ARCH ENEMY • “You Will Know My Name”

ARCH ENEMY have released their official music video for the song “You Will Know My Name“. With their upcoming album release “War Eternal“, ARCH ENEMY have introduced a new member to their ranks, Alissa White-Gluz, the former vocalist of Canadian act THE AGONIST. The new “War Eternal” album is scheduled for release June 10, 2014 on Century Media Records.

Angela Gossow, who originally joined ARCH ENEMY in 2000 and made her debut on the now classic “Wages Of Sin” (2001), has stepped down as front-woman to focus on the band’s management. The new “War Eternal” album was recorded in various studios during winter 2013/2014 and was produced by the band themselves with Jens Bogren(OPETHPARADISE LOSTKREATOR) mixing and mastering the album inside Fascination Street Studio.

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