Kiss sued for being Thieves In The Night over royalties.

Kiss sued over royalties.

The heirs of the late KISS drummer Eric Carr — who replaced founding band member Peter Criss — have slapped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-bound band with a lawsuit over unpaid royalties.
Carr’s heirs say the group, including founding frontmen Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, has stiffed them on untold payments stretching back to the Brooklyn-born musician’s death from cancer in 1991.
The suit says the estate is entitled to between a 5 and 50 percent cut on four lesser-known songs that Carr wrote — “Breakout,” “Carr Jam 1981” “Car Jam 1991” and “Little Caesar.”
Carr joined the band — known for its Kabuki makeup and pyrotechnic stagecraft — in 1980 and recorded eight albums.
For years the heirs believed they were only due royalties from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).
“They thought they were getting it all from one source,” the estate’s attorney, Robert Garson, told The Post.
The heirs — a friend and a relative of Carr’s whom Garson declined to name — realized that they should have been receiving payments from Kiss entities including the current group, two publishing firms and Gene Simmons Worldwide Inc.

Source: New York Post

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