Concert Photo Review: Thy Art Is Murder @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California

THY ART IS MURDER have returned to the states, this time with headliners CANNIBAL CORPSE. The 32-date trek kicked at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX on October 20th and will make stops in Ventura, Toronto and Brooklyn before concluding on November 27th in Tampa Florida. Joining the tour as special guests is PERDITION TEMPLE. Continue reading


Australia’s premiere incendiary musical export, THY ART IS MURDER, will release their new album Dear Desolation on August 18 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Check out the music video for the first single, “Slaves Beyond Death,”

Dear Desolation was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, NJ. Artwork was created by Eliran Kantor (HATEBREEDTESTAMENTICED EARTHSODOM).

Comments THY ART IS MURDER vocalist C.J. McMahon: “I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt going into a record. Coming back to the fold of our band has reinvigorated me. I missed my brothers, touring, and of course all our dedicated fans around the world who have always given us their all.

“This new record is going to shape our future; we gave it everything we could and then some. In the past, I was the weakest link and now that I have re-built myself, we are stronger than ever and nothing can stand in our way.”

Adds guitarist Andy Marsh: “Hate, War, Desolation; the trilogy series of the path mankind has laid out before himself. We are prouder than ever of our efforts on this record. A lot of time, planning, creativity and teamwork has culminated in what we think is our most completed vision yet: Dear Desolation.”

20-Aug-17 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
21-Aug-17 Richmond, VA – Canal Club
22-Aug-17 Greensboro, NC – Blind Tiger
23-Aug-17 Atlanta, GA – The New Masquerade
24-Aug-17 New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
25-Aug-17 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
26-Aug-17 Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live
27-Aug-17 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill
29-Aug-17 Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall
30-Aug-17 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
31-Aug-17 Spokane, WA – The Pin
01-Sep-17 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
02-Sep-17 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
03-Sep-17 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
05-Sep-17 Reno, NV – Jub Jub’s
06-Sep-17 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
07-Sep-17 West Hollywood, CA – The Roxy Theatre
08-Sep-17 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
09-Sep-17 Mesa, AZ – Club Red
10-Sep-17 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
11-Sep-17 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
13-Sep-17 Lawrence, KS – Granada Theater
14-Sep-17 Joliet, IL – The Forge
15-Sep-17 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
16-Sep-17 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
17-Sep-17 Montreal, QC – Corona Theatre
18-Sep-17 Ottawa, ON – Brass Monkey
19-Sep-17 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
20-Sep-17 Syracuse, NY – The Lost Horizon
21-Sep-17 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
22-Sep-17 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts
23-Sep-17 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
24-Sep-17 Columbus OH – Park Street

Thy Art Is Murder announce North American co-headlining tour with Decapitated

Australia’s premiere incendiary musical export THY ART IS MURDER, and Polish metal extremists DECAPITATED, will co-headline a North American tour together this August/September. Joining them are progressive death metal masters FALLUJAH and depressive black metal sensations GHOST BATH. Continue reading


Thy Art Is Murder Interview at the Oakland Metro 3/26/14

Thy Art Is Murder Interview at the Oakland Metro 3/26/14

Ivan Ibanez Tinoco of Break The Skyline recently sat down with vocalist CJ McMahon and drummer Lee Stanton of Sydney, Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder.

Ivan: Yo what’s up? This is Ivan from Capital Chaos TV and I am here with Thy Art Is Murder here is CJ and Lee. How are you guys doing?
CJ: Good man good, a bit sweaty played quite a bit of football; yeah pretty cool we are here in the Bay Area in San Francisco.
Ivan: We are here at the Oakland Metro just basically setting up before the show and it looks pretty awesome so far. Are you excited for this?
CJ: Yeah should be cool man the bands have been pretty good friends for us so yeah.
Ivan: That’s good, so you guys got done playing at the Soundwave Festival how was that?
Lee: It was good, the sponsors were really good, the shows were really fun, and we got to hang out with a bunch of people which was awesome. I got really drunk a lot, it happened quite a bit but yeah the shows were sick.
CJ: Yeah it’s cool
Ivan: That’s pretty cool, what were some of your favorite bands that you got to play with there?
Lee: Gojira

CJ: Gojira, Suicide Silence their friends of ours, The Dillinger Escape Plan also very like my best friends.
Lee: Mastodon
CJ: Mastodon is cool; I got to see Korn, Crosses.
Lee: A lot
Ivan: How was seeing Korn?
CJ: Yeah it was cool it’s like I watched Korn like few weeks ago and to watch them right now at Soundwave was ridiculous when they transformed when they were massive star band in the 90’s. So it was cool it was awesome seeing them playing shows.
Ivan: That’s pretty cool, so you guys are from Australia right?
CJ: Yeah
Ivan: So how is it playing out there than playing in the U.S.? Like is there a difference in the crowd or with anywhere in general?
CJ: I think the major difference for us is like in Australia you can do a tour for like a week or ten days but it’s such a big country but there’s like a limited amount of people so you can only play like eight or nine shows. When you come to America you can play 35 shows and travel the whole country and have like sizeable crowds every day. Where in Australia is like you just can’t play that many shows because it would be pointless if you play shows in the middle of nowhere where no one would come. So I think that would probably be the major difference as far as those concerns. Every show we play is pretty crazy, fans are always supportive, I think we are growing so strong in America, this is our third tour here, we have been coming here for nine months, and every show we play and every tour we come we would get more fans and crowds get crazier and crazier. So it helps with our dream and it helps that we would take over the Metal world and become number 1 so we are slowly taking over everything.
Ivan: Honestly I think you guys are the top in the Metal bands in my chart in my opinion also the top Deathcore bands in my chart as well, so how does it feel getting a fanbase in the U.S?
CJ: It’s really cool; we wanted to come out for a long time but we kept getting offered for short tours in short locations and I was saying that it is really rough to come here so we put off those kinds of tours till we get something decent since getting out here costs a lot of money from Australia. So by then we got our first tour and killed it and it was awesome. We met some really cool people and made really good friendships. Yeah we love the states and we keep coming back couple times a year.
Ivan: Nice hope you guys keep coming!
CJ: Oh we will man we will!
Ivan: So you guys also got done with playing a festival called “Everything Is Bigger In Texas Fest” with Upon A Burning Body and how did that go?
CJ: We didn’t play that… Or actually…
Lee: That was the last time we came here.
CJ: Oh wait sorry I thought you meant the “Never Say Never Fest”
Lee: That was really cool they were cool shows.
CJ: The shows were cool.


thy 2
Ivan: Like I heard that Texas has crazy crowds because I have a friend of mine who lives in Texas that actually seen you guys and from what he told me he said you guys killed it, you guys had an awesome crowd, and awesome feedback.
CJ: Yeah it was cool man I think Texas is pretty brutal as far as shows are concern, the people are always really friendly, and our sound guy is from Texas. We really like Texas man as well as Florida they get pretty crazy down there but we always look forward to go to Texas.
Ivan: Yeah man, I have yet to go to Texas.
CJ: Really? You live in America.
Ivan: Yeah I do but I live in the Bay Area.
Lee: Do you like jerky?
CJ: Beef jerky?
Ivan: It’s pretty good I like it.
Lee: They have some serious jerky down there.
CJ: And good barbeque too.
Ivan: Yeah that’s what I heard.
CJ: Pretty girls with pretty accents it’s cool
Ivan: So I’ve been wondering how did you guys came up with the name Thy Art Is Murder?
Lee: It just kind of came up one day at band practice one day and we stuck to it. There is not really a meaning behind it or I’m sure people would put their own if they think it is. But it just happened and that was it.
CJ: It’s like most band names came out from thin air.
Ivan: So it’s like poof right there.
CJ: Yeah that’s it, it is what it is.
Ivan: It was like my old band we came up the name by ourselves and it was like poof right there, we didn’t think of it so much like it came from thin air and it was easy.
Lee: Yeah and same thing with our album title Hate it just came out like that.
Ivan: That’s awesome, so what are your influences like what got you guys in to Metal?
Lee: I think someone showed me Cannibal Corpse when I was younger and I slowly got in to it and it was a fun genre to play and listen to and there that’s how I got in to it.
Ivan: Nice! Do you guys have any guilty pleasures in music?
CJ: Yeah I do! We have a few and it’s funny because like with Lee’s guilty pleasures are different to mine and he’ll hate mine and everyone hates my guilty pleasures because I listen to weird f***ing music so I’m gonna listen to it anyways.
Lee: I think he is the only one who likes his own.
CJ: I think so too, my guilty pleasures are Sublime, lots of Reggae kind of stuff, and the big one is Die Antwort and House Music is like my guilty pleasure too and Rap as well but all of us listens to rap in the van so yeah.
Ivan: What is your favorite Rap artist?
CJ: I got Biggie tatted on my leg so it would be Biggie and Immortal Technique. I love Biggie he talks about real shit and he is one of the two big rappers to me.
Ivan: Yeah I totally agree like I’m kind of in to 2Pac, Eminem and a little bit of Biggie.
CJ: I love Eminem that too!
Ivan: Eminem is a really cool guy like compared to most rappers like Eminem talks about a lot of real stuff rather than talking about partying, sex, and all that.
CJ: Yeah bitches, drugs, and guns. That’s why I listen to Immortal Technique man he doesn’t talk about any of that s**t he talks about politics and how people are treated in South America and Central America, and government conspiracy. Just talks about real stuff rather than like doing coke, f***ing big ass booty bitches, shoot guns, and aye cash money! Like we don’t want to f**k our chicks and shoot guns and get cash. There’s real shit going on and there are some rappers that talk about all of that.
Ivan: I’m really glad that there are still some rap going on here with positive stuff and doesn’t talk about or focuses on the negatives only or all the s**t that we just hear all the time just something that is just real. That’s what I really like about it. Anyways what is your favorite place to play in the U.S. besides Texas and Florida?
CJ: Hmm… Awww dude there’s too many to be honest. But if I had to choose I would say New York.
Lee: Denver
CJ: Yeah Denver Colorado anywhere in LA, San Fran, San Diego.
Lee: Texas again.
CJ: Texas always Texas and surprisingly Detroit. Detroit is one of my favorite places to play and I think mainly because like where umm… I feel like its funny enough like crippled as Detroit is economically and socially like sure we came from many rough places in Sydney so it’s like we come from s**t you know what I mean? So it’s like we know how people feel when they try and get by with having nothing and you know coming from like a bad area we know how that feels. So I guess it’s half a reason why we like Detroit because it’s like we are from the ghetto I guess.
Lee: Totally
CJ: Yeah totally and we have a lot of room to store friendships in Detroit and have friends to come out to every show that we play there.
Ivan: That’s awesome
CJ: Yeah
Lee: Next days are always far.
Ivan: It’s like one of those days where you just don’t want to get up like for the next show but it’s like you have to.
CJ: That is like every night right there. Like driving so much on this tour this is like the s****iest tour we’ve ever done. As far as driving, everything else about it is rad as f**k but the routing for this tour is costing us thousands of dollars that we shouldn’t have to be paid for.
Ivan: I feel like it’s like one of those things where you would have to take a risk.
CJ: You know you always take a risk when it comes to touring man like every musician that goes on tour risks their lives like you’re on the f***ing road for 8-10 hours a day so you know? Car crashes all sorts of s**t happens like people don’t think of it people that aren’t in bands but now got in bands that want to make it big that it’s all f***ing you know cash, booze, groopies, and stuff like that and it’s not like that. You know 95% on bands’ profit on touring goes to the tour and works their f***ing asses off to live with some of the money and they risk their lives and they risk their friendships and relationships back home. Its f***ing tough but you know it takes a real special man to do what we do I think so yeah.
Ivan: Is that how you guys make yourselves unique like keeping all of the friendships and the relationships like all together handling the pressure every time you go out on tour?
CJ: It’s always been fine with us but you know? One day I’ll be in a s**t mood and be f***ing pissed off at the world then somebody else be a mixed mood. But it’s just we don’t give a f**k about anything so anything we care about is actually playing music and like writing music. The rest of it we would like to throw something like a Nerf football or kicking a soccer ball, saying jokes, and put good s**t on ourselves or each other. We just keep it pretty light hearted we are pretty easy going dudes. So you know if you put too much in anything stop stressing so we don’t think too much just get blazed and drunk and get f***ed you know?
Ivan: Yeah yeah I’m glad you guys are keeping it strong dude! Like it’s really hard out there from what I’ve heard. I heard stories on being on tour, losing friendships, breaking up with their girlfriends or their boyfriends because they can’t handle the distance.
CJ: Yeah it’s tough, I think its fine we haven’t came across to any problems yet but any problem that we usually have is like past members that are all dick heads.
Ivan: Yeah I feel it on that one.
CJ: You have anything to say Lee?
Ivan: Yeah you’re being quiet.
Lee: I had a little bit of a drink problem
CJ: Yeah Lee has a drinking problem that’s why he’s quiet because he’s not drunk.
Lee: Yeah but wait, actually I had a beer this morning.
CJ: But you’re not drunk haha!
Lee: I gotta do something about that.
Ivan: What is the most embarrassing thing you guys have ever done to yourselves or to each other? Either on stage or off stage.
Lee: We got a lot.
CJ: Yeah dude that’s a lot to think about.
Lee: Just the fair amount of s**t we’ve done.
CJ: You played a show naked once remember?
Lee: Yeah I played a show naked once, probably gonna try and get drunk and do that again tonight hopefully.
CJ: Yeah there are so many stories it’s like I don’t want to say one because I’m gonna think of another one that is a hundred times better. But so much s**t every night we do something stupid but like I said before we don’t give a s**t anyway if you think we are stupid then okay yeah cool you’re a dick head. You want to fight about it no? Cool let’s keep playing soccer you know what I mean?
Ivan: Yeah I know what you mean.
CJ: Who gives a f**k it’s all just a big joke at the end of the day we all just want to have fun unless you are a pretentious asshole or to like care too much about s**t that they shouldn’t care about.
Ivan: Like it’s all about having fun you know? This is what like the whole tour and music is about but not like in the industry business wise but like music in general like playing with your friends and stuff like that.
CJ: That’s the whole reason why we all started playing music in the first place. Like a lot of kids out there if you’d like to get signed and your life is going to change in a record label and the label is gonna give you so much money, don’t join a band the music industry is f***ing rough and be in a band because you f***ing love playing music. That should be the only reason why you should do it but yeah. The music industry is f***ing tough man it’s not what you think it is and umm yeah a lot of people who have worked with us are cool. Our new record label that we have and can see America being ruled by us and let us do what we want and have nothing to stop us with. I really like it in that aspect that we have a solid label by our side right now.
Ivan: That’s really good! And that is for all of the local bands out there listen to CJ.
CJ: Exactly!
Ivan: Listen to CJ he has some words of wisdom right there. Anyways what are your favorite bands to play with that they have gone on tour or played a festival with?
CJ: My favorite all time band I’ve ever toured with is The Dillinger Escape Plan they are some of my best friends and ridiculous musicians, amazing people, their crew, and everything definitely.
Lee: Fit For An Autopsy.
CJ: Fit For An Autopsy as well from like America, Modern Default from England, and Cubacan from Texas and that’s about it.
Ivan: So do you guys got any plans after this tour?
CJ: Yeah world domination haha, we are pretty much doing this tour to see where are fans are, we come back in the summer. We are gonna do Europe in Summer June and July, we come back here July and August for a week festival tour. And then next year whenever we do the new record to come out we’ll do an album tour worldwide and take over everything and just crush everything in our path pretty much. So the idea is to be the biggest Metal band in the planet that’s our goal but you know if we get there we get there if we don’t then we better get there in time but yeah we work hard on what we do, we wanna be the best, and so we keep working hard and hopefully it pays off.
Ivan: That’s good man like I wish you guys the best of luck throughout your tour, throughout everything. Well that’s about it anything you like to say to the fans?
CJ: Yeah well check out Fit For An Autopsy & Modern Default  check out those bands out and support your local music check your friend’s bands out.
Lee: Go to shows and buy CD’s
Ivan: Yes exactly!
CJ: Buy music don’t fucking rip it but yeah other than that do music because you want to don’t do it if you want to f**k chicks and get signed.
Ivan: Or think you can get money out of it.
CJ: Yeah dude there’s no money to it you know? That’s for sure I can tell you that.
Ivan: Alright CJ and Lee thank you so much! I wish you guys good luck!
CJ: Enjoy the show!