Current And Former Members Of Danzig, Tesla, Cake, Papa Roach Come Together To Rock For Reason

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Pat Martin’s All Stars is happening on Friday, April 15th at Harlow’s! Would you like to meet the band? Here’s the line up:Jeff Keith (vocals), Brian Wheat (bass), and Frank Hannon (guitar), members of the multi-platinum band Tesla, Jacoby Shaddix, lead vocalist of the multi-platinum band Papa Roach, Joe Fraulob, guitarist for the band Danzig, Vince DiFiore, trumpet and keyboards, founding member of the multi-platinum band Cake, Rob Sabino, legendary keyboardist for David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, and many more. Rob was a member of the band Chic (Le Freak) and has written songs with Peter Frampton and countless others. Matt Pinder, bassist for The Pinder Brothers. Matt’s Dad is Mike Pinder, formally of The Moody Blues Jerry Woods, guitarist. Jerry is well known in Northern California music circles and is our Musical Director. Kelly Smith, drummer for The Frank Hannon Band….Special Guest: Dave Buckner, founding drummer of Papa Roach. For tickets and more info…

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