Seeker Interviewed At Kelly’s Live

Here at Kelly’s Live in Sarasota Florida, Seeker put on an insane show alongside bands such as Cognitive and Vilest Breed. They just released their latest album “Loss” a few months ago, which reeks of raw and unfiltered aggression. Capital Chaos TV’s Morgan McCormick recently caught up with vocalist & bassist Bryce Lucien and guitarist Andy Torres to scrape their minds on tattoos, touring and more.

Morgan McCormick: So I’m curious about the local scene in Texas. I guess when I think of Texas I think of people that are super conservative. If you could change anything about it what would it be?

Andy Torres: Everywhere where we’re from that’s the case. Dallas and the other big cities are like the hub for people who don’t agree with the culture.

Bryce Lucien: But we play there so rarely it doesn’t really affect us. We live in Dallas, we play in Austin, and we go through on tour but we never play there.

A: Yeah we’ve played there like twice in the past four years.

So are you guys just touring constantly?

Bryce: Pretty much yeah.

Do you think you tour so much because you can’t survive off of record sales alone?

B: Oh absolutely, one hundred percent.

A: And even just to keep the band itself alive like, most of the bands who don’t tour don’t survive.

B: Plus if we’re not on tour we’re just not making any money.

A: No one likes having a real job. All the tours we have coming up it was just kinda Bryce spearheading it and we were like yeah let’s do this, let’s just be gone. Because being gone is better than being home.

Out of all your songs which one touches you the most when you perform it? I listened to your previous albums and they all seem pretty feelsy.

B: Yeah they’re all pretty feelsy, we don’t really play anything from the EP or the first album at all so this tour we’re doing the new album all the way through. The first and last songs on the album are always the most fun to play live. Just super fuckin’ fast and gnarly and the last one’s the most feelsy.

Your most recent album sounds much more defined compared to The Antagonist, were you purposely going for that effect or do you think it’s because you have more confidence with songwriting?

B: We’re just more confident now. This album is what we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve always had members that wanted to do different things or didn’t like the bands that we liked or had totally different opinions about what the band should have been. It’s like, we weren’t even meeting halfway we were in this weird watered down middle ground. It’s like we were trying to make them happy and trying to make ourselves happy, and it’s kinda gotten stripped down to just me, Andy, and whoever happens to be drumming for us at the time. We’re finally able to do exactly what we wanna do without having to worry about anybody.

A: He and I are so on the same page that it just makes everything so easy.

So how about a fun one, what’s your least favorite tattoo?

B: My wrist says Bueno, and it’s an eagle with a Mexican flag on it. I got it on Cinco de Mayo like five years ago.

In Mexico?

B: Haha no that’s why it’s even worse. I was getting it and I was told I’d never be the cool guy again but we all just thought it was so fucking funny. I have a Kesha tattoo as well, which I also thought would be really funny. My first tattoo was a giraffe thinking about a waffle. Man that all fits together really well though.

A: He hid the giraffe so well but I fucking love that tattoo.

B: I’ve also got this guy with a crystal ball looking down at a broken down van. And like, it’s not the worst tattoo it’s just.. the worst tattoo. When you’ve got access to free tattoos all the time it’s so easy to just be like that’s hilarious let’s go for it!

A: Chris is gonna hate me for this one but mine is totally this eagle that looks like a vulture slash, whatever the fuck else you want it to be. I love this other tattoo but I know at some point in my life I’m gonna regret it but it’s this fuckin’ pot leaf and skull pipe.

So you mentioned Kesha, is that something you actually listen to? Is it like your guilty pleasure music?

B: It’d be like five in the morning and we’d be trying not to fall asleep and so we’d put on Kesha and just have a van dance party.

Any others that most people might find unconventional?

B: Adam’s got like perfect music taste for the kind of band we’re in, I’m always just exclusively horrible. It would be like an hour if I unloaded all the crazy things I listen to.

Where haven’t you played that you really want to go?

B: We’re supposed to go to Europe later this year. We’ve done the US and Canada like 700 times but we’ve never been to Europe.

A: Going to Australia would be pretty cool.

Besides the place, who would you want to tour with? If you had that choice.

A: One of the top bands I’d want to tour with is Hate Eternal. That’s up there. Hate Eternal or Rotten Sound.

B: Rotten Sound would be cool. We’ve toured and become buddies with bands we really love. Like Cryptopsy we get to go out with which we’re excited about, we really wanna do stuff with Origin, an obvious one too would be Cannibal, stuff like that.

So if you could do a split, considering your music style, would that choice be different?

B: Yeah I’d want to do something with someone like Chelsea Wolfe, or like Sunn O))) or something.

A: Something where we could write a little out of our realm for a split would be pretty fun.

B: There’s a lot of doom influence in our music and we’ve always wanted to expand on that.

Do either of you play an instrument that you’re not known for?

A: Not anymore. I used to play clarinet and saxophone back in the day though. Saxophone was fun but I was way better at clarinet. Bryce is a really good drummer though.

B: I just play bass because we don’t have a bass player.

I feel like finding bassists are a little easier than finding drummers though yeah?

B: It is but we’ve had so many members that we’re not in a huge hurry to add anybody else. They’ve gotta be the man, you know? They’d have to be perfect for us to even bother with it anymore. We’re done having new members every tour.

Would you ever consider drumming and doing vocals at the same time?

B: No way. I’d rather just play bass and do the vocals. A: We’ve talked about that out of necessity at one point but luckily we figured it out. There was a point where he’d maybe have to start practicing drums again to do that and we were like dude I don’t know how the fuck that’s going to work.

What music are you currently digging?

A: I say this but I listen to them all the time. Torche, Electric Wizard, I’ve been listening to a lot of stoner doom lately. I paint houses back at home so I usually listen to death metal while I do that but I gotta give it a break on the road.

B: For me I’ve been doing a lot of Dissection, Neurosis, Sumac, Cannibal, The Locust, Chelsea Wolfe.

A: We like doom a lot more than you could ever tell by listening to our music.

Do you feel like there’s any less pressure involved with playing doom compared to what you guys play?

A: In a way I think there is, but at the same time it’s way easier for any mistakes to be heard because the notes are just so drawn out.

B: It’s way easier for us to take like twenty riffs and cram them into two minutes and make something entertaining. It’s way harder for us to just go slow. To take a four riff song and go somewhere as engaging. Having that amount of patience and crafting a riff that well, it’s a lot harder than people think it is.

Yeah that makes sense. I guess that about wraps this up, any last words?

B: Well we were going to do this thing, have you seen that Macho Man Randy Savage video? It’s like Wrestlemania 3 and the guy’s interviewing him and he keeps going “I AM THE CREAM” and keeps pulling out the little creamers. We were gonna do that but we forgot to get coffee creamer and little wristbands today so nope, nothing I guess.

A: He was gonna go “THE CREAM OF THE CROP” and pour it on my head. Yeah we kinda fucked that one up though.

Seeker are corrently on a tour covering the Eastern half of North America. Support on select dates are being provided by Grindmother (2/24-3/7), Cognitive (2/12-3/4), and Wvrm (2/20-3/6), with the remaining dates listed below.

2/20 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
2/21 Greenville, SC @ Radio Room
2/22 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Local 506
2/23 Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse Pub
2/24 Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar
2/25 Washington, DC @ The Pinch
2/26 Amityville, NY @ Revolution
2/28 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
3/1 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
3/2 Montreal, QC @ Foufounes Electriques
3/3 Ottawa, ON @ House of Targ
3/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
3/5 Ypsilanti, MI @ Crossroads
3/6 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s

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