almost died. At that point all I can hear is the cheers in the crowd and the shred of a guitar as they warm up a bit before they started playing. The crowd was stirring with anticipation.
They began and the crowd exploded. I couldn’t help but move as fast as I could though I was drunk and couldn’t breathe. The awesomeness big their thrash sound had me head banging and moshing. I moshed to the point of exhaustion and threw up in my thankfully empty cup. I drunkenly screamed and announced the ghastly occurrence and so did the band. I should of been embarrassed but the crowd and the band made me feel accomplished for some reason. Their sound was amazing. Their powerful vocals and strong sound from the band as a whole possessed the whole crowd in wonderment. They’re definitely a band to take note of and check out. Go to their bandcamp to listen to their songs. Follow them and if you have a chance to check out one of their shows please do.

Once Pissing Contest’s set finished I quickly ran to the nearest sink and washed out my cup before returning it to the bar and deeply apologized. We got ready for the next band. Enemy Exorcism was up next and I was ready. They are a great crossover punk band that had a fun sound that kept you moving and dancing. The lead vocalist had a wonderful voice and her sparkling personality was only second to her sparkly shirt. They had a sound that just made me wanna mosh dance and smile. I was really happy to see them and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun time.

Finally the headlining band hit the stage and things got wild. Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb is a proto-post revival punk band that had high energy and a shipload of power. Like a bomb they exploded on stage and the strong power of the lead singer made the whole venue quake. I moshed to the point my shirt was torn off and my pants were down. That could have been the alcohol but the music made me feel strong and let me leave my inhibitions behind. They did a really awesome set and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Please check out their band camp you will not regret it.

This was a really great night, to the point I still remembered it, after being blackout drunk. This was a Between 2 Beers show and like all their shows it was amazing. If you ever in RVA please come to Mccormacks or to a B2B show. You will not regret it. Like always please stay tuned for your underground music news.