Narcotic Wasteland, Fronted by Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile), Re-Issues Self-Titled Debut Album

Narcotic Wasteland, the now full-time project of former Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade, is set to release new music soon. To satisfy fans in the meantime, the band has re-issued their 2014 self-titled debut album, Narcotic Wasteland, out today via Megaforce Records/MRI.
Narcotic Wasteland – the extreme death metal project which originally started out as a side venture of Dallas’ that he focused on while not writing/performing with Nile – has now taken hold of his full focus after his departure from the band.
Dallas states: “I left Nile for many other reasons that will remain undisclosed, not just for the reasons they detailed in their statement, which were “to focus on my own plans and recordings”. That quote didn’t come from me. I was already putting a lot of my time and energy into Narcotic Wasteland when Nile was not busy writing or touring. My intention was to do shows and albums with Narcotic Wasteland on the flipside, because I like to stay busy. I will continue to write and perform music on whatever level I can for as long as I can. From now on, Narcotic Wasteland will be my main musical focus.”
Narcotic Wasteland’s underlying concept is reflective of its namesake and the city where Dallas, Edwin, and Chris grew up. Fayetteville, North Carolina, a military town, has a PTSD rate of up to 75% in males and is the highest rated city in the US for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The availability of street drugs is astounding and the ever growing epidemic of addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is an extremely toxic and unstable environment to grow up and live in.
Dallas adds: “Other than join the military, for us, there was nothing to do but work low paying jobs and do drugs. Nothing to do but get in trouble, but music saved us from the otherwise depressing round of existence, as there wasn’t much of a positive outlet there other than music for Edwin, Chris, and I. Although hard drugs and death are sort of a main topic, it’s not the only topic. We, as a band, do not want too many limitations on what we write about. On Narcotic Wasteland,there is a song about South Carolina’s most famous serial killer (Donald Henry Gaskins), and another song with an anti-organized religion message. Like I have said many times over the years, Iron Maiden doesn’t only write songs about iron maidens!”


Narcotic Wasteland re-issue order links:
Narcotic Wasteland album track listing:
1. Anthem For The Mentally Scarred
2. Alcoholic Religious Fanatics
3. Keeping Up With The Jones
4. The Shackles Of Sobriety
5. Addicted To Junk
6. Widespread Narcotic Wasteland
7. Coastal Killings
8. Awaken The Herd Beast
9. Absent Friends

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