Final Drive: Dig Deeper

With a singular focus on getting asses out of seats, southern groove thrashers FINAL DRIVE deliver blunt force hell raisin’ beer drinkin’ F*CK YEAH metal with the arrival of their new release, Dig Deeper. Set for official release on February 3, 2017 Dig Deeper signifies the evolution of FINAL DRIVE as it takes daring new approaches and include new collaborations that have yielded their most impressive and powerful music yet.

It always seems a little unfair to me to be given the assignment of writing a review on a bands new material having no knowledge of who they are, where they’re from, or any of their previous work. But perhaps that makes for better writing. With all that said, FINAL DRIVE is a group hailing from St. Louis Missouri that has a new album coming out on Feb. 3rd 2017 entitled “Dig Deeper” under DME Management.

FINAL DRIVE has labeled themselves as “Southern Groove Thrash Metal,” and it doesn’t take too long for you to  understand why. There are a number of great grooves and guitar solos throughout the album “Dig Deeper” that will sound familiar to metal fans. Here are a few of my favorite tracks.


Beginning the album with “This Is How,” and it started out a little rough for me with a bit of a campy anthem style chorus. But then in the words of Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber “You totally redeemed yourself” When the rhythm of this song kicks in, it has an old school face melting thrash feel to it, with an incredibly great sounding guitar solo that is well placed within the song.  Still not big on the chorus, but maybe it will grow on me due to the fact that the rest of song kicks major ass.

Next up is “Built to Break” and it became very obvious to me that Pantera has played a major contributing influence on the writers of FINAL DRIVE. “Built to Break” sounds like something that could have made the Pantera album “Far Beyond Driven.” It has hard Thrash riffs accompanied by really nice grooves to bring a killer balance to the song. This song is one of my favorites, it’s a new song with a familiar feel to it, and it works.

Forward to the fourth track “Six Feet Down” and is probably my favorite track from this album. This track is at a much slower pace than the rest of the album, it reminded me of a cross between Pantera and Down. The bass line and drums play very well together on this song, super heavy with a fantastic groove. The guitar solo is smooth with enough Southern tone to it to understand where this band is from, and what exactly you’re listening to, quality Southern heavy metal.

FINAL DRIVE’S album “Dig Deeper” has a lot to offer the average metal head, or even a snobby one like myself. The album has great solos, heavy grooves, and realness to it. “Dig Deeper” may sound familiar at times, but has an energetic freshness to it that a lot of newer bands seem to be missing today. Now, I’m not here to say every song is great, but if you listen close enough, there is something great in every song.

Gene A. Gaona

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