Shadow Of Intent Release Lyric Video for ‘The Catacombs”

West Hartford, CT symphonic deathcore outfit, Shadow of Intent, have teamed up with the awesome folks at Mental Injection to premiere their lyric video for an all new track entitled ‘The Catacombs.’ The brand new track, which features guest vocal performances from Jason Evans (Ingested) and Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator) is taken from their forthcoming highly anticipated, absolutely crushing sophomore album, ‘Reclaimer’, which is set to be released on April 28, 2017.



‘Reclaimer’ sees the band maturing and progressing, further developing their own signature sound. The album was once again produced and engineered by guitarist Chris Wiseman, with Buster Odeholm handling mixing and mastering, and features crushing guest vocal performances on several tracks from Jason Evans (Ingested), Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator), Alex Shikolai (Slaughter To Prevail) and Tom Barber (Lorna Shore).

The band had the following to say about the new track:
“We stepped out of our comfort zone a bit for this song. This is the first song we’ve written that’s not focusing on melody or technicality, but rather heaviness and energy, all while trying to keep it ‘us.’ We tried to make every song on Reclaimer have a different approach and feel, rather than having every song on the album blend together. We also had the pleasure of featuring a couple friends of ours on this album, and for this track in particular both Jason and Dickie performed excellently.”

‘Reclaimer’ Track List:
1. We Descend
2. The Return
3. The Horror Within
4. The Catacombs (Ft. Jason Evans & Dickie Allen)
5. The Mad Tyrant’s Betrayal
6. The Gathering Of All (Ft. Alex Shikolai)
7. The Heretic Prevails
8. The Prophets Beckoning (Ft. Tom Barber)
9. The Forsaken Effigy
10. The Great Schism
11. The Mausoleum Of Liars
12. The Tartarus Impalement

Pre-orders for ‘Reclaimer’ in both physical and digital formats are now available via Shadow of Intent’s official Bandcamp page, Big Cartel, and via iTunes. ‘Reclaimer’ will also be available for streaming on Spotify and most other
digital streaming outlets following the album’s official release.

Shadow of Intent is a Halo inspired band that initially began as a two man project comprised of vocalist Ben Duerr and multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Wiseman, and released an EP entitled ‘Inferi Sententia’ in July of 2014. The pair followed up the EP with their debut full length album, ‘Primordial,’ in January of 2016, which coupled with a steady stream of vocal and guitar based play through video clips, helped expand both their reach and their fan base by the tens of thousands. ShadowOf Intent was also the 2016 Readers Choice Breakout Band of the Year on

Moving into 2017, the band has grown from a two piece into a fully functioning tour ready unit, with Ben and Chris welcoming Federico Zuccarelli (Guitar), Keith Kohlhepp (Bass) and Matt Kohanowski (Drums) to the fold.

For more information, please visit:
Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Youtube Spotify

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