Chris McCarthy of Internal Bleeding Interviewed

Chris McCarthy of Internal Bleeding Interviewed in Oakland, California while on tour with Vader, Micwabe, Voices Of Ruin & Sacrificial Slaughter.

On new music from Internal Bleeding?

Its gonna be, I’m gonna say a lot more streamlined than the last few, I’m gonna say its gonna be a lot more intense than the last few, its gonna be more pummeling, we’re really gonna work hard on it. (Vocalist) Joe Marchese is an insane songwriter and riff writer and to be able to work with him and Chris simultaneously, and some of my ideas, I think we’re gonna up come up with some shit. We already have about four or five songs in the can at the moment that we’re going to go back and look at, after this tour and probably change a few things, we have a ton of other riffs and things ready to rock. I think people will be pretty pleased with the direction that we’re going in, its gonna be catchy and pummeling and intense at the same time

On religion?

When I was going for confirmation, I was at a class, with a bunch of other kids my age, and the priest who was conducting it said “our parish here in Bayshore, New York is a special one, we actually have a piece of the actual cross”. I asked the priest, can we see it and he replied “no we can’t show it to anyone”. I was like ahhhh, Santa Claus for adults, I get it, bye bye, that’s about it, that’s the last time I believed in any of that horseshit.

On April 20th, Internal Bleeding drummer and veteran FDNY firefighter Bill Tolley passed away after falling five stories from a rooftop while battling a two-alarm apartment fire in Queens, New York. The tragedy touched family, friends, his bandmates, the city of New York, and the worldwide metal community.
Many fans expressed concerns as to whether Internal Bleeding would continue and more specifically, whether they would still take part in the upcoming Strike Of The Empire US tour with Vader.
“Bill was having trouble getting all the vacation time needed to complete the tour, so we had a backup drummer in place and ready to go. He will be filling in,” wrote the band on their official Facebook page late last week. “Bill would want it no other way. When we were discussing the problems with his vacation, he told Chris [Pervelis] something along the lines of, ‘You’ve gotta do it, bro. Fuck it, no matter what happens, Internal Bleeding needs to go on. You gotta do it, asshole.’ So we think it’s only appropriate that we do this tour, continue with the band, and continue to release music in Bill’s memory, and in the memory for all those metalhead men and women who have fallen. There is no other way. Metal is our life. Our love. Our passion. And to our fans, you are family: we don’t leave family hanging. We got your back, because you always had ours. Our backup drummer will be announced soon. Out of respect to Bill, please don’t ask. Love and metal always: Chris, Shaun, Chris, and Joe”
The Strike Of The Empire US tour will commence on May 27th in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and run through June 16th in New York City, New York. Additional support will be provided by Sacrificial Slaughter, Voices Of Ruin, and Micawber.
Internal Bleeding w/ Vader, Sacrificial Slaughter, Voices Of Ruin, Micawber: remaining dates
6/13/2017 High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
6/14/2017 Reggies – Chicago, IL
6/16/2017 Webster Music Hall – New York City, NY
Internal Bleeding – WebsiteFacebook

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