Fortress United Releases “Rise” Video

Fortress United Metal from Manteca, California has released the video “Rise.” The video was produced by Less Than Lucky Productions is the 5th song in the band’s debut EP titled “The Mask.” “The Mask” was released April 23, 2016 as an independent project in collaboration with Dead Sea Records.

Jess Gilmore of Less Than Lucky Productions and Fortress United writes, “We shot the video in our practice space in Manteca. We shot the entire video in one day utilizing the same space to get everything we needed. It was originally intended to be a lyric video but the director, Raymond Burdick, felt that while shooting it, it surpassed just a typical lyric video.”

Fortress United consists of Alie – Vocals, Nick – Guitar, Jess – Guitar, Stephanie – Bass, and A.J. – Drums . Alie, writer and vocals for Fortress United writes, “Overall (Rise), it’s about how people get picked on. You can either choose to stay down or you can grow stronger from it. You are proving the people who hated on you down. You are showing them that despite everything, you come back you rise.”

Fortress United is endorsed by Gilmore Custom Cases, Dead Sea Records, Sinister Guitar Pick, Echo Eyes Entertainment and Spear Guitar USA. Fortress United performs locally and has toured Southern California and Nevada.

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