FallRise To Hit The Road With The Alpha Complex And White Knuckle Riot


The landscape of Sacramento music has long evolved through time. It has seen many artists venture into a worldwide audience, and tell their story through music. FallRise is ambition of 5 artists finding their way in music, and in life.

Sammy Karlin leads the message of FallRise. The result of two transcendant eras of music throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Sammy brings a vocal range spanning Scott Weiland to Phil Anselmo to Myles Kennedy and more. He is the emotional voice for the sound that FallRise is creating, and his range allows for many elements to survive within the music. Sammy has lived FallRise, his story is one of hope and redemption. From his past he lives to inspire others through his art and his message, that all can change and become something. His lyrics are raw, simple, and thought provoking. He shares his message through music, and many have felt his words ringing true in their most desperate times.

The drive of the band lies in the guitars, with Matt Thomas and David Gorman. Sevendust disciples, Matt and Dave are students of the late 90’s Nu-Metal wave of music. They lay the foundation of FallRise with driving guitars, yet have many influences that allow a more well rounded sound unique to their own interests. Both guitarists place a premium on delivering a gut-wrenching, heavy sound in their playing. Yet their individual blend of influences lends to a dynamic within the music that continues to evolve, never satisfied. From driving riffs, to melodic clean pieces, to the signature guitar harmonies; Matt and Dave deliver the guitars a modern rock band should deliver. Rounding out the strings is bassist Anthony Grant. Born through classic rock and progressive roots, Anthony builds on the sound of FallRise with a mixture of experimental basslines and driving low end accompaniment. Never satisfied with the stereotypical “Bass player” image, he seeks to deliver more texture and depth to provide new elements to the music. Where all music must find rhythm, Ian Peterson provides that ever important percussive drive. A former guitar player in his own right, Ian found drumming through many inspirations. Shannon Larkin, Morgan Rose, Matt Halpern, Chad Szeliga and many more shaped his passion to drumming and its many layers. Always a music first player, Ian provides FallRise with the right drum pieces for the whichever message they choose to release in their music.

Pushing their way through the unforgiving terrain of the music industry, FallRise continues to work towards their vision. To inspire, to create, to express their story with the world. Through their interpretation of modern rock music, they continue to push into new ventures. Placing an imperative on live performance and fan interaction, FallRise continues to generate their own unique fan following in Sacramento and beyond. With the release of “Territories” FallRise travels into a new era of their history as both artists and people.

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