Igor and Max Cavalera Interviewed @ Aftershock Festival 2016

Metal Correspondent Gene Gaona of Capital Chaos TV probes Igor & Max Cavalera @ Aftershock Festival 2016 October 23rd, 2016 – Sacramento, California

On if playing this album now brings back any good memories from shows or gigs in the past?

Igor: It’s cool to see kids that weren’t even born when we did this record for me that’s super special because it does show how an album like this it has like the test of time and it’s just not fashion. The songs mean a lot to a lot of people.

Max: “Like Igor says, there a feeling of nostalgia you know that it’s so cool doing this, but at the same time its new to cause we’ve never done a whole record like this before so it has a new feeling to it. It’s just not going back in time; it’s actually something right now new for the moment”

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