Tower Of Babel release official lyric video for new song “Midnight Sun”

Tower Of Babel, the new American / European high energy international heavy rock band have released the official lyric video for the song “Midnight Sun” from their upcoming debut album “Lake of Fire” out on July 20 via Lion Music.


Tower of Babel features vocalist Csaba Zvekan (Exorcism, Raven Lord, Metal Machine), virtuoso guitarist Joe Stump (Raven Lord, HolyHell, Reign of Terror), bassist Nic Angileri (Exorcism, Jorn), keyboardist Maestro Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project) and drummer Mark Cross (Tainted Nation, Outloud, Firewind, Helloween, Metalium).

Tower of Babel combine powerful clean vocals, razor sharp guitar runs, punishing bass lines, over the top keyboards and earth shattering drumming to form a fresh but familiar new world class musical entity.

For fans of Ronnie James Dio era Rainbow, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and quality classic 70’s / 80s era hard rock / heavy metal music.

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